Betting Predictions To Become 2024 US President

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Betting Predictions To Become 2024 US President

The political landscape inside the United States is seemingly always in flux. That’s why we felt obligated to give our current betting predictions for the upcoming US Presidential election in 2024. You’re about to find out which candidate to bet and why.

But let’s begin with the present-day betting odds. While a slew of candidates is expected to be in the 2024 mix, the top political online betting sites have pegged these candidates as the favorite to win the election:

Donald Trump+225+225
Joe Biden+475+475
Ron DeSantis+550+550
Kamala Harris+1000+1000
Mike Pence+1800+1800
Nikki Haley+2000+2000
Michelle Obama+3300+3300

2024 US President Betting Advice

We want to preface our US presidential betting advice and say one important thing: our opinions that follow are as objective as possible — not subjective based on our personal preferences. These days, it’s almost impossible to find political opinions not laced with emotion, but we’ve attempted to do so to the best of our ability. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s break down what we believe is the best betting strategy come election time:

Fade Any Democratic Candidate

The Democrats are in trouble, plain and simple. And that goes whether Joe Biden decides to run for re-election — which would be at an unprecedented age of 80 years old — or if Vice President Kamala Harris fills in or if any other darkhorse candidate magically ends up on the blue ticket. The country is hurting, and whether fair or not, the blame will be cast on the blue party since they own the Oval Office and the majority of Congress (until this year's midterms at least).

And for any Americans reading this, all signs point towards things getting worse before better. Much worse, probably. While the price of assets — bonds, equities, cryptocurrencies, real estate — have plunged already, they could go even lower. That’s because the Federal Reserve just began quantitative tightening. This is the opposite of quantitive easing, which led to massive rises in the price of assets in 2020 and 2021. The money supply will now be reduced, which is a bad sign for assets that thrive off liquidity.

Worse, it’ll be a small miracle if the country’s GDP doesn’t retract again in Q2. If it does, that would mean two straight quarters of negative growth, which means we’re officially in a recession. It sure seems like we’re headed that way as major tech companies have announced hiring freezes and hinted at layoffs (cough Tesla cough).

Oh, and did we mention the Russia-Ukrainian war is still raging? And due to that, supply chain disruptions for wheat and gas will continue to weigh on the world. That means six-dollar gasoline prices probably aren’t going away anytime soon.

If we’ve ruined your day with our brutal honesty, then we’re sorry. However, we’re only trying to save you money by advising you to fade Democratic candidates whilst betting on 2024 presidential futures. Seriously, they’re toast. We just don’t see a scenario where all these aforementioned issues are solved before November 2024 — which is less than 18 months away.

Spread Out Your Republican Candidate Bets

Alright, if we’re saying to avoid the Democrats in 2024, then obviously, that means we’re saying to bet on the Republicans instead — sorry, Libertarians or Green Party, no one takes third parties seriously yet. But the question now becomes: who on the GOP side is the best bet? Welp, how about splitting it two ways?

In all likelihood, the Republican race for President is a two-horse race between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, the current governor of Florida. And honestly, both of them have strong candidacies that could sway voters and the Republican Party at-large.

For Trump, he has a diehard fanbase — more so than DeSantis or any other possible candidate on either side. A fanbase that’s already elected him once and came oh so close a second time. To rally this fanbase, and perhaps other votes, all Trump has to do is remind them of when he was President between 2016 and 2020. When, objectively, the country had one of the strongest economies in US history and wasn’t cratering like it is now. It’s that easy for him.

DeSantis, though, has risen through the ranks fast. In hindsight, his anti-lockdown and anti-mask policy — when almost no other political figure endorsed such a thing — feels like a huge win. While he lacks the charisma of Trump, he also doesn’t come with all the “baggage” that Trump does. Trump largely got beat in the 2020 election because the country tired of his never-ending drama and no such issue plagues DeSantis right now.

Like we said, we could see a world where either DeSantis or Trump win the presidency in 2024. That’s why, at this stage of the game, we say bet both sides and let the better candidate win. At the current odds, you can safely do that and still profit no matter who earns the election.

Donald Trump to win 2024 US Presidential election
Ron DeSantis to win 2024 US Presidential election

How To Bet On Politics?

The best place to bet on politics is at one of the bookmakers listed underneath. Why? Welp, because they have the largest menu for such bets. Beyond the presidential election, there are also betting odds for this year’s midterm elections across many states. Heck, beyond the United States, you can even wager on elections in foreign countries such as Brazil, Nee Zealand, or Sweden. See the table — which includes our unbiased sportsbook reviews — to get started!

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