Will Vladimir Putin Ever Leave Office?

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Will Vladimir Putin Ever Leave Office?

The world has its eyes currently set on Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. His invasion of Ukraine has put the world on high alert for further escalations. Surely, many are wondering if Putin will ever leave the President’s office. There’s actually a bet on that very question and one worth taking a deep look at.

Let’s take a look at the current odds for Putin’s President status. The very best political online sportsbooks have set futures betting lines on potential exit years for the highly-feared President. Here are the current wagering options:

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How Long Has Putin Been President?

We’ll get to our betting prediction in just a minute, but first, let’s take a look at how Putin seized power in Russia and what — if any — rules exist for how long he can stay atop as President.

Putin was born in 1952, which puts his age at 69 (he’ll turn 70 in October). He rose through the political ranks by first serving in Russian intelligence and then local politics. Some of this came during the Soviet Union regime, which explains his dictator-like style.

Putin eventually earned Prime Minister status in 1999. The role is second-in-command to the President. However, when the acting President mysteriously stepped down, Putin won the presidential election in 2000. He has hardly lost power since then — a 22-year reign that figures to be extended even further.

Originally, Russian laws limited presidential terms to two consecutive four-year periods. Putin followed the law and temporarily left the president’s office in 2008 following the end of his second term. That would not last, however. Amendment changes gave Putin a second life. Suddenly, Presidential terms were updated to two consecutive six-year periods.

Putin re-ran in 2012 and won, albeit in a controversial fashion. Of course, there was constitutional blowback about a third term and worse, electoral fraud was even alleged. Still, he won and did so again in 2018, which means Putin has until 2024 to stay in office if he so chooses.

But wait, there was another amendment change made last year. Surprise, surprise it allows him to run for two more terms of six years a piece. That could potentially keep Putin in power until 2036 — a reign that would even surpass that of Joseph Stalin. And heck, for all we know, another amendment could prolong that even more. Putin’s prior history suggests that’s not out of the realm of possibility even at age 83 (what he would be if he lasts until 2036).

How Long Will Putin Stay President?

Look, the political landscape, whether in the United States or international, is wildly unpredictable. Few could’ve predicted Donald Trump’s rise to power or Russia’s own invasion of Ukraine. But based on what we do know, Putin will be staying President for as long as he possibly can.

Just look at his history, Putin has shown an uncanny ability to remain in power at every turn. There are the two amendment changes we’ve already outlined, but get this, Putin also passed a law that grants him lifetime immunity from prosecution. The bill was signed in 2020, and to Putin’s credit, the immunity goes for all ex-Presidents of the nation — not just him.

Look, we’re not psychologists, only bettors looking to make a buck, but you don’t need a fancy degree to know Putin is absolutely power-hungry. Extreme narcissism-level power-hungry, too. He’s not someone willingly ready to leave his position.

Of course, that raises the question of whether external factors could end Putin’s reign. Factors such as his own health and, worse, an attack from a rival. We’re going to rule out the health equation. Putin is a renowned martial arts lover, a black belt even. Even at almost 70, Putin is as fit as someone that age could be.

As for an enemy attacking Putin, well, we’re not exactly equipped to know how foreign officials view him and any sneak attacks they may or may not be conjuring. But what we do know is Russia is well-equipped with weapons of mass destruction. Any attack to Putin is asking for those weapons to be used — and we doubt any country wants to face those repercussions. It’s simply too risky to try to take out Putin, no matter who you are.

As you can probably guess by now, we’re laying a massive bet on Putin to remain President until 2026 and later. Four years from now, Putin will still be six years younger than Joe Biden currently is — young in comparison to the US Commander in Chief. Take that even money now and ride out the next four years cause we’d be shocked if Putin’s power isn’t intact come 2026.

2026 or Later for Vladamir Putin to stay in Presidential office

How To Bet On Foreign Politics?

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