Donald Trump’s New Book Is Stocked With Betting Opportunities

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By , Updated on: Apr 9, 2024 08:00 PM
Donald Trump’s New Book Is Stocked With Betting Opportunities

Trump is running for re-election in 2024, however, he’ll likely need to sway voters to win — not only in the middle but on the right too with Ron DeSantis emerging as a strong competitor. Perhaps that’s why there are rumors swirling that the 45th President will be releasing a new book with “endorsements” of sorts. In this article, we’re going to tell you what it’s all about plus ways to make money off this book release so stick with us!

What Is Trump’s New Book?

CNN is the first to break the news on this potential book. Obviously, the network is a great enemy of the former Trump so you shouldn’t automatically believe every detail. Still, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” and this book idea is scorching hot. CNN is calling Trump’s new book a collection of “letters” — both received and sent by Trump.

According to CNN, Trump will organize correspondence he’s received over the years from A-list people — whether from entertainment, world affairs, or elsewhere — and publish it. These letters will predate Trump in the Oval Office too. With him being in the public sphere since the ‘80s (back when he was less radioactive), there are many world-beaters who could find their way into the book. In fact, CNN mentioned the likes of Elton John, Michael Jackson, and Princess Diana of Wales being in the mix.

Just which names end up in the book is the very point of this wager, which is being offered at top political betting sites. The list of betting options is massive, however, some of the top frontrunners to be included are listed below:

Tom Brady+100+100
Oprah Winfrey+100+100
Elon Musk+100+100
Alex Baldwin+110+110
Larry King+120+120
Kanye West+120+120
Kirstie Alley+300+300
Leo Dicaprio+300+300
Mike Tyson+300+300
Joe Rogan+400+400

Best Bets To Be In Trump’s Book

This book might be a way for Trump to get unofficial endorsements to prop up his campaign in 2024. Many A-listers shy away from Trump due to his public polarization, but Trump including former letters is a way to show the public who his friends are — or were in most cases. We’re going to pluck out a few names from the list that we think are worth betting on most to be in Trump's book.

Tom Brady

Brady has been associated with Trump ever since a Make America Great Again hat was found in his locker room in 2015. Brady has done all he can to downplay the act and his overall relationship with Trump. However, we're calling his bluff.

Look, Trump and New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft (who is a Democrat) are close. Brady and Kraft are close too. Inevitably, Trump and Brady’s paths crossed because of the mutual connection and the two cults of personalities formed some type of connection. If there’s any writing between the two, we can’t help but imagine Trump putting it on full display. Trump, a guy that uses the word “winner” a lot, would love nothing more to align himself with a proven winner in Brady.

Tom Brady to be included in Donald Trump's new book

Oprah Winfrey

Oh, boy, now getting a de-facto endorsement from Winfrey in the book would be a huge get for Trump. Winfrey is a popular face of the left — a representation of the party to black female voters. These are the same voters that Trump has struggled with. Given his 2024 ambitions, Trump would love nothing more to use Oprah’s halo effect to nab new voters.

And here’s the real kicker: Oprah and Trump go way back. Famously, Trump went on Larry King Live in the ‘90s and said Oprah would be his Vice President if he ever ran for President. That’s high praise, which means the two were not just associates but legit friends during that time. Knowing that, you don’t think Trump possesses old letters from Oprah? We’d be stunned if he didn’t and those would be “trophies” worth displaying in a book.

Oprah Winfrey to be included in Donald Trump's new book

Kristie Alley

Alley passed away at 71 in December from cancer. The actress spent the final years of her life publically supporting Trump — and drawing criticism for doing so. Say what you want about Trump, but he’s proven to be loyal to his supporters. We can’t help but think Trump will use the book to honor Alley's memory, especially given how recent her death is.

Kristie Alley to be included in Donald Trump's new book

How To Bet On US Politics?

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