Make Money From Hunter Biden’s Next Court Case

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By , Updated on: May 7, 2023 08:00 PM
Make Money From Hunter Biden’s Next Court Case

Hunter Biden’s degenerate antics have been a staple of the news cycle for years — but it’s about to go on turbo mode when he stands trial in Arkansas. The circus is about to come into town, and you can make money betting on it. Read this to get our best money-making bets for Biden’s upcoming trial!

  • When: July 24-25
  • What: Hunter Biden child support trial
  • Where: Independence County, Arkansas

Why Is Hunter Biden Appearing In Court?

First and foremost, this Biden court appearance is NOT related to the stolen laptop. That’s an issue for a different day. Instead, this Biden court case is about whether he is or isn’t the father to an Arkansas woman — yes, this is a Maury Show-style case. Cue Maury Povich saying, “you are the father.”

So here’s the whole story in a nutshell: the woman first complained in May 2019 that Biden owed child support. Of course, Hunter denied he even fathered this love child. But according to court documents, a paternity test in 2020 confirmed Biden was the dad, after all. With that, Biden agreed to pay child support retroactively to November 2018 (presumably, the child was born around this time).

Done deal, right? Nope because the paternity case was re-opened in September 2022. Motions have been put forward around two key issues — modifying the amount of child support and changing the child's legal last name to Biden. Regarding the latter motion, the mother believes the child could “benefit from carrying the Biden family name, just like her father and other family members."

To settle these issues, a two-day bench trial was ordered for July 24 and 25 in Arkansas. Hunter was been ordered to appear, and the mother will be present too. Federal prosecutors are weighing charging Biden with a pair of misdemeanors for failure to file taxes, a felony count of tax evasion, and a potential felony gun charge thrown in there too. Once the media appears on the scene — FOX News above all — expect a circus-like atmosphere in this remote Arkansas courthouse.

Best Bets To Make Off Biden Court Case

You just had to know popular political betting sites would put odds on this case. There’s actually a slew of Biden court case-related bets available online, and we’ve hand-picked several worth betting on. Let’s dive into our best bets:

Biden To Be Held In Contempt

The mother has accused Biden of ignoring court orders in the past, and because of that, she wants him held in contempt and jailed. This outcome is up for betting and the options are as follows:


We have to agree with bookies on this one and say, no, Biden won’t be found in contempt. Look, a court date is already set and it seems like all parties are moving forward with it. Adding jailing in the middle of this would only complicate matters. Plus, we have to address the elephant in the room: this is the President’s son. The optics of jailing him over this is just too bad for this minuscule offense.

No Hunter Biden will not be held in contempt

Will Hidden Financial Transactions Be Revealed?

Biden is said to be currently forking over $20,000 a month in child support. If that number is to go down, then a full investigation into Biden’s finances must be undertaken — music to the ears of conservatives surely. Anywho, there’s a special bet on whether “hidden” transactions are unearthed in this probe:


The answer has to be yes, right? We mean, a fine-toothed comb will have to be run through Hunter’s finances. Will everything come out? No (his lawyers will hide any stuff that could jeopardize his father), but certainly at least one previously-unknown situation will come to light. All it takes is one to cash this bet so we’re jumping on it.

Yes undisclosed financial transactions will be uncovered in Hunter Biden's trial

Will Biden Lower His Child Support Bill

Whatever comes out of Biden’s finances will ultimately decide whether he gets to pay less than $20,000 in child support as his lawyers want. The case really comes down to this yes-or-no question and here’s where the odds lie both ways:


Our money says no. Let’s face it, when it comes to these cases — whether it involves the President’s son or not — women get extreme favoritism, equal rights be damned. Making an exception to Hunter could get politicized and no one deciding the matter wants to go down that road. We say the child support will stay at $20,000 each month.

No Hunter Biden will not successfully lower his child support payment

How To Bet On US Politics?

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