Is Donald Trump Really Going To Be Indicted?

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By , Updated on: Apr 9, 2024 08:00 PM
Is Donald Trump Really Going To Be Indicted?

Donald Trump is running for the Oval Office in 2024 — but is he really motivated for another term as President? Or is he using the run just to stave off a criminal indictment? Let’s explore Trump's indictment scenarios, which are available at betting markets right now.

You may be surprised to find out that the odds are in favor of Trump being indicted before the 2024 election. As it stands, here’s how top political betting sites have the odds pegged:


Why Is Trump Even Being Indicted?

It’s incredibly difficult to find bipartisan news on Donald Trump. He’s such a polarizing figure that drives media outlets to the extremes — either all-our hate (e.g. comparing him to Hitler) or nonstop adoration (we’re looking at you, Fox News). It’s hard to believe, but this betting news outlet might just be your “source of truth” on why Trump is being possibly indicted. Let’s break it down.

There are actually multiple investigations into Trump right now. Four, if you want to be exact. The most damning is a federal investigation stemming from the FBI’s raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida. This happened in August, and the cause of the investigation was Trump having classified information in his possession. Information, such as nuclear weapons, which was meant to stay in the White House. Trump could be charged with breaking the Espionage Act and improper handling of federal records, among other charges.

There’s a second federal investigation. This one revolves around the January 6, 2021 riots and whether or not Trump was behind what turned out to be far-right-wing rioters storming Congress. This might be harder to prove than the Mar-o-Largo raid (which has hard evidence already), as is Trump’s overall efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Speaking of the 2020 election, the state of Georgia is also investigating Trump over it. They allege Trump, and his consigliere Rudy Giulian, tried to interfere with the state’s election results. Trump has been quoted as saying, “to find 11,780 votes” — which is the number that he lost to Biden officially on the state’s tally.

The last investigation into Trump comes from the state of New York. Trump’s former home state is targeting his old businesses. According to state officials, there’s reason to believe business finances were manipulated for tax purposes and to obtain bank loans.

As you can see, Trump’s back is against the wall from a host of parties. That’s why the betting odds do favor Trump being indicted on at least one count. But will he actually? We answer that next.

Trump Indictment Betting Picks

A single one of the aforementioned four criminal investigations could lead to an indictment of Trump. Not only that, but one indictment could land Trump into jail, thwarting his 2024 presidential hopes in the process. However, we’ll be upfront and say we’re betting that Trump will NOT be indicted.

Let’s be real, discussions about Trump’s misconduct have been rampant since 2015 when he first decided to run for office. Has anything ever come from them? For instance, the allegations of Russian collusion? Nothing happened. Trump’s taxes? Still unknown. Lawsuits? Went nowhere. Impeachment? Nope. Trump, and more specifically media coverage of him, is one giant blue ball massage.

We do think the FBI Mar-o-Largo case has some merit to it. But from a pure optics perspective, it just looks awful. Does the United States really want to become a country that prosecutes its former leader? Such distinctions are usually reserved for corrupt third-world countries — not the self-proclaimed leader of the free world.

So yeah, we rest our case. Getting plus-money on Trump not being indicted also sweetens the deal for us. Just like everything else involving Trump, it’s all a big nothing burger at the end of the day.

Donald Trump will NOT be indicted before the 2024 presidential election

How To Bet On US Politics

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