Must-Make Republican Betting Picks For Presidency

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Must-Make Republican Betting Picks For Presidency

Republican candidates will have their first debate this Wednesday in Milwaukee. In anticipation, we’ve hand-picked our most favorite Republican betting picks as it pertains to the 2024 presidency. A lot can happen from now until November 2024, but we're fully behind our expert predictions included in this article.

  • What: 2024 Republican debate
  • When: Wednesday, August 23
  • Where: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2024 Republican Nominee Betting Choices

There are dozens of Republican nominee betting options out there — beyond just who wins the ticket. We’ll be focusing on the non-obvious bets in this article because we believe there’s more betting value there. Here are three bets we have our money behind:

Milwaukee Debate: First To Mention Hunter Biden Bet

Trump has announced he’ll be skipping Wednesday’s debate in Wisconsin, a key battleground state. However, the rest of the field is expected to be on the debate stage, and without question, Hunter Biden’s name will come up at least once. But who’ll say Hunter first? There’s a bet for it and these candidates are the frontrunners at top political betting sites:

Vivek Ramaswamy+200+200+200
Ron DeSantis+250+250+250
Tim Scott+400+400+400
Nikki Haley+550+550+550
Mike Pence+700+700+700

Our money is squarely behind Ramaswamy and here’s why: he’s staked his entire campaign on being an outsider that’ll rid the government of corruption. He’s a supposed billionaire too so Ramaswamy has shades of Trump in 2016 who famously said he would “drain the swamp.” Ramaswamy is going all-in on this narrative, and it seems to be working, as he’s neck-and-neck with DeSantis in polling for second (both trail Trump big time).

Ramaswamy’s stance on Hunter has not changed: he believes his laptop leak story being covered up influenced the 2020 presidential winner — not any other election fraud. A stance like this is music to the ears of the Trump faithful, and we fully expect Ramaswamy to drill it home on such a big stage. Our confidence is high here so Ramaswamy is getting a decent-sized bet out of us.

Vivek Ramaswamy will mention Hunter Biden first during Republican debate

Will Trump Win Ever Presidential Primary Or Caucus?

The first Republican vote isn’t until January 2024 in Iowa. As it stands, early polls have Trump with a 23-point lead over DeSantis — which would be the largest GOP caucus advantage recorded by polling since the 2000 primary. It’s a massive lead and really speaks to how much ahead Trump is of the other candidates. That raises the question, could Trump potentially sweep every vote? Here are the latest odds:


Trump is up to four indictments now. With every new one, his strength among GOP voters only seems to strengthen. As we said, Trump built his brand on being the anti-establishment candidate and these indictments only embolden that image. It will take a small miracle for any candidate to topple Trump for the Republican ticket.

With that said, our money still says no to a potential sweep. Even for a cult figure like Trump, a clean sweep would be startling. Back in 2016, Trump won 41 out of 56 contests. Potential hang-ups in 2024 include Florida, where DeSantis is a popular governor, and likewise, South Carolina where Tim Scott will also contend. We’re betting no on this one.

No Trump will not win every Republican primary or caucus

Will DeSantis Endorse Trump Before April 2024?

By all accounts, DeSantis’ presidential bid has been a major flop. After a blowout gubernatorial win in November midterms — where he turned multiple historically-blue counties red — many thought he’d give Trump a run for his money. That has been far from the case as DeSantis lags in poll after poll. It’s gotten so bad that there’s a special bet on DeSantis quitting by April and backing Trump. The betting favorite is yes, he’ll do so by that time, as seen below:


If we’re being honest, DeSantis just doesn’t have the likability to be a strong presidential contender. This race is hardly ever won on actual politics, as bad as that is to admit. More times than not, it’s won on charisma and narrative — both of which DeSantis lacks in large quantities, certainly compared to Trump. He just doesn't have the common-appeal of Trump.

We fully believe DeSantis will call it quits by April once voting hands him a hard blow. Running for President isn’t cheap, after all, and there’s no point wasting money at that point unless he’s performing well, which we don’t believe will happen. DeSanctimonious, as Trump belittles him, is going to be in for a rough few months the rest of the way — bank on it.

Yes DeSantis will endorse Trump before April 2024

How To Bet On 2024 Republican Presidential Bets?

The best place to bet on presidential Republican outcomes is one of the bookmakers listed underneath. Any one of these sites will offer every single type of bet imaginable on this race, including individual state outcomes once voting begins next year.

But best of all, new sign-ups to these sites will benefit from the lucrative promotional bonuses offered at each. These bonuses could be worth hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play — money which could fund all your political betting. The table below lists our favorite offers so pick one and redeem your free money when you’d like!

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