Residents of the Beaver State, welcome to your guide to the best sports betting apps in Oregon. Here, we lay out clearly our criteria for our reviews and evaluations and help you connect to recommended Oregon betting apps. Rest assured that you have arrived where you need to be.

Be sure to only use recommended mobile sportsbooks. You want to be sure their odds are fair, and that they process payouts in a timely fashion. Of course, this is just the bare minimum. Our list of recommendations goes much much deeper than that.

Connect below to the best sports betting apps in Oregon.

Oregon Sports Betting Apps

Finding the right Oregon betting app is important. It is an all-determining factor in your overall betting experience. Each app can be very different in terms of aesthetics, bonuses, ease of use, and friendliness of customer service agents. Each player will be able to decide on which apps are best for them.

In fact, it is a good idea to sign up with more than one. This has two main advantages. One is that you can start to claim twice as many bonuses and seasonal promotions. When one does not have much on offer, the other surely will.

Plus, it is always a good idea to compare odds across sportsbook apps. This is one of the main benefits of mobile sports betting for Oregonians. You can quickly switch between mobile sportsbooks and make sure you are getting the best price.

Without further ado, here are our recommended Oregon betting apps:

MyBookie Sports Betting App

MyBookie is a great option for Oregon mobile sports betting. While it is a well-rounded sportsbook, MyBookie really stands out for its extensive sports betting markets. They cover lots of different sports from the top leagues to obscure sports.

They also go wide, not just deep. They have fun and creative prop bets for a variety of sports. They have spreads, over/unders, and moneyline for almost every game. And they have futures for the bigger events. If you plan on diving into these bet types, check out our guide to bet types. Signing up here is easy! Just click the link below, enter your basic information, and make your first deposit. After claiming your welcome bonus, start betting!

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  • BetOnline Sports Betting App

    BetOnline is a top Oregon betting app. One of the main reasons is because they clearly deploy a mobile-first design practice. You can see this in how easy it is to use their mobile sportsbook, which is a key priority in our reviews.

    In mobile-first design, they make their website based on the needs of mobile users. This is because more and more users are logging in from tablets and smartphones. Also, because using a mobile device means having fewer options to navigate the site. So if it works for mobile users, desktop users will be fine as well.

    Sign up with BetOnline by clicking the link below. Their site will automatically optimize to whatever device you are using.

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  • Bovada Sports Betting App

    One of the best things that a mobile sports betting app can offer is reputation. This comes with security. Without taking care of their customers, they would not have earned their reputation. Bovada’s reputation is number one in the mobile sports betting world.

    But that is not all Bovada has in store for you. They also specialize in live betting. Especially when it comes to watching Trail Blazers, its live betting makes Bovada one of the great NBA betting sites. It is truly an exciting place to play.

    Make sure this sports betting app is in your rotation, as they will cover all the odds most important to Oregon bettors.

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  • Status of Oregon Sports Betting Apps

    Oregon legalized sports betting in 2019. Shortly thereafter in October, they launched the official State Lottery Betting App called Scoreboard. It is currently the only sports betting app licensed in Oregon.

    This does not mean that Oregonians only have one option for their sports betting apps. In fact, they have a plethora of choices. This is because offshore mobile sportsbooks are available in Oregon. Oregonians can easily and legally use these mobile sportsbooks.

    These offshore options actually tend to be the best choice not just in Oregon, but across the country. They offer better odds and more generous bonuses