There is no more exciting form of online sportsbetting than basketball wagers. Whether it's college, the NBA or European leagues, there is always a ton of action within games, and the volume in which those games are played gives sportsbettors plenty of opportunitities to enjoy huge scores. Betting on the moneyline, over/under and spreads are the most popular basketball wagers. Moneyline bets simply aim to pick which team is going to win and is the easiest type of wager to complete. Spreads refer to how many points a certain team is getting or being favored by. [+]

For example, if Team A is favored by nine points over Team B, the line would look something like this: Team A (-9) vs. Team B (+9). In this instance, you can either bet that Team A is going to win by more than nine points or Team B is going to lose by nine points. Those who play the over/under are trying to predict the score. If a game's over/under is set at 203.5 points, you bet on the two teams participating in that contest to combine for 204 or more points (the over) or 203 or fewer points (the under). It's that easy.

Futures are also popular betting plays. Most sportsbooks allow you to place bets on which teams will win the championship, their conference or their division long before you know the outcome. These represent some of the most lucrative wagers but can be exceedingly difficult to win, since bettors cannot predict abrupt changes such as injuries and trades and even general underachieving.

Prop bets are the final area with which you'll want to become familiar. These transactions can be anything. The scope is so broad that it's impossible to pin down in just a few sentences. But you're looking at bets such as: Which player will score the first basket in of Game X? What's the over/under of points Player Y will score over the course of Game Z? Which team will win the opening tip?

Those can be fun bets to make when executed responsibly, and the variety of prop plays varies by sportsbook. But if you know the game of basketball enough, these bets become something more than just a matter of luck.

Basketball Sports Betting Odds

Below is latest basketball betting odds from all over the sport's scope. Consider this your collective guide to finding the most promising bets every time you feel like laying down a bet.

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What Are The Current Basketball Standings

Here are the most up to date standings. Reviewing them often can be especially valuable when placing your bets, just because they offer a cursory glance of which teams are better or worse than one another. Records aren't the end-all, be-all of betting on games, but they certainly help give you an idea as to which direction you should steer your latest wager.

These standings are particularly useful around playoff time. You'll most likely be able to see which teams are matching up with one another well advance, and that allows you to begin your research ahead of time. 

If you're in a time crunch or a more laidback bettor, looking at the standings is a great way to shape your moneyline bets. By seeing which team has the better record of any one matchup, you'll be able to bet on the favorite with confidence or, in some cases, see that partcipating teams are close enough in record to warrant you investing in the underdog.

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