Although NBA fantasy betting has become more popular over the years, to the point where it’s very well-known, it’s still nowhere near the tapped resource it should be for regular sports bettors. The primary appeal in this industry is this: Next to no commitment. When you think of fantasy sports, you think of playing out entire seasons, which means, failing trades, you’re stuck with certain players over the long haul.

Fantasy betting provides you with an opportunity to build a new team each and every time you make a wager. With football fantasy betting, that’s every week. But in the NBA, that’s basically every night. 

Don’t come out on top during the Monday night slate? You get a fresh start, with new players if you wish, on Tuesday night. And so on and so forth. So if you’re a fan of options, and basketball, and betting, the fantasy sphere is probably for you.

Best Online Fantasy NBA Leagues

Because fantasy betting is more complicated and isn’t nearly as popular as regular sports gambling, there are a finite number of sites that offer the service. Some more of the well-known ones, though, include Draft Kings, FanDuel, DraftDay and FantasyDraft. Check out each website individually to see what incentives they offer to new and even incumbent users.

Why Play Fantasy NBA?

NBA Fantasy leagues are extremely popular in the USA, between friends and family and through online league tournaments. Players are able to access the most exciting NBA Fantasy games, while they follow the Regular Season all the way through until the post-season. 

Although there are a ridiculous amount of games within the NBA Regular Season, it’s well worth finding some NBA action via the Fantasy leagues. We highly recommend getting involved in a fantasy league with friends and family and making it a regular part of your NBA entertainment. As well as that, there are always some opportunities to win cash via bookmakers Fantasy NBA leagues. 

How To Win Fantasy NBA

The important thing to remember when playing fantasy basketball for money is that you are building a team for, in most cases, one night.

Play the matchups. Ride hot streaks.

These are not decisions you need to live with for months or weeks or even days. You are not playing the long game.

If an NBA superstar is going up against a really good defense and is in the middle of a slump, he isn't necessarily more valuable than a fringe star or above-average Joe who is putting up numbers consistently. You need to fill up as many statistical categories as possible, and that happens when you bid on players who tally numbers in a variety of areas.

They don't necessarily need to be elite in one aspect of the game. For that matter, superstars aren't always valuable.

The other part of fantasy sports betting is putting up more total points than your opponents, which happens through building the most unique lineups possible.

If everyone in the field purchases, say, LeBron James, and he gets you 50 fantasy points, it's essentially negated by everyone else who "owns" him for the night.

It's more beneficial to find diamonds in the rough–players who aren't widely coveted or owned, but who have favorable enough matchups, so that their performance is more unique to your total score. Following this approach gives you a greater chance of finishing high enough in the nightly standings to win money.