Over/under bets are also called total offerings. They are wagers on a pre-determined point total by a team, teams or players in any event and are used in every major sport. The Over/Under line is points in football and basketball, goals in soccer and hockey, and runs in baseball. Totals are normally posted in half-point increments to avoid bettors landing right on the number. If that occurred the bet is a tie (“push”) meaning the original wager is returned. 

How Over Under Bets Work

A points/goals total will be posted, which can move, and the over and under will be given a price to determine the cost to win $100 on betting the favorite or underdog. Sometimes, both options will be the same price in a low-scoring sport like hockey or soccer. 

Using soccer as an example, a popular over/under betting market is the number of goals scored. The most popular of these is over/under 2.5 goals. If you bet over, there has to be 3 or more goals scored for your bet to win. If you bet under, there has to be fewer than three goals scored in the game for your bet to win.

Check out the table below to discover a selection of sportsbooks that offer over/under betting on a wide range of sports.