NBA Picks: Is it Time for the New York Knicks to Panic?

NBA Picks: Is it Time for the New York Knicks to Panic?

There is nothing quite like NBA online betting during a smaller regular-season slate. Whenever there are fewer games on the docket, you typically have the ability to tackle important questions you otherwise couldn't while attempting to wager on a loaded schedule.

With just five games on the November 30 ledger, Tuesday's NBA picks allow us to do just this. And we're using the chance to figure out whether it's time for the New York Knicks to panic.

Before we dive in, here's a look at the latest betting odds on the NBA for all five November 30 games:

Brooklyn Nets-270+220New York Knicks
Toronto Raptors-196+164Memphis Grizzlies
Phoenix Suns-138+118Golden State Warriorss
Los Angeles Lakers-194+162Sacramento Kings
Portland Trail Blazers-450+350Detroit Pistons

Make sure to double-check all these NBA betting odds prior to settling on any NBA picks. All NBA odds are subject to change right up until the opening tip. And if you're in need of a home for all your NBA betting, consider taking a look at best online sportsbook reviews.

Are the Knicks the NBA's Biggest Disappointment?

This feels like a loaded question when the Los Angeles Lakers exist, and when the Knicks haven't even dipped below .500. Still, entering their Tuesday night date with the Brooklyn Nets, New York has endured something of a free-fall throughout the month of November, during which time the offense has absolutely cratered.

At their current rate, in fact, the Knicks are on pace to fall just outside the Eastern Conference playoff picture, which would be a disaster given all the money they spent over the offseason. So is it time to sound the alarm, or will they ultimately be okay? 

Knicks' Slump Continues vs. Nets

Underdog bettors might see an opportunity to work the Knicks' line against the Nets. We are strongly against going that route.

Yes, the Nets will be without Kyrie Irving and Joe Harris, two of their four most important players. But the Knicks are currently playing like one of the NBA's worst teams, posting a bottom-six offense since the start of November.

New York's head coach, Tom Thibodeau, has said he'll remove Kemba Walker from the rotation. That might provide a little bit of a jolt. But the defense hasn't been the Knicks' problem this month. This move feels like an answer that addresses very little about what ails them. We suggest betting on the team that has Kevin Durant and James Harden.

OSB Prediction: Brooklyn Nets (-270)

Brooklyn Nets To beat the New York Knicks

Raptors Capitalize on Banged-Up Grizzlies

The Toronto Raptors are one of this season's wildest roller coaster rides. Under normal circumstances, in fact, we wouldn't recommend banking on them to beat the Memphis Grizzlies—particularly when they don't have OG Anunoby at their disposal.

But the Grizzlies are far from full strength themselves, and their injury report is more damaging in the aggregate. Superstar point guard Ja Morant is slated to miss the next couple of weeks after suffering a knee injury, and it isn't yet clear whether the team will be able to function without him at the offensive end.

OSB Prediction: Brooklyn Nets (-196)

Toronto Raptors To beat the Memphis Grizzlies

Warriors Sneak Past the Suns

Picking this matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns, perhaps the NBA's two most serious NBA Finals favorites is borderline impossible.

On the one hand, the Suns haven't lost since the end of October. On the other hand, the Warriors have the league's best defense and, in Stephen Curry, the favorite to win MVP.

Forced to choose, we lean toward the Suns. The Warriors' half-court offense has been immaculate over their current seven-game winning streak, and frankly, after rattling off 16 straight victories themselves, Phoenix seems overdue for a reality check.

OSB Prediction: Brooklyn Nets (+118)

Golden State Warriors To beat the Phoenix Suns

Lakers Survive Against Kings

Betting on the Los Angeles Lakers this season has been akin to self-harm. They are maddeningly inconsistent. Their rotations are unpredictable, and the offense is prone to extended bouts of nothingness. 

Over the long term, we should absolutely be concerned that the Lakers are barely above .500 while playing out the league's easiest schedule. Right now, though, they have the benefit of going up against a Sacramento Kings squad on the brink of a free fall.

OSB Prediction: Los Angeles Lakers (-194)

Los Angeles Lakers To beat the Sacramento Kings

Blazers End Three-Game Skid with Win Over Pistons

The Portland Trail Blazers continue to register as one of the NBA's biggest disappointments. Damian Lillard still isn't in superstar form, the defense has yet to improve under head coach Chauncey Billups, and they're not getting enough from Jusuf Nurkic or Robert Covington at either end.

Fortunately for the Blazers, they get to face a Detroit Pistons team that stinks something awful and isn't actively trying to win games. There's no better recipe for ending a three-game losing streak than this type of matchup.

OSB Prediction: Portland Trail Blazers (-450)

Portland Trail Blazers To beat the Detroit Pistons

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