The Charlotte Hornets’ rise through the Eastern Conference continues, which makes them an especially enticing play for both everyday bettors and those who like to wager on futures. They remain in play for one of the Eastern Conference’s top-four playoff spots and have proved especially deft at blitzing opponents on their home court. With a top 10 defense and offense, the Hornets are built to make noise in today’s NBA. Head coach James Borrego has acquiesced to a more modern-day style, fielding spacier lineups that feature a shooter at power forward and sometimes even at center. [+]

That the Hornets have successfully made this transition while protecting their integrity on the defensive end is huge in terms of postseason success.

Defense becomes more important as the pace slows down during the playoffs. The Hornets’ offense isn’t prided on extensive speed, so this shouldn’t take them by surprise, and they’ll be used to defending, and excelling, in half-court situations. 

This isn’t a license to place championship bets on them. Even their Eastern Conference odds are tough to invest in. Both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors have firm holds on the standings, and while the Boston Celtics could throw a curveball in the conference’s power structure, the Hornets just aren’t there yet. They are, however, great regular-season plays and worth your attention when betting with a sportsbook that lets you make round-winner wagers.


Charlotte Hornets Next Regular Season Game

Feast your eyes on the Hornets’ next game. Use it to remain current on their latest opponents, as well as a source for the most recent moneylines, spreads and over/under numbers.

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Charlotte Hornets Game Schedule


Now it’s time for the Hornets’ entire schedule. This should help you plan ahead, allowing you to single out future games you’re certain you want to play. [+]

The lines aren’t available too far in advance, but having a baseline for your betting trends is a cornerstone of good, responsible wagering.

Of course, this is also a useful tool for looking back. It lets you see how the Hornets are faring at home, on the road, against teams above .500, against teams below .500, when facing teams in the East, when facing teams in the West, when playing the first night of a back-to-back, when playing the second night of a back-to-back, etc.


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What Are The Current Charlotte Hornets Standings


Take stock of where the Hornets sit in the Eastern Conference standings. The middle class, of which Charlotte is a part, is clunky and every playoff seed after second place is up for grabs. [+]

This is not something you want to use to steer your bets. If you know the Hornets are playing a blatantly inferior opponent, such as the Philadelphia 76ers, then it’s not the worst idea. But when they’re waging battle against any of the East’s top 10 or 12 teams, do not use the standings as an end-all, be-all guide. Let it direct your research, not define your wager.


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A Guide To Betting Charlotte Futures

Betting on the Hornets’ immediate future mostly comes down to two things. This season, you’ll want to see where they end up inside the East’s playoff bubble.

Anything aside from an eighth place finish, which would set up a first-round date with the Cavaliers, makes them an interesting round-winner player. Same thing if you’re just betting individual games. They become more aggressive betting options so long as they aren’t playing Cleveland.

Looking ahead, you’ll want to pay attention to what happens over the offseason. Plenty of the Hornets’ key players are entering free agency. Nicolas Batum, Jeremy Lin, Al Jefferson and Williams are all slated to hit the open market.

The Hornets can lose Lin and Jefferson without consequence, but Batum and Williams are incredibly important to what they do. If one or both leaves, the Hornets must have upgrades or high-end contingency plans in place, otherwise you’ll want to avoid betting on their futures altogether.

Win totals will be a sound bet if the roster stays intact or is significantly upgraded. But conference and championship odds are collective no-gos unless the Hornets land one or two of this summer’s marquee names without decimating their depth.