Originally considered the team that would challenge the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers for years to come, the Chicago Bulls have regressed into that messy gray area in between competing and rebuilding. They are barely an Eastern Conference playoff team anymore, and even if they avoid the lottery, they won’t be going far. Plan your conference and championship futures bets along those lines, because the Bulls won’t be making you any money there. They aren’t even a potential longer than long shot play.  [+]

Putting money on their individual games is even a nightmare experience. They are so banged up and so inconsistent on the offensive end, it takes more luck than skill to deduce which version of the Bulls you’re going to see on a given night. 

Still, now that Jiimmy Buttler is healthy, you can’t be expected to avoid the Bulls entirely. They have a stingy defense, and they are better staffed than most other fringe playoff teams. Nevertheless, approach their games with caution and savvy. Bet on moneylines and over/under plays rather than spreads, as those are less dependent on streak performances.


Chicago Bulls Next Regular Season Game

If you uneed to check out the Bulls’ next regular season game, this is the place to do it. It’s here you’ll find the most pertinent information, such as spreads, moneylines and over/unders.

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Chicago Bulls Game Schedule


Looking at the Bulls’ entire schedule is more important to proper NBA betting than it is in most other instances. With them, you don’t want to plan ahead. Because you can’t. [+]

You instead want to use this schedule as a way of riding the trends—as seeing when they’ve caught fire and when they’ve gone cold. Make your day-of bets based off their most recent performances, as this schedule will show. 

It won’t hurt by any stretch to look at their collective picture. For example, it’s always useful to know how they fare on the road versus how they fare at home, and all that good stuff. But it’s more about the here and the now with the Bulls. Spot their hot and cold streaks in real time, and you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to try and beat the sportsbooks.


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What Are The Current Chicago Bulls Standings


For those interested in the Bulls’ postseason push, these standings are your lifeline. They show you where the Bulls sit relative to the rest of the Eastern Conference. [+]

And they’ll even help give you a daily idea of how you should bet by detailing how much better or worse certain Bulls opponents are.

Naturally, you’ll want to do other research. But wins and losses, while a relatively rudimentary form of evaluation in this day and age, have their place as betting outlines. The records by division and conference are especially helpul.


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The Jimmy Butler Show

Be Mindful of the Bulls’ Under

Putting faith in the under is a pretty solid line of reasoning as far as recurrent Bulls bets go. Their offense isn’t that great, while their defense specializes in dictating the pace, slowing opponents down to a gradual halt. That drastically impacts the bottom line of the box score, giving way to low-scoring grudge matches that won’t come close to approaching over betting totals.

Sportsbooks are pretty good at setting the over/under numbers, make no mistake. There is no foolproof method to betting on a single team. Remember that. But if you see that the Bulls are going up against a low-end or mid-end offense, the assumption should be that their defense will limit the other team’s scoring opportunities, ensuring that the under is a more financially sound wager than the over.

Use your own discretion when the Bulls go up against great offenses and teams that play well on both ends of the floor, though. The best practice is too look at how the Bulls have played those teams in the recent past, preferably during the same season. If you cannot get enough telling matchup info in these cases, it’s best to avoid the over and under altogether. But, for the most part, you’ll find value in under bets with Chicago.