For the first time since LeBron James bolted the franchise (again), the Cavs have legit NBA title aspirations. The team has successfully rebuilt its roster with a slew of young up-and-comers then added a star-level player, Donovan Mitchell, in an offseason trade. If everything goes according to plan — or least close to it — Cleveland will be a staple of the Eastern Conference for years to come.

Cavaliers 2023 team

If so, you’ll want to get familiar with them because there will be a wealth of ways to make money off them. Top-used betting sites for NBA will roll out extra odds for teams that can make deep playoff runs, which is the expectation in Ohio. In preparation for that possible scenario, we’ve created this detailed guide to bet on Cleveland Cavaliers. We’ve compiled all the must-know info — odds, schedule, tips, etc. — about Cleveland Cavaliers betting right here!

Cleveland Cavaliers Next Regular Season Game

Find the upcoming Cleveland Cavaliers game below. This widget is always up to date so you can begin your Cleveland Cavalier bet strategy here. We’ve listed the odds too but don’t make a betting pick off this alone. You still want to research any gut-check decisions you’re contemplating.

NBA - League 2023-2024
Friday, Dec 08, 202308:00 PM
Cleveland Cavaliers@Miami Heat
NBA - League 2023-2024
Monday, Dec 11, 202307:00 PM
Cleveland Cavaliers@Orlando Magic
NBA - League 2023-2024
Tuesday, Dec 12, 202307:30 PM
Cleveland Cavaliers@Boston Celtics
Last update on Dec 11, 2023 03:45 AM

Cleveland Cavaliers Game Schedule

This is where you’ll find the Cavaliers’ schedule in its entirety, an invaluable tool for a number of reasons. Most commonly, it allows you to plan your bets ahead. Odds for individual games won’t be posted until that matchup is next, but you’ll still want to use the schedule to circle games on the calendar worth looking into. For example, let’s say Cleveland is on a four-game road trip. By the end of it, fatigue might will likely be a factor. That might be an opportunity to wager an under or even bet against the Cavs. You can find many hypothetical examples like that by observing the 82-game schedule.


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What Are The Current Cleveland Cavaliers Standings

You can track the Cavs standings below — within the Eastern Conference and its own division. This is a good gauge to see how the team is faring, especially when it comes to futures bets on conference or NBA championships. The East is typically more open-ended than the West so Cleveland will have an opportunity to really ascend the pecking order if all goes right.

StandingsCleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers Online Betting Tips

Donovan Mitchell

On paper, the Cavs look like real threats. And with most of its core roster years from their playing primes, there’s a strong chance the team naturally gets better over time too. But you see, none of this is guaranteed whatsoever. Games and bets aren’t won on paper, they’re won on the damn court.

So while we’re hyping up Cleveland — and so is the national media — trust your eyes more than hear-say. If you watch this team repeatedly and see them living up to expectations, then you can wager with that in mind. But as they say, the “proof is in the pudding” and the Cavs still have to prove themselves after all these changes.

Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Odds

There are so many Cleveland Cavaliers betting odds available in a given game, that it might be information overload for most bettors. Something we really advise you to do is to specialize in a particular Cleveland Cavaliers bet. It could be spreads or over/unders, for instance, but bet one type consistently. Over time, you’ll begin to gain expertise in that bet — which will make you a strong bettor in the long run.

And we’d say specialize in the daily game bets — not something like futures. It’s a numbers game and there are just not that many futures bets you can really take advantage of. Sure, the Cleveland Cavaliers betting odds to win championship are enticing, but that’s only one payout, compared to hundreds over the season from day-to-day bets.

How To Bet On The Cleveland Cavaliers

If you’ve poured through this entire page, then you have just about everything that you need to start placing Cleveland Cavaliers bets. That is, besides one thing: a highly trustable bookmaker to handle your money. Welp, you’ll find five bookies that fit that description in the underneath table. We’ve carefully selected these bookmakers based on our latest sportsbook reviews — which graded each extremely high. Any one of the sites listed here are solid choices to bet on Cleveland Cavaliers game for seasons to come.