There is no team more popular to bet on in the Eastern Conference than the Cleveland Cavaliers. They are always a fixture in the public eye. They are also always dominant factions, and when it comes to betting Eastern Conference futures, there was no safer wager than Cleveland. The Eastern Conference as a whole is much improved, knocking the Cavaliers from their once-secure position. [+]

The Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, and Toronto Raptors will have a thing or two to say about that prediction these days, but the Cavaliers, for all intents and purposes, are no longer the overwhelming favorites out east.


Cleveland Cavaliers Next Regular Season Game

This is the Cavaliers’ latest matchup. Use it to narrow your focus ahead of placing your bets or to refresh your memory on how Cleveland fared before making another bet. 

My Team's Next MatchCleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers Game Schedule


This is where you’ll find the Cavaliers’ schedule in its entirety, an invaluable tool for a number of reasons. Most commonly, it allows you to plan ahead. [+]

Comb the schedule and see which games look enticing before the fact. You most likely won’t have specific lines available to you more than, say, 48 hours in advance, but you can help decide which types of bets you plan on making, and then base your research off those plans. It will make life a lot easier come game days.

These schedules are also useful as a way of looking back. You can see how the Cavaliers have fared against the their latest opponents in the recent past. And, equally important, you’re able to see how they have stood up against past lines.

What’s their record against the spread at home? How about on the road? Are they more prone to hitting the over or the under at home? How about on the road? How do they perform against really good offensive teams? What about really good defensive teams? Is there a type of bet, be it the over, the under, moneyline or spread, that has proven to be fool’s gold over the course of a season? 

All this and more can be found by reviewing the Cavaliers’ schedule as you see fit.


Results / FixturesCleveland Cavaliers

What Are The Current Cleveland Cavaliers Standings


Take a look at where the Cavs stand in the Eastern Conference. [+]

Just in case they creep close enough to Cleveland that you’re forced to think twice about any conference or championship futures.

Mostly, though, these standings are useful insofar as they show you the Cavaliers’ potential playoff path. Try figuring out which team has the best chance of securing the No. 8 seed, and then the No. 4 and No. 5 seeds. This will give you a puncher’s chance of constructing the Cavaliers’ first two postseason opponents before they’re official, and that will allow you to decide whether the available conference and championship betting odds are worth your play.


StandingsCleveland Cavaliers

Bet On Cleveland’s Championship Futures With Caution

The Cavaliers are no longer the safe bet for Eastern COnference champs that they used to be. Ever since James’ parting, they have slid down the standings and have gone into rebuilding mode. 

The championship picture is a little bit different. The Cavaliers have to worry about, more likely than not, going through one of the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, two teams they aren’t, as of now, fit to beat over the course of a seven-game series. So if you make a championship bet on the Cavaliers, there’s a strong possibility it will look promising right up until the NBA Finals tip off.

Reaching the NBA Finals is an odds boom in itself. But those very odds are usually bogged down by the Cavaliers’ difficult path to the NBA Finals. They won’t fetch you a much bigger return than if you were to bet on the Warriors or Spurs, both of whom are more likely to win a title.