In the past couple of years, the Pacers have been in a weird spot. They haven’t all-out tanked and embraced a rebuild. But they did make moves with an eye toward the future by dealing established stars to other teams in exchange for young players and picks. All of this has made Indians hard to put a finger on — especially for bettors looking to cash in at top NBA betting sites.

If you need some help when it comes to Indiana Pacers betting, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done our best to write a personalized and comprehensive guide to bet on Indiana Pacers. As you scroll this page, you’ll be met with all the must-know information regarding the team — its latest odds, schedule, the upcoming game, and yes, our own expert tips on how to navigate your Indiana Pacers bets. Keep scrolling to get ALL these details in one spot.

Indiana Pacers 2023

Indiana Pacers Next Regular Season Game

Below is where you can find out who the Pacers are facing in their next game. We update the widget around the clock so Indiana’s next opponent always populates below. We’ve also listed the game’s lines so you can begin your betting decision process.


My Team's Next MatchIndiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers Game Schedule

Stay sharp on the Pacers by looking at their schedule in its entirety, as shown below. Betting lines for matchups won’t be available until it is the next game up on the schedule. Use the entire schedule to try to spot trends — Indiana’s record on home games vs. away, or how they’ve matched up to an opponent earlier in the season. Past contests will offer a lot of insight into the team.


Results / FixturesIndiana Pacers

What Are The Current Indiana Pacers Standings

The good thing for Indiana is the Eastern Conference is a tad more open-ended than the West. Therefore, the Pacers could sneak into one of the 10 playoff spots if the rebuild speeds up a little faster. You’ll be able to track that below with up-to-date standings. You’ll have a current view of Indiana’s spot in the NBA pecking order below.


StandingsIndiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers Online Betting Tips

Patience might pay when you’re making an Indiana Pacers bet. Only a few players on the roster have been in the league for more than a few years. When you have that situation, erratic play is common. One night, the young guns might look like future superstars. But on other occasions? Future free agents.

Tyler Haliburton

So here’s our overarching advice with Indiana: follow the team for a while. You don’t have to bet each time, but do keep a close eye on their progress. Once you have a real feel for its playing style, then by all means start upping the betting amount. What you’re looking for is some measure of consistency — it won’t be perfect (probably), but a few trends are likely to arise around the Pacers team. Ride the trend from there whilst betting. It’s your best chance at winning since most bettors don’t take the time to understand a team like Indiana over the long haul.

Indiana Pacers Betting Odds

No matter how attractive the Indians Pacers betting odds to win championship look, we’d caution you to stay far, far away. The Pacers are not title contenders and won’t be anytime soon. Money put on futures is a lost cause, except perhaps an Indians Pacers make playoffs bet, which isn’t completely out of the question.

Do most of your betting damage on game bets around the Pacers. That means moneylines, over/under, spreads, and perhaps even props. The thing about props is the betting markets are less “mature” since it’s not as heavily bet. Therefore, you’re more likely to find lines here that are mispriced. So if you’re looking to find a betting edge, props might be it for the Pacers.

How to bet on the Indiana Pacers

Want to get a complete list of Indiana Pacers betting odds? Then visit one of the bookmakers below. As indicated in our online sportsbook review section, these sites are industry leaders when it comes to basketball betting. That means any and all Pacers bets you can think of will be available here — from preseason to the postseason (if Indiana can qualify). One of the sites can conceivably serve as your one-stop shop for Pacers gambling. That’s a much better experience than jumping from site to site to get your gambling fix.