Placing bets on the Eastern Conference’s middle class can be difficult, and though the Indiana Pacers were once considered a step above the second-tier squads, they’ve recently planted their flag in the realm of mediocrity. It doesn’t mean they’re terrible betting plays, but it does mean that you must pay specific attention to their matchups. The teams they’re facing matter. The Pacers’ new play style is built to beat some opponents while folding to others.


Indiana Pacers Next Regular Season Game

Speaking of matchups, this is where you can find out who the Pacers are facing in their next game. Once you check out the moneylines, spreads, overs and unders, that’s when you’ll want to see how the Pacers’ roster stacks up against their opponent’s play style.


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Indiana Pacers Game Schedule


Stay sharp on the Pacers by looking at their schedule in its entirety, as shown below. You’ll find plenty of information here, allowing you to do a ton of things. [+]

You can plan which games you want to bet ahead of time, monitor winning streaks and losing streaks, and look back at how the Pacers have fared when playing certain teams.

Did they cover the spread that game? By how much did they miss or exceed it? Are they more prone to hitting the over? Which past matchups have proved to be good under bets?

All these questions, and more, can be answered by taking the time to sift through Indiana’s past contests.


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What Are The Current Indiana Pacers Standings


If you’re into extreme long shot bets, the Pacers’ place in the Eastern Conference matters to you. Thus, we give you these standings to reference on a regular basis. [+]

This provides a cursory glance at which teams the Pacers are superior and inferior to, and it lets you keep track of where they sit inside (or outside) the conference’s playoff bubble.

Indiana’s first-round matchup should be of most importance to you. So long as the Pacers can avoid the Cavaliers, you can at least make a semi-confident wager with sportsbooks that allow you to bet on postseason round winners. In essence, then, you’re looking to see if the Pacers can avoid that eighth place playoff bid. If they can, your options open up considerably; if they don’t, well, you’ll want to table any postseason bets you were hoping to make in their favor.


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Indiana Pacers Online Betting Tips

The Pacers are more likely to win and cover spreads when being pitted against slow teams that either cannot defend well or run traditional frontcourt lineups that don’t invite a lot of high-percentage jump shots. Opponents will sometimes fit both bills, in which case that’s all the more incentive for you to take Indiana.

This reasoning is rooted in the Pacers’ own frontcourt. Myles Turner is a rookie big who can function as a stretch 5. He isn’t shooting threes regularly just yet, but he has that range, and the Pacers haven’t hesitated to plant him on the perimeter. That opens up lanes for other drives, and above all else, it makes the Pacers much tougher to defend.

Traditional frontcourts that don’t feature bigs who are used to defending perimeter oriented players stand to be toast. The Pacers don’t field the most efficient offense, but their versatility on either end of the court more often than not shines against inflexibily built teams that don’t run at least one power forward or center who spaces the floor.

This is not the season to be betting Pacers futures. They are not assured of snagging a playoff berth, and their first-round opponent will most likely be one of the Cleveland Cavaliers or Toronto Raptors, two teams they aren’t good enough to beat right now.

Steer clear, then, of conference and championship odds. That’s good advice, actually, for the next few seasons, as the Pacers let the Paul George and Myles Turner partnership marinate and learn the ins and outs of building around them. 

If you’re looking, or hoping, or absolutely need, to make the Pacers a part of your regular betting plate, stay with the individual games. Unlike other teams, there is no more attractive play between moneylines, spreads and over/under wagers. The Pacers mix up a lot of what they do, so the type of bet you place will, once again, vary by their opponent.

Bet with more confidence when they play at home. This is true of almost every other team in the NBA, but the difference between the Pacers’ performance at home and their efforts on the road are more stark than the typical unit.