As far as finding reliable NBA betting options goes, the New York Knicks are the crowning example of a perpetual disappointment. That puts you, the bettor, in a predicament. You can ride their recent cold streak, banking on them never improving, or you can try to play the talent on the roster, since this team, on paper, is better than its record suggets. This isn’t an ideal decision, and you’re encouraged to sniff out better wagers elsewhere, on other teams, until the Knicks engender even an iota of consistency. [+]

Right now, though, if forced to chose, New York is a team to bet against. Interim head coach Kurt Rambis has been unable to right the ship after Phil Jackson fired Derek Fisher, and there are times—entire games, really—where it appears the Knicks have checked out on the defensive end. Coupled with an archaic offence that rests heavily on inefficient mid-range shots, the Knicks are not a team primed to win many basketball games in the near future.


New York Knicks Next Regular Season Game


Below you’ll find the Knicks’ next regular season matchup. If the spreads are huge, you’ll want to gravitate toward the moneyline or over/under side of things. [+]

If the spreads are small, that’s the time to gamble on that end of the spectrum. The Knicks aren’t built to upset good teams, yet should be able to tower over the NBA’s absolute bottom-feeders, such as the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers.


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New York Knicks Game Schedule

Here’s a look at the Knicks’ schedule. Review this any time you need to take stock of future games or opponents, or whenever you want to size up how the Knicks have fared lately.


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What Are The New York Knicks Standings


This is where the Knicks sit inside the Eastern Conference. Have a look at the standings to see if there are any bets out there waiting to be discovered.  [+]

Some bettors like to play over/under futures with bad and rebuilding teams. They think they can make some serious cash picking out those squads with the most room for improvement or drop-off, and then by betting for or against their projected win total. That’s not a terrible avenue of betting, though you’ll want to have thorough knowledge of the rosters on which your wagering. 


StandingsNew York Knicks

New York Knicks Online Betting Tips

Crafting bets against the Knicks has, without question, never been a more attractive sports gambling trend. Though some of the stats say otherwise, the team has been much worse under Rambis than Fisher, and that’s left New York atypically vulnerable to blowout losses.

The Knicks are slow and, for lack of a better word, pointless. They eat up most of the shot clock on offensive possessions only to fire up low-percentage looks. They don’t shoot enough threes, a problem in today’s NBA; you can’t win games by combating other teams’ speed and efficient three-point shooting with inefficient mid-range jumpers.

How Thibodeau uses franchise cornerstones is especially troubling. He has cut their minutes, opting instead to play them in short bursts, which can make it tough for the 20-year-old to establish a rhythm. He also has him working outside of the post more, but in no-man’s land, somewhere between the paint and the three-point arc.

Mix in a cruddy defense that’s only devolving as the season goes on, and the Knicks aren’t fit to be on the right end of your basketball wagers. The under is a strong play when it comes to betting on games in which they’re involved, and you’ll want to throw your moneyline and spread investments on the other team until there’s even a remote sense of consistency in the Big Apple.  

Waiting on the Knicks’ Identity

In order to confidently make the Knicks a consistent part of your betting rapport, either as a staple you gamble for or against, they need an identity, they need a direction—they need to establish themselves as offensive or defensive specialists. That’s clearly not something they’re going to do this season, and there’s no guarantee they’re able to forge an on-court niche over the offseason. A lof depends on what happens in free agency.

If the Knicks hire the right full-time coach and are able to make a splash in free agency, things could start to look up. In that scenario, they’ll have fully upgraded the roster and most likely re-established themselves as a legitimate playoff team. You still won’t want to make any futures bets until midseason, when it’s become clear what type of team (offensive or defensive, contender or pretender) the Knicks have become, but you’ll at least be able to make that distinction soon.

Striking out in free agency and/or choosing the wrong head coach sets the Knicks back even further in the betting world. Missing on any one of those fronts increases the chances they trade Anthony, which, in the short term, will make them substantially worse. They will no longer have a safety net, and New York will be left rebuilding from the ground up, with no offensive or defensive identity of which to speak.

And if that ends up happening, you’ll want to avoid all forms of betting on the Knicks long term—from championship and conference futures, to win total and even game-by-game wagers.