No matter how inept the Knicks are, bettors can’t just get enough of ‘em at top NBA online sportsbooks. Maybe it’s because they play in the biggest market in the United States. Perhaps it’s because the franchise has a diehard fanbase. Or maybe it’s just the cause of the prestige this organization carries from way back in the day.

So let’s face it, no matter how the team is performing, you’ll probably be making a habit of New York Knicks betting. For this reason, we’ve composed this guide to bet on New York Knicks. We’re giving you everything you need to be successful at this thing — our own advice, current odds, schedule, standings, and more. It will be good to reference this page every time you’re ready to make a New York Knicks bet so bookmark this now!

Knicks 2023 roster

New York Knicks Next Regular Season Game

Below you’ll find the Knicks’ soonest matchup — which is also your closest betting opportunity around the team. We update this widget year-round so it’s always current with the upcoming game. We’ve also listed betting odds so you can begin plotting your decision.

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New York Knicks Game Schedule

Here’s a look at the Knicks’ schedule — all 82 games of the season. It’s great to have this in your back pocket because let’s face it, you probably can’t throw money on EVERY game involving New York. However, with this entire schedule, you can pinpoint which matchups are MOST worth your money.


Results / FixturesNew York Knicks

What Are The New York Knicks Standings

This is where the Knicks sit inside the Eastern Conference. They need to finish top 10 to make the playoffs — which should be the team’s first goal before any title aspirations. Having a bird’s eye view of the NBA pecking order can inform your futures betting picks since you’ll know how the entire league is trending.

StandingsNew York Knicks

New York Knicks Online Betting Tips

The organization’s culture is rotted, and that’s putting it lightly. It’s the chief reason the franchise has struggled so much despite its geographical advantages and past success. To change a culture and return the Knicks to prominence, it will take time. While many NBA franchises are one free-agency signing or trade away from turning around, we wouldn’t be as optimistic with New York. Change will take time given its core cultural issues.

So what’s our biggest advice before you bet on New York Knicks? Be patient enough to get true evidence of any real change. And also patient enough to see how its young roster develops. Free agents aren’t lining up to sign in the Big Apple, so the team is reliant on drafted picks becoming stars. That’s usually a slow process to take hold.

Knicks betting tips

New York Knicks Betting Odds

Whenever you bet on a New York Knicks game, you’ll get the usual range of bets that includes moneyline, over/under, spreads, and props. Factor in 82 regular season games, preseason, and gasp, maybe a playoff berth, and you’ll be presented with almost nonstop betting options over the course of the year.

All these betting opportunities are great and all, but you also don’t want to over-bet. You should be picking and choosing your battles based on when you see are under- or over-looked opportunities.

How to bet on the New York Knicks

Here’s the last thing we’ll leave you with: a list of the best bookmakers to make New York Knicks bets at. We’ve hand-picked our recommendations in the table underneath. Each one of these sites graded out high in our latest sportsbook reviews, partly because of their strong NBA betting presence. Any and all New York Knicks betting odds will be available here, and not only that but they’ll be offered at bettor-friendly prices that will stretch your dollar as far as it can go.