2021/22 NBA Futures

The Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks came out as the favorites coming into the 2023 NBA Playoffs. Only 22 teams were invited to participate in Florida to determine the playoff team selection – 13 from the Western Conference and 9 from the Eastern Conference. All teams will be required to finish their remaining eight regular-season games before the 16-team playoff series begins.

who will win the NBA title

Odds to Win the 2022/23 Eastern Conference Finals

The odds to win the Eastern Conference are available and were last updated on April 4, 2023: 

To Win NBA Eastern Conference BetUS
Milwaukee Bucks +145
Boston Celtics +150
Philadelphia 76ers +450
Brooklyn Nets +10000
Cleveland Cavaliers +1800
Miami Heat +4000

Odds to Win the 2022/23 Western Conference Finals

The odds to win the Western Conference are available and were last updated on April 4, 2023: 

To Win NBA Western Conference BetUS
Phoenix Suns +225
Denver Nuggets +300
Golden State Warriors +500
Memphis Grizzlies +550
Los Angeles Clippers +1000
Dallas Mavericks +8000

With stiffer competition in the Western Conference and four more teams than the East, the oddsmakers are putting all their money on Los Angeles. The Lakers topped the odds board with the Clippers a mere 20 points behind. It’s likely an LA team will be crowned Western Conference champion – but the question is, which one?

Like we said in the East, anything can happen and if you think the LA teams will crumble under the pressure or that a team lower on the odds board like the Rockets or Jazz have a chance with the extended rest time off for injured players and plenty of training time for others during the pandemic. You could get some great value from any of those teams if you decide to bet on an underdog for the Western Conference champion. 



Top Online Sportsbooks for NBA Futures Betting

Every sportsbook will be offering NBA Futures leading up to and during the 2021/22 NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals. Your job is to find the right sportsbook for your specific needs. What do we mean by that?

Not all sportsbooks are the same. Some offer better odds than others, some have better bonuses, and some have a larger selection of deposit options. Finding out what matters to you in a sportsbook, and ensuring you select the one you will be happy within the end should be your main priority.

Reading sportsbook reviews can help with that. Our sportsbook reviews are all subjective, and we only review the top online sportsbooks, we would never promote one that we wouldn’t use ourselves. If you want to use a certain deposit option, you will want to read up on the sportsbook to ensure they accept your preferred method of payment. If you want to take advantage of bonuses, ensure you find a sportsbook with lucrative bonuses that you can use to pad your NBA Futures betting bankroll.

Betting on NBA Futures can be so fun, as long as you’re using the right sportsbook!

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