Not every NFL playoff team ends up playing like an NFL playoff team. Some get in with less-than-impressive records, posing little to no threat when they're matched up against actual postseason-quality squads.The reasons why outfits that don't post a record above .500 sometimes clinch a playoff berth varies. Maybe a certain division was particularly bad. Perhaps a shortened season skewed the win-loss records. Or maybe a team just got lucky. Whatever the case, we're here to bring the 10 worst NFL playoff teams in league history, determined by record, presented in order of declining regular-season records. 

Worst NFL playoff teams ever


NFL teams who fail to finish the regular season with a winning record shouldn't make the playoffs. But that's not the case every year.

The NFL is a league rife with parity, which can be a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, any team is capable of beating any other team in any given matchup. That's exciting.

NFL Future Super Bowl lines

On the other hand, though, this competitive equilibrium is more pronounced during certain seasons, thus leading to a bunch of squads stealing wins from one another and creating a landscape in which teams at or below .500 sneak into the league's winter dance. It's important to keep track of these down years—if only so you're prepared how to reaction in similar situations down the road.

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