NFL Week 6 Picks: Predictions for Dolphins, Colts, Broncos, Cowboys, More

NFL Week 6 Picks: Predictions for Dolphins, Colts, Broncos, Cowboys, More

What's better than one batch of Week NFL 6 picks? Two sets of Week 6 NFL picks! We already dropped seven of our best NFL bets—and, by the way, we're 1-0 at this writing—and are back for another round. This latest set of NFL Week 6 picks will include predictions for the Dolphins, Colts, Broncos, Cowboys, and more!

As always, let's begin by taking a look at the latest NFL betting odds, courtesy of BetOnline. We included every game on the docket for Week 6—minus the completed Bucs-Eagles matchup—for your convenience:

Miami Dolphins-190+165Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts-415+335Houston Texans
Green Bay Packers-210+180Chicago Bears
Kansas City Chiefs-330+275Washington Football Team
Carolina Panthers-110-110Minnesota Vikings
Baltimore Ravens-150+130Los Angeles Chargers
Cincinnati Bengals-175+155Detroit Lions
Los Angeles Rams-1000+650New York Giants
Cleveland Browns-150+130Arizona Cardinals
Denver Broncos-190+165Las Vegas Raiders
Dallas Cowboys-195+170New England Patriots
Pittsburgh Steelers-220+190Seattle Seahawks
Buffalo Bills-255+215Tennessee Titans

Definitely continue to make sure you're double-checking these NFL odds before settling on any NFL picks. The odds may still shift at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks.

Week 6 NFL Picks

Before proceeding, you should know that there's a slightly higher level of risk inherent to these NFL Week 6 picks. We already dropped our seven best bets of the schedule, so this exercise demands we take some more chances.

That said, we would never roll out NFL predictions about which we don't feel somewhat confident. Just know that many of these picks, in our opinion, are higher-risk, high-reward.

Miami Dolphins (-190) Will be UPSET by Jacksonville Jaguars (+165)

As a general rule of thumb, you should try to steer clear of investing in the Jaguars. Picking NFL games taking place in another country—this one will be hosted in London–is also wildly difficult. On top of that, Jacksonville is 0-5, with one of the worst defenses around.

Still, favoring the Dolphins is arguably more egregious.

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is supposed to return, but that doesn't mean much. Even with him under center, the Dolphins have one of the league's bottom five offenses, which they pair with a bottom-three defense. Now's a good time to see if the Jags can get their first win of the season.

OSB Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars (+165)

Jacksonville Jaguars To beat the Miami Dolphins

Indianapolis Colts (-415) Will Blow Out Houston Texans (+335)

With the Colts in the early stages of a rebuild, we wouldn't typically like working a line that is so heavy on favoritism. We are going to make an exception here, though, because they're facing the Texans.

There's no debating this: Houston, as of now, is the most hopeless team in the NFL, both over the short and long term. They have no hope of doing anything special so long as Davis Mills is their starting QB.

OSB Prediction: Indianapolis Colts (-415)

Indianapolis Colts To beat the Houston Texans

Cincinnati Bengals (-175) Should Beat Detroit Lions (+155)

We have to this point avoided selecting any Bengals lines. They are plucky, but they're still a work in progress. The offense, led by Joe Burrow, is young while the defense has struggled to stop the opposition on third downs despite their overall success.

Choosing them to beat the Lions isn't necessarily a vote of confidence. Detroit stinks. Like, really stinks. And we continue to have our reservations about Cincinnati.

But we have to give the Bengals credit where it's due. They are eighth in points allowed per game and yards allowed per play, and they've done a nice job limiting their penalties. Their offense has also succeeded in avoiding bottom-10 status—a big deal given how inexperienced so many of their players are on that side of the ball.

OSB Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals (-175)

Cincinnati Bengals To beat the Detroit Lions

Dallas Cowboys (-195) Will Defeat New England Patriots (+170)

Many are wondering whether the Cowboys going 4-1 to start the season is a fluke. Truthfully, it could be. They've gotten to beat up on two NFC East foes, the Eagles and Giants, and were lucky enough to face a Panthers team without Christian McCaffrey. Their defense is suspect to boot.

However, the Cowboys' offense is for real. Dak Prescott looks to be in peak form, they're converting 60 percent of their red zone opportunities, and they're currently successful on more than 50 percent of their third downs. 

Maybe this isn't sustainable. For this matchup specifically, it doesn't quite matter. The Patriots have neither a league-average defense nor league-average offense. Dallas should win.

OSB Prediction: Dallas Cowboys (-195)

Dallas Cowboys To beat the New England Patriots

Denver Broncos (-190) Are Great Bets vs. Las Vegas Raiders (+165)

Sell all your Raiders stock. 

They have crashed back down to earth after a hot start, and to make matters worse, they're now in the tabloids. Head coach and general manager Jon Gruden resigned this past week after a series of emails in which he used racist slurs were leaked.

If we're being honest, his absence may be addition by subtraction. He was that bad. But the Raiders offense is a non-starter right now, and the Broncos enter with the NFL's No. 2 defense.

OSB Prediction: Denver Broncos (-190)

Denver Broncos To beat the Las Vegas Raiders

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