Jaren Jackson Jr. favored to repeat as NBA DPOY, while Mobley looms

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Jaren Jackson Jr. favored to repeat as NBA DPOY, while Mobley looms

The NBA season is set to tip off next week, so let's take a look at the odds of winning the 2024 NBA Defensive Player of the Year because the top online sportsbooks in the USA have already released odds to win the 2024 NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Check out our NBA Props bets page.

The NBA Defensive Player of the Year distinction is determined by a panel of 124 diverse writers and broadcasters, each casting their votes for the top three players.

Given its defensive nature, the award is primarily based on metrics such as blocks, steals, and defensive rebounds per game.

Jaren Jackson Jr.+600+600+600
Evan Mobley+650+700+700
Giannis Antetokounmpo+850+800+800
Bam Adebayo+1000+900+900
Anthony Davis+1100+900+1000
Joel Embiid+1400+2000+1400
Victor Wembanyama+1400+1500+2000
Rudy Gobert+1600+1400+1400
Brook Lopez+1600+2000+1400
Jrue Holiday+1800+3300+2200

Jaren Jackson Jr.

The frontrunner for the 2023-24 NBA season's Defensive Player of the Year, Jaren Jackson Jr., secured the title last year and is poised to continue his defensive dominance for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Despite the team's off-court challenges, Jackson Jr. spearheaded the Grizzlies to hold the second-best defense in the league, with aspirations of clinching the top seed in the competitive Western Conference and advancing further in the playoffs.

During the 2022-23 NBA season, Jackson Jr. boasted impressive stats, averaging 3.0 blocks and 1.0 steals for the Grizzlies.

His remarkable shot-blocking skills made him the league's standout defender, as he adeptly challenged opponents both at the rim and on the perimeter, contributing significantly to the team's third-best shot-blocking rate in the NBA.

Although the Grizzlies underwent some changes during the 2023 offseason, Jackson Jr.'s pivotal role within the team's defensive strategy remains unchanged.

With the Memphis defense designed to funnel shooters toward him, his defensive prowess is expected to shine yet again.

However, his health remains a key consideration, as he has only met the 65-game award eligibility threshold once in his career.

Jaren Jackson Jr. To win 2024 NBA Defensive Player of the Year

Firstly, given Wemby's anticipated playing time of 30+ minutes per game, he is poised to have ample opportunity to amass blocks and steals. While the Spurs might afford him occasional rest, it's hard to envision him not making a significant impact when he takes the floor.

Additionally, Wemby has already demonstrated his defensive prowess and is expected to seamlessly transition that skill set to the NBA.

While the league presents a more formidable challenge, opposing players will still attempt to challenge him at the rim, providing him with numerous block opportunities.

Notably, Wemby averaged an impressive three blocks per game last season as a teenager in a professional league, complemented by nearly one steal per game.

Wemby's fluidity on the court is already comparable to that of established players like Rudy Gobert, who has garnered recognition as a generational interior defender and rim protector.

Although Wemby might not possess Gobert's current level of physical strength, his impressive size (7-foot-5) and length (8-foot wingspan) position him to contend with any player.

Even in the Summer League, Wemby has showcased his defensive potential, effectively blocking seemingly unblockable step-back jump shots.

While it's uncommon for rookies to vie for individual accolades, we witnessed Walker Kessler's notable performance in a similar vein.

There's every reason to believe that Victor Wembanyama can deliver comparable numbers and elevate the Spurs from a bottom-tier defensive team to a more competitive position in the league.

Victor Wembanyama To win 2024 NBA Defensive Player of the Year

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