Magic lockdown Hawks on road to pull off upset

Tony Reyes
By , Updated on: Apr 9, 2024 08:00 PM
Magic lockdown Hawks on road to pull off upset
  • When: Wednesday, January 17th at 7:40 PM ET
  • Who: Orlando Magic at Atlanta Hawks
  • Where: State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA

The upcoming court clash between the Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic has the vibes of a Magic triumph, with smart money leaning toward Orlando's underdog charm.

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As the Atlanta Hawks prepare to host the Orlando Magic, the stakes and the stats are speaking louder than the screeching sneakers on the hardwood.

Game Preview

For those keeping an eye on the NBA's crystal ball, the Magic's recent form, despite their injury woes, is hinting at a potential upset in the making.

Orlando Magic+135+140+140
Atlanta Hawks-110-160-160

I'm here to break down the matchup and tell you why the Magic at +130 is a bet worth considering. First off, let's talk about the history.

Close games are the signature dish in this matchup, with two of their last three encounters being decided by just a point and the most recent battle extending into overtime.

This trend screams that the Magic don't crumble under the bright lights against the Hawks—it's quite the opposite.

They rise to the occasion, and with the odds at +130, value is knocking, and it's rude not to answer.

Diving into the numbers, the Magic have been navigating through a minefield of injuries but are finally seeing their core players return to the fray.

Orlando Magic To win game

Wendell Carter Jr. made his comeback with a solid 17-point performance, while Markelle Fultz, Joe Ingles, and Jonathan Isaac are shaking off their injury rust.

This resurgence of roster depth is a game-changer, especially when it allows a talent like Paolo Banchero to get the rest he needs to be clutch in crunch time.

Coach Jamahl Mosley's squad has been turning heads with their bench mob, putting on what he aptly described as a "defensive clinic."

In a league where defense often takes a backseat to highlight-reel dunks and deep threes, the Magic's commitment to stopping their opponents is a refreshing change of pace that could stifle the Hawks' offensive flow.

On the flip side, despite coming off a win against the Spurs, the Hawks showed a worrying trend of complacency, almost blowing a 35-point lead.

Trae Young's shooting slump is also a red flag; his second-half performance against the Spurs, where he went 1-for-10 from the field, could spell trouble if it carries into the matchup with Orlando.

Atlanta Hawks To win game

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Total Points

Total PointsBovadaBetOnlineBetUS
Over 233 Points-110-110-110
Under 233 Points-110-110-110

Consistency is king in the NBA, and right now, the Hawks' throne looks a bit shaky. Now, let's talk totals.

The line is set at 233 points, and I'm leaning toward the under at -110 odds.

These two teams have demonstrated a knack for neck-and-neck finishes, often leading to more calculated, slower-paced play down the stretch.

Plus, with Orlando's renewed focus on defense, we could see them turning this game into a chess match rather than a shootout.

The Magic's rallying cry of "We can play with anybody in this league when we're all healthy," courtesy of Carter, isn't just locker room optimism—it's a legitimate battle plan.

As they wrap up their road trip in Atlanta, expect the Magic to pull out all the stops to prove they're playoff contenders.

So, there you have it, folks. The odds, the history, and the current trajectories of these two teams are painting a picture that's hard to ignore.

Betting on the underdog isn't just for the brave—it's for those who read the tea leaves and understand the rhythms of the game.

The Magic at +130?

That's a bet with a sprinkle of risk and a potential pot of gold.

And for the total points?

Go under 233 and watch the defense do its dance.

Remember, folks, this isn't about hunches or gut feelingsanalyzing the data, understanding the trends, and recognizing the momentum shifts.

So place your bets, sit back, and get ready to see if the Magic can cast their winning spell once again over the Hawks.

Under 233 Points Orlando Magic vs Atlanta Hawks

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