2021 NFL Week 1 Betting Picks and Predictions

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2021 NFL Week 1 Betting Picks and Predictions

It seems like only yesterday the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were crowned Super Bowl champions. And yet, here we are, already entering Week 1 of the 2021 NFL regular season. Time sure flies. But reflection is for another occasion. Right now, we've got 2021 NFL Week 1 betting odds and predictions to tackle.

We begin, as always, by taking a look at the latest NFL odds, which come courtesy of BetOnline:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-330+275Dallas Cowboys
Buffalo Bills-280+235Pittsburgh Steelers
Carolina Panthers-225+180New York Jets
Jacksonville Jaguars-150+130Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans-155+135Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Chargers-118-102Washington Football Team
Atlanta Falcons-175+155Philadelphia Eagles
Minnesota Vikings-165+145Cinncinati Bengals
San Francisco 49ers-350+280Detroit Lions
Kansas City Chiefs-260+220Cleveland Browns
Denver Broncos-150+130New York Giants
Green Bay Packers-115-105New Orleans Saints
Baltimore Ravens-210+180Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Rams-330+275Chicago Bears

Since there's still time between now and opening-week kickoff, you'll want to recheck these NFL betting odds at all the top online sportsbooks before making your NFL picks. These lines will move daily until the game starts.

Week 1 NFL Picks

Predicting the outcome of Week 1 NFL games is among the hardest things to do in sports betting. You're not working with a sample size related to this season. You don't have a gauge of the biggest surprises. Nor do you know the biggest disappointments.

Still, we know enough about each roster to render moneyline verdicts and hope that we hit on more picks than we miss.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-330) vs. Dallas Cowboys (+275)

The first official game of the 2021 NFL regular season sees the reigning Super Bowl champs go up against the NFC East favorite Dallas Cowboys. Though this has the look of a primetime matchup, we're not so sure.

Dak Prescott, remember, missed pretty much all of last season. That makes us hesitant to invest in the Cowboys.

OSB Prediction: Bucs (-330)

Tampa Bay To beat Dallas

Buffalo Bills (-280) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (+235)

Are the Buffalo Bills for real? It's a question everyone has to be asking after last season. 

The answer, in our opinion, is to be determined. Specifically, we need to see whether the offense piloted by Josh Allen can sustain last year's pace. 

In the absence of surety, we kind of like the underdog Pittsburgh Steelers. Their offense should be up and running from the jump, and they have some playmakers on defense. 

OSB Prediction: Steelers (+235)

Pittsburgh To beat Buffalo

Minnesota Vikings (-165) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (+145)

It blows our mind that the Cincinnati Bengals aren't heavier underdogs. Quarterback Joe Burrow missed a huge chunk of his rookie season and will be playing catch-up as a sophomore, and he's surrounded by a ton of youth at position spots.

While we're not absurdly high on the Minnesota Vikings, this decision is almost too easy.

OSB Prediction: Vikings (-165)

Minnesota To beat Cincinnati

Kansas City Chiefs (-260) vs. Cleveland Browns (+220)

Maybe the Cleveland Browns wind up being a worthy opponent for the juggernaut Kansas City Chiefs. But we need to see quarterback Baker Mayfield string together more elite throwing performances before we go that far.

Even then, the Chiefs are the Chiefs. Cleveland's defense is no match for Patrick Mahomes, and Kansas City was able to beef up its own defense over the offseason.

OSB Prediction: Chiefs (-260)

Kansas City To beat Cleveland

Green Bay Packers (-115) vs. New Orleans Saints (-105)

Perhaps some bettors are worried about how the Green Bay Packers will play knowing this is Aaron Rodgers' last season with the team. We're not among them.

At any rate, the New Orleans Saints seem wildly overrated here. They are trusting quarterback duties to the combination of Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill following the retirement of Drew Brees.

OSB Prediction: Packers (-115)

Green Bay To beat New Orleans

Los Angeles Rams (-330) vs. Chicago Bears (+275)

With Matthew Stafford under center now, the Los Angeles Rams seem like a viable Super Bowl contender. And even if they aren't, this Week 1 matchup should still belong to them.

Not only is the Chicago Bears' quarterback situation less than enviable right now, but they're not built to rough up teams in the secondary anymore. Don't be surprised if Los Angeles wins in a blowout.

OSB Prediction: Rams (-330)

Los Angeles To beat Chicago

Baltimore Ravens (-210) vs. Las Vegas Raiders (+180)

Believe it or not, this matchup is harder to discern than the odds suggest.

Yes, the Baltimore Ravens are more talented on paper. But Lamar Jackson is subject to high-variance performance, and the backfield just lost J.K. Dobbins

Granted, it's tough to have a ton of faith in Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Then again, the team has surrounded him with a ton of weapons both on the ground and through the air while deepening their pool of defensive talent on the other side of the ball. 

Invest in this line at your own risk. For now, we believe the Ravens are on a serious upset alert.

OSB Prediction: Raiders (+180)

Las Vegas To beat Baltimore

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