2021 NFL Week 3 Picks: Titans, Ravens, Chiefs, Packers, Broncos, More

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2021 NFL Week 3 Picks: Titans, Ravens, Chiefs, Packers, Broncos, More

Trends are starting to emerge in the NFL entering Week 3 of the 2021 regular season. Not everything is yet known, of course, but we're beginning to see which teams are at clear disadvantages and which squads might be the cream of the crop. That should help us with our 2021 NFL Week 3 picks, which will cover the Titans, Ravens, Chiefs, Packers, Broncos and more.

Here's a look at the latest NFL betting odds, courtesy of BetOnline:

Carolina Panthers-400+320Houston Texans
Arizona Cardinals-355+285Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans-255+215Indianapolis Colts
Balitmore Ravens-380+310Detroit Lions
Buffalo Bills-385+315Washington Football Team
New England Patriots-150+130New Orleans Saints
Kansas City Chiefs-300+250Los Angeles Chargers
New York Giants-155+135Atlanta Falcons
Cleveland Browns-310+260Chicago Bears
Pittsburgh Steelers-190+165Cincinnati Bengals
Miami Dolphins-112-108Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos-600+460New York Jets
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-115-105Los Angeles Rams
Seattle Seahawks-130+110Minnesota Vikings
San Francisco 49ers-175+155Green Bay Packers
Dallas Cowboys-205+175Philadelphia Eagles

Be sure to confirm these NFL odds before committing any specific NFL picks. Bookmakers will move the lines between now and opening kickoff at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks.

Week 3 NFL Predictions

After a handful of surprises in Week 2, we're back for another round of NFL moneyline predictions in Week 3. Once again, we have plucked out seven matchups to cobble together our best bets.

Let's breeze through them now.

Arizona Cardinals (-355) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (+285)

It's always a good idea to bet against the Jaguars. Nothing's changed about that this season. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence looks okay, but he has a long way to go.

Beyond Jacksonville's relative incompetence, though, there's the Cardinals themselves. Kyler Murray looks like an early MVP candidate under center. Arizona is averaging over eight net yards per passing attempt and has one of the highest octane scoring offenses in the league. 

This is an easy decision for us.

OSB Prediction: Cardinals (-355)

Arizona Cardinals To beat Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans (-255) vs. Indianapolis Colts (+215)

Remember when some thought Titans star running back Derrick Henry might slow down this season because of so many years under a heavy workload? So much for that.

Henry came up absolutely monstrous on the ground in Week 2. Sure, the Titans offense currently ranks 21st in average yards per play, but their passing game is going to get better.

If that doesn't do it for you, the uninspiring roster of the Colts should.

OSB Prediction: Titans (-255)

Tennessee Titans To beat Indianapolis Colts

Baltimore Ravens (-380) vs. Detroit Lions (+310)

Lamar Jackson is another quarterback who has entrenched himself as an early-season MVP candidate. He could feasibly win a second MVP trophy before even being in the league for a half-decade. 

This is not us speaking in hyperbole. He was spectacular in the Ravens Week 2 win over the Chiefs. Facing the Lions, who might be one of the three worst teams in football, should be child's play for him.

OSB Prediction: Ravens (-380)

Baltimore Ravens To beat Detroit Lions

Kansas City Chiefs (-300) vs. Los Angeles Chargers (+250)

Perhaps you're tempted to pick against the Chiefs following their Week 2 loss to the Ravens. Resist the urge to give into that inkling.

Kansas City's defense clearly has some things to figure out—mainly how to contain mobile opposing quarterbacks. But Patrick Mahomes is still leading this offense. The odds of them losing two straight are supremely low.

OSB Prediction: Chiefs (-300)

Kansas City Chiefs To beat Los Angeles Chargers

Miami Dolphins (-112) vs. Las Vegas Raiders (-108)

This matchup between the Dolphins and Raiders has essentially been billed as a toss-up. We understand why.

Both teams are dealing with quarterback injuries. Miami's Tua Tagovailoa has bruised ribs while Derrick Carr reportedly sprained both of his ankles in Las Vegas' Week 2 win. Both QBs are questionable for Week 3.

Push comes to shove, we have more faith in the pleasantly surprising Raiders. They currently lead the league in passing yards and are third in total first downs secured.

OSB Prediction: Raiders (-108)

Las Vegas Raiders To beat Miami Dolphins

Denver Broncos (-600) vs. New York Jets (+460)

While it's never smart to give up on rookie quarterbacks after just two outings, Zach Wilson is testing the Jets' ability to stomach losing. No team has thrown more interceptions than New York, and only the New Orleans Saints offense has registered fewer first downs.

There is no debate here. Betting on the Jets would be foolish almost regardless of who they play. Go with the Broncos.

OSB Prediction: Broncos (-600)

Denver Broncos To beat New York Jets

San Francisco 49ers (-175) vs. Green Bay Packers (+155)

Look, we get it: Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have so far been a disappointment. They laid a total egg in Week 1 and barely escaped their game against the sad-sack Lions with a victory in Week 2.

Still, Rodgers showed flashes of returning to form during that game. He connected with Davante Adams for a deep touchdown and was just generally more accurate out of the pocket. 

Meanwhile, the 49ers feel like an early-season mirage. Starting 2-0 is cool and all, but the offense remains mediocre at best—particularly through the air. 

If Rodgers plays like he did during the second half of Week 2, Green Bay should be able to pull off the upset.

OSB Prediction: Packers (+155)

Green Bay Packers To beat San Francisco 49ers

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