2021 NFL Week 5 Picks: Bucs-Dolphins, Cardinals-49ers, Titans-Jags, More

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2021 NFL Week 5 Picks: Bucs-Dolphins, Cardinals-49ers, Titans-Jags, More

Did anyone order 2021 NFL Week 5 picks featuring Bucs-Dolphins, Cardinals-49ers, Titans-Jags and more? Because we've got 'em!

With the NFL season now nearing its quarter-pole, we have a pretty good idea of how the league's power structure is shaking out. Given that clarity, we're more easily able to identify the marquee matchups and any games that could have Super Bowl implications down the line. Both factors will shape which NFL predictions in Week 5 we drop.

Let's start, as always, with all the available NFL odds, courtesy of BetOnline:

Los Angeles Rams-125+113Seattle Seahawks
Atlanta Falcons-180+160New York Jets
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-475+385Miami Dolphins
Carolina Panthers-195+170Philadelphia Eagles
New Orleans Saints-125+105Washington Football Team
Tennessee Titans-192+167Jacksonville Jaguars
Minnesota Vikings-350+280Detroit Lions
Pittsburgh Steelers-115-105Denver Broncos
Green Bay Packers-170+150Cincinnati Bengals
New England Patriots-410+330Houston Texans
Dallas Cowboys-315+265New York Giants
Arizona Cardinals-245+205San Francisco 49ers
Kansas City Chiefs-140+120Buffalo Bills
Baltimore Ravens-325+270Indianapolis Colts

Remember to confirm these NFL betting odds prior to making any specific NFL picks. The lines will move at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks between now and all the opening kickoffs.

NFL Week 5 Predictions

As usual, our NFL Week 5 betting picks will feature our seven best wagers from the schedule. These, of course, are not the only bets worth placing, but they are the predictions we're most confident in at this writing.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-475) vs. Miami Dolphins (+385)

Imagine having to think twice about this one.

Though the Bucs still don't have much of a rushing game, they are tied for first in total points scored, rank first in passing touchdowns and place second in passing yards under the ageless Tom Brady. To top it all off, they're going up against a flimsy defense and lifeless offense in Miami. 

This should be a blowout.

OSB Prediction: Buccaneers (-475)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To beat the Miami Dolphins

Arizona Cardinals (-245) vs. San Francisco 49ers (+205)

The Cardinals continue to be darlings near the top of the NFL standings. They deserve such love.

Quarterback Kyler Murray has emerged as an early-season MVP candidate. The combination of his arm and capacity to scramble with the ball is a huge reason why they are tied with Tampa Bay for first in points scored and rank in the top 10 of both total passing and rushing yards.

San Francisco has managed to win some games this season, but questions remain about their offense. Those inquiries aren't going anyway after Jimmy Garoppolo suffered an injury in their Week 4 loss and the team is faced with starting rookie Trey Lance in Week 5.

OSB Prediction: Cardinals (-245)

Arizona Cardinals To beat the San Francisco 49ers

Tennessee Titans (-192) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (+167)

Betting on the Titans these days is mostly an unnecessary risk. Their offense has wildly underachieved relative to the talent stacked across their roster.

Still, the Jaguars remain that bad. They rank inside the bottom five of both offense and defense on the season, and there's little light to see at the end of the tunnel. Tennessee should be able to hold serve.

OSB Prediction: Titans (-192)

Tennessee Titans To beat the Jacksonville Jaguars

Green Bay Packers (-170) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (+150)

Congratulations to the Bengals for entrenching themselves as one of this year's biggest early surprises. Their defense has been stifling; they rank in the top seven of points allowed per game and aren't giving teams an inch on the ground.

Whether their performance can persist against better squads is debatable. The Bengals offense tilts toward sub-mediocre, and going up against a team like the Packers, who aren't particularly reliant on running the ball, mitigates the impact of their defense.

OSB Prediction: Green Bay Packers (-170)

Green Bay Packers To beat the Cincinnati Bengals

Los Angeles Rams (-125) vs. Seattle Seahawks (+113)

This might be the spiciest matchup of the week.

On the one hand, you have a rejuvenated Rams team with a suddenly coherent offense led by quarterback Matthew Stafford. On the other side, there's the Seahawks' shaky defense and elite-level offense.

To this point, the Rams have profiled as the much more balanced team. But their offensive rise has started to show some cracks, most notably in their Week 4 loss. We like Seattle's offense to go off given how well Russell Wilson is slinging it these days.

OSB Prediction: Seahawks (+113)

Seattle Seahawks To beat the Los Angeles Rams

Pittsburgh Steelers (-115) vs. Denver Broncos (-105)

Entering the season, we entertained the idea that the Steelers could sneak their way into the periphery of the Super Bowl discussion. It has taken only four weeks for us to realize we were wrong.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roelthisberger looks finished, and the offense is sad as a result. 

While the Broncos have their own slew of offensive issues, they also sport the league's best defense and should be able to pull out what might be a low-scoring affair.

OSB Prediction: Denver Broncos (-105)

Denver Broncos To beat the Pittsburgh Steelers

Baltimore Ravens (-325) vs. Indianapolis Colts (+270)

Anyone even remotely thinking of rolling with the Colts in this one needs a sanity check. Indianapolis has one of the league's worst offenses, and their current defensive returns are inflated by a lackluster schedule—against which they're still 1-3.

Give this one to the Ravens. Lamar Jackson should figure out how to carve up a defense that, despite its points allowed landing on the lower end, ranks 28th in passing touchdowns surrendered and hasn't done a good job stopping teams on third downs.

OSB Prediction: Ravens (-325)

Baltimore Ravens To beat the Indianapolis Colts

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