2022 NFL Draft Futures: Betting Odds and Predictions for Top-5 Picks

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2022 NFL Draft Futures: Betting Odds and Predictions for Top-5 Picks

With the 2022 NFL draft right around the corner, all of the best betting sites for NFL football are offering odds on which prospects will go off the board inside the top five of the first round. Knowing this, we obviously have to squeeze predictions for all of the top-five picks into our 2022 NFL draft futures portfolio.

Let's kick things off with the latest betting odds on who will be selected first overall at the 2022 NFL draft, which will take place beginning Thursday, April 28, at 8 p.m. EST:

No. 1 PickMyBookie
Aidan Hutchinson-220
Travon Walker+140
Ikem Ekwonu+1200
Evan Neal+1400
Kayvon Thibodeaux+2500
Malik Willis+3000

Remember to confirm these NFL draft betting odds on your own before committing to any specific wagers. All betting lines on the 2022 NFL draft are liable to shift right up until it starts.

Since you'll be wagering on a special NFL event rather than just any old game, it also behooves you to check out our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. Using all of the information we've provided, you'll have no issue finding the sites with the best betting odds on the NFL.

Before we dig into our NFL draft predictions, please note that we are making these picks based upon the current 2022 NFL draft order: The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the clock at No. 1; the Detroit Lions will select at No. 2; the Houston Texans will pick at No. 3; the New York Jets come in at No. 4; and the New York Giants will take the podium at No. 5. 

Keeping track of this order is important, since team styles and roster needs shape which 2022 NFL draft bets we'll be making. If there are last-minute trades that change up the draft order or rosters, we'll all need to recalibrate our decision-making.

Who Will the Jacksonville Jaguars Draft at No. 1?

This is the easiest prediction to make. Aidan Hutchinson, a defensive end out of Michigan, is considered the consensus best player in the 2022 NFL draft. And Jacksonville just so happens to need pass-rushing.

Don't bother forecasting a curveball. You're better off working Hutchinson's odds before they veer too far towards pointless territory.

OSB Prediction: Aidan Hutchinson (-220))

Jacksonville Jaguars To draft Aidan Hutchinson

Who will the Detroit Lions Draft at No. 2?

Here are the betting odds on who the Lions will draft at No. 2:

No. 2 PickMyBookie
Aidan Hutchinson+170
Travon Walker+275
Kayvon Thibodeaux+275
Malik Willis+700
Ikem Ekwonu+1500
Evan Neal+1500

Things start to get interesting at No. 2 with the Lions. Some think they might trade out. Be wary of that. 

Others, though, think Detroit will prioritize ceiling and need. That makes defensive end Travon Walker, out of Georgia, the obvious pick for them. 

OSB Prediction: Travon Walker (+550) 

Detroit Lions To draft Travon Walker

Who will the Houston Texans Draft at No. 3?

Here are the betting odds on who the Texans will draft at No. 3:

No. 3 Pick MyBookie
Ikem Ekwonu +180
Evan Neal +300
Travon Walker +550
Ahmad Gardner +600
Kayvon Thibodeaux +800
Kyle Hamilton +1000

Could another defensive end come off the board in the top three? We believe so.

The Texans just wrapped up a season in which they didn't generate any sort of pressure on opposing quarterbacks. And if both Hutchinson and Walker are already off the board here, there's only one reasonable way they could go: Kayvon Thibodeaux from Oregon.

OSB Prediction: Kayvon Thibodeaux (+800)

Houston Texans To draft Kayvon Thibodeaux

Who will the New York Jets Draft at No. 4?

Here are the betting odds on who the Jets will draft at No. 4:

No. 4 Pick MyBookie
Kayvon Thibodeaux +225
Ahmad Gardner +350
Travon Walker +400
Jermain Johnson II +430
Kayvon Thibodeaux +1000
Evan Neal +1000

Much like the three teams ahead of them, the Jets have holes galore to plug on defense. Ironically, they could use another pass rusher on the defensive line, so if you think any of the aforementioned three names will drop here, you should consider them.

But because we have the three best defensive ends off the board already, we think they'll default to the consensus top defensive prospect available at No. 4. And that would be star Cincinnati cornerback Ahmed Gardner.

OSB Prediction: Ahmad Gardner (+350)

New York Jets To draft Ahmad Gardner

Who will the New York Giants Draft at No. 2?

Here are the betting odds on who the Giants will draft at No. 5:

Top-Five Pick MyBookie
Travon Walker -800
Ikem Ekwonu -300
Evan Neal -275
Kayvon Thibodeaux -125
Ahmad Gardner +130
Kyle Hamilton +225
Charlose Cross +250
Malik Willis +300
Jermanine Johnson II +325
Kenny Pickett +700
Garrett Wilson +750
Drake London +750
Derek Singley Jr. +1500

There is serious money to be made here if you think the Giants are open for business. At least one quarterback always tends to go in the top five, and while they appear married to Daniel Jones (for now), they could perhaps trade out to a team that wants to scoop up Malik Willis (+300) or Kenny Pickett (+700).

Failing a trade scenario, however, we see them trying to bolster their shoddy offensive line with OT Ikem Ekwonu out of NC State, if only because he should be ready to contribute from Day 1.

OSB Prediction: Ikem Ekwonu (-300)

New York Giants To draft Ikem Ekwonu

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