2022 NFL Futures: Betting Picks for Every NFC Division Winner and NFC Champion

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2022 NFL Futures: Betting Picks for Every NFC Division Winner and NFC Champion

Betting NFL futures is most popular just before the start of the regular season. That's when the draft and free agency are long gone and the trade market has already subsided. And yes, it's a great strategy.

At the same time, betting odds for the NFL are at their most lucrative months before the regular season begins. And while there's more risk caked into your NFL picks that far in advance, the opportunity for profit is extremely tantalizing—so much so, in fact, we're getting a head start on our 2022 NFL futures by offering betting picks for every NFC division winner next season.

Let's kick things off by going over the latest betting odds on the NFC, beginning with odds on who will win the NFC East:

To Win DivisionBetOnline
Dallas Cowboys-115
Philadelphia Eagles+310
Washington Commanders+450
New York Giants+650

Remember: All of these odds on NFL futures are accurate entering Thursday, April 7. With more than five months to go until the start of the 2022 NFL regular season, you will want to double-check all of these NFL futures betting lines before settling on any picks.

On the bright side, with so much time separating us from the 2022 NFL season, this gives you ample opportunity to check out our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. These evaluations are great sources of information and are designed to show you the best betting sites for the NFL in 2022.

Who Will Win the NFC East in 2022? 

Easy decisions are fun. 

Nobody else in the NFC East comes close to touching the Dallas Cowboys (-115). Dak Prescott looked great in his first season back from injury, and the team has a defense that's clearly on the rise.

More than anything, though, Dallas is currently the only squad in the NFC East that projects to finish with a winning record in 2022. Jump on their odds now before they move even further away from even money.

OSB Prediction: Dallas Cowboys (-115)

Dallas Cowboys To win the NFC East in 2022

Who Will Win the NFC West in 2022?

Here are the latest NFL betting odds on who will win the NFC West in 2022: 

To Win DivisionBetOnline
Los Angeles Rams+150
San Francisco 49ers+195
Arizona Cardinals+270
Seattle Seahawks+1100

The reigning Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams (+150) are getting our vote of confidence here. They are bringing back the core on both sides of the ball, including their two best players in superstar defender Aaron Donald and quarterback Matthew Stafford. It's tough to bet against them if they're healthy.

Granted, we did give some consideration to the Arizona Cardinals (+270). Kyle Murray once again looms as a low-key MVP candidate, and the offense has the tools to be spectacular.

On the flip side, do yourself a favor and avoid the San Francisco 49ers (+195). Their quarterback play remains much too flimsy for investment this early into the process.

OSB Prediction: Los Angeles Rams (+150)

Los Angeles Rams To win the NFC West in 2022

Who Will Win the NFC South in 2022?

Here are the latest NFL betting odds on who will win the NFC South in 2022: 

To Win DivisionBetOnline
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-320
New Orleans Saints+500
Carolina Panthers+1100
Atlanta Falcons+1900

There's nothing to consider here. 

Tom Brady is returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-320), so they're going to run away with the NFC South. Their closest challenger is probably the Carolina Panthers (+1100) or New Orleans Saints (+500), and we're not willing to predict either to win more than seven games next year.

OSB Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-320)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To win the NFC South in 2022

Who Will Win the NFC North in 2022?

Here are the latest NFL betting odds on who will win the NFC North in 2022: 

To Win DivisionBetOnline
Green Bay Packers-180
Minnesota Vikings+280
Chicago Bears+850
Detroit Lions+1200

Investing in the Green Bay Packers (-180) is fairly risky after they traded superstar receiver Davante Adams to the Oakland Raiders. Then again, Aaron Rodgers agreed to stick around the rest of the division is incredibly weak.

So...the Packers it is!

OSB Prediction: Green Bay Packers (-180)

Green Bay Packers To win the NFC North in 2022

Predicting the 2022 NFC Conference Champion

Here are the latest NFL betting odds on who will win the 2022 NFC conference championship:

Pick to Win NFCBetOnline
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+320
Green Bay Packers+500
Los Angeles Rams+500
San Francisco 49ers+750
Dallas Cowboys+750
Arizona Cardinals+1300
New Orleans Saints+2000
Minnesota Vikings+2000
Philadelphia Eagles+2400
Washington Commanders+3100
New York Giants+4400
Chicago Bears+4400
Seattle Seahawks+4400
Carolina Panthers+5500
Atlanta Falcons+6000
Detroit Lions+6000

The odds-on favorite Buccaneers (+320) and reigning champion Rams (+500) both immediately catch our eyes. Tampa Bay, specifically, should sleepwalk their way to 12 victories and a first-round bye.

Dark-horse bettors should give a look to the Cardinals (+1300) if they have any trust in Arizona's defense. The Cowboys (+750) are a much better NFC championship bet than the Niners (+750) despite laying the exact same odds.

In the end, we are most pulled to the Tom Brady-led Bucs. Tampa Bay should have one of the easier regular-season schedules, whereas the Rams will have to survive the gauntlet that is the NFC West.

OSB Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+320)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To win the NFC Championship in 2022

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