2022 NFL Playoff Picks: Do Rams Have Edge Over 49ers in NFC Championship?

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2022 NFL Playoff Picks: Do Rams Have Edge Over 49ers in NFC Championship?

Entering the 2022 NFL season, the San Francisco 49ers were hardly staples when it came to betting on the Super Bowl. Most preferred more traditional powerhouses. The same held true even when the Niners cracked the postseason and odds on the 2022 NFL playoffs were first released.

So much for that skepticism. The Niners now find themselves one win away from the Super Bowl. But as nearly all 2022 NFL playoff picks will note, it sure seems like the Los Angeles Rams have an advantage over the 49ers in advance of the NFC Championship on Sunday, January 30.

Of course, before we determine whether that's true, we first need to pore over the latest 2022 NFL playoff odds:

Kansas City Chiefs-330+275Cincinnati Bengals
Los Angeles Rams-172+152San Francisco 49ers

Please be aware that all of our 2022 NFC Conference Championship picks are being made using NFL betting lines accurate as of Tuesday, January 25. You'll want to confirm these 2022 NFL playoff betting odds before settling on any 2022 NFL playoff predictions just in case they move between now and the opening kickoff.

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Do the 49ers Have an NFC Championship Upset in Them?

Many NFL bettors still remain skeptical of the 49ers. We get it. But San Francisco has also beaten the Rams twice so far this season. Who's to say they can't do it a third time?

Well, actually, we are.

The Rams are a different team since they lost to the Niners in the regular season. Los Angeles is averaging well over 30 points per game since its first loss to San Francisco, and the second letdown came during overtime in an extremely tightly contested affair.

This is not to say the Niners are incapable of slowing down the Rams. They rank in the top 10 of both net yards allowed per rushing and passing attempt. But Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford have verged on unstoppable in recent weeks out of play-action situations. He tore up both the Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in consecutive weeks. That doesn't happen by accident.

What's more, for all the Niners have accomplished, we still have questions about Jimmy Garoppolo under center. San Francisco's offense is predicated on him remaining close to mistake-free. That's not a given. He has frequent lapses when pressured and can be inaccurate when throwing the ball downfield. The Rams are rightly favored in this one.

OSB Prediction: Los Angeles Rams (-172)

Los Angeles Rams To beat the San Francisco 49ers

Rams Should Cover Point Spread vs. 49ers

Here are the latest point spread betting odds for Rams vs. 49ers:

  • Los Angeles Rams (-3.5): +101
  • San Francisco 49ers (+3.5): -121

This point spread is juuust large enough to make us think about taking the Niners. And yet, how can you not roll with the Rams when they're paying out better than even money?

Indeed, Los Angeles has been a sucker for close games this season. That applies to their play against San Francisco. The Rams lost by just three points the last time they met the Niners.

But that was almost a lifetime ago at this point. Stafford is since among the league leaders in net yards per passing attempt and overall passing accuracy. The Rams should have no trouble moving the ball on a majority of their possessions, even against the Niners' tough-to-beat defense. That coupled with how much we know San Francisco will run the ball is enough to get us invested in Los Angeles.

OSB Predictions: Los Angeles Rams will cover at -3.5 vs. San Francisco 49ers

Los Angeles Rams To cover vs. the San Francisco 49ers

Is San Francisco vs. Los Angeles Destined to Hit the Under?

Below are the latest over/under bettings for Rams vs. 49ers: 

  • Over 46.5: -105
  • Under 46.5: -115

At first glance, it's a little weird that the over/under is set this low. It is even weirder that the under is considered the more likely outcome.

Then again, the Niners are expert clock managers. They try to limit Jimmy G's workload by milking their backfield wire-to-wire. San Francisco isn't even above run-heavy sets when it's down by more than one score. That pace of play is conducive to the under.

Granted, the Rams are a different beast altogether. Their style is more high-octane. But the Niners defense will still give them problems in mid-field situations, and we're also banking on Los Angeles to run the ball earlier should they get out to a first-half lead.

OSB Prediction: Niners and Rams will combine to go under 46.5 points (-115)

Rams and Niners To go under 46.5 points

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