2022 NFL Playoff Picks: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Have Huge Edge Over L.A. Rams

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2022 NFL Playoff Picks: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Have Huge Edge Over L.A. Rams

Scan through most betting sites on the NFL, and you're liable to find three teams generating the most Super Bowl consideration: The Kansas City Chiefs, the Green Bay Packers, and, of course, the reigning-champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. All three are in action during the 2022 NFL Divisional playoffs taking place on January 22 and 23

Of these three contenders, the Bucs will generate the most attention within 2022 NFL playoff picks, as they seek to exploit a huge advantage over the Los Angeles Rams. And can you really blame everyone? The Bucs are not only attempting to repeat as champs, but they have quarterback Tom Brady, a superstar who continues to defy age and beef up his greatest of all-time resume.

Naturally, we need to take a deep dive into the Bucs vs. Rams. First, though, here's an updated look at all the betting odds on the NFL playoffs this upcoming weekend: 

Tennessee Titans-171+151Cincinnati Bengals
Green Bay Packers-240+200San Francisco 49ers
Kansas City Chiefs-135+115Buffalo Bills
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-150+130Los Angeles Rams

At this writing, you have a few days before the opening kickoff, so make sure you're double-checking all NFL playoff betting odds for accuracy. Linemakers will move their projections right up until the last minute, and you'll see the starkest swings heading into the weekend. 

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Should the Bucs Actually Be Super Bowl Favorites?

Think we're getting ahead of ourselves with this question before digging into the Bucs vs. Rams betting odds? Think again.

Tampa Bay has all the vitals of a Super Bowl favorite. They have a superstar quarterback, a plucky defense, and rank inside the top five of both points scored and allowed per game. Some have posited they might slow down as the season soldiers on and players wear down. Brady is in his mid-40s, and this team played deep into the year by winning a Super Bowl last season.

We remain unconcerned. The Bucs showed little signs of letting up to close the regular season; they topped 30 points in every single game except one from Week 11 onward, and the defense has a knack for shutting down opposing rushing attacks while holding opposing quarterbacks to short-yardage games.

Facing this team will be a problem for the Rams. They have a higher-powered offense under quarterback Matthews Stafford and proved as much in their win over the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, they haven't been this marginally reliant on their rushing game for years. They know how to get it done through the air.

Still, the Bucs are fourth in net yards allowed per passing attempt, and they're free to be even more aggressive with blitzes from their front seven given Los Angeles' relative lack of a rushing game. We are reticent to say this game will end in a blowout, but we can't shake the feeling that Tampa Bay is both a lot better and deserves to be the overall Super Bowl favorite more than Kansas City or Green Bay.

OSB Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-150)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To beat the Los Angeles Rams

Take Tampa Bay to Cover Against Los Angeles

Here are the current point spread betting odds on Bucs vs. Rams: 

  • Los Angeles Rams: +3 (-115)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -3 (-105)

It's a little surprising that Tampa Bay's spread checks in with the "underdog" odds on this one. The Bucs are juggernauts when playing at home. They have lost once in Tampa Bay all season, and all eight of their victories have come by an average of 19.3 points.

Los Angeles should do a better job of keeping this one inside 10 points. Stafford knows how to drive an offense downfield when facing a deficit. But the Bucs are adept at forcing turnovers through the air in quick-paced situations. If they win—and they will—it should be by more than a field. 

OSB Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers will cover at -3 (-105)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To cover at -3

Is the Bucs-Rams Over/Under Too Low?

Below are the latest over/under betting odds for Rams vs. Bucs: 

  • Over 48.5: -115
  • Under 48.5: -105

This is a point spread that should probably have come in over 50 points. Sure, both the Rams and Bucs have rock solid-or-better defenses; each rank inside the top five of interceptions forced, and Tampa Bay specifically is skilled at erasing big plays.

That doesn't mean this game will be a grind-it-out matchup. Neither the Bucs nor Rams depend on a ton of rushing volume. Airing it out is their default mode, and with more passing attempts comes to a greater opportunity of running up the score.

To be honest, this spread could be 55.5 and we'd still be endorsing the over.

OSB Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams will go over 48.5 points (-115)

Bucs vs. RAms To go over 48.5 points

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