Best NFL Prop Bets Ahead of 2021 Season

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Best NFL Prop Bets Ahead of 2021 Season

Yet another NFL season is just around the corner, which sets the stage for us to invest in some of the bigger-picture bets before the opening kickoff. For most, this means taking a look at Super Bowl odds and win totals. Those are, indeed, important topics. But covering NFL futures also entails identifying the best prop bets ahead of the 2021 season.

The top online sportsbooks have really outdone themselves this year. They have dropped NFL betting odds on some of the most compelling questions. Will Tom Brady retire after this year? Will any team go 17-0 during the regular season? What about 0-17? And that's just to start.

We've put together a list of our favorite 2021 NFL props courtesy of Betonline that you can check out below:

Prop BetBetOnlineBetOnline
Will Derek Carrr be QB1 for the Raiders in Week 1?Yes (-140)No (+100)
Will any team go 17-0 during the regular season?Yes (+1600)No (Off)
Will any team go 0-17 during the regular season?Yes (+1400)No (Off)
Will Ben Roethlisberger retire after 2021 season?Yes (-300)No (+200)
Will Tom Brady retire after 2021 season?Yes (+600)No (-1500)
Will Aaron Rodgers stick with Packers beyond this season?Yes (+200)No (-300)
Will Belichick coach Patriots beyond this season?Yes (-1000)No (+550)

Please remember these NFL odds will move between now and the start of the regular season, so make sure you're confirming lines before deciding on a specific wager. 

2021 NFL Prop Betting Breakdown

Just so we're clear: These aren't the only NFL prop bets you can make. Sportsbooks have a bunch of others. These are just the ones we're venturing predictions on. 

Also note that many of these are props that will spill into the offseason and ask us to make decisions on the 2022 schedule. Our picks are based largely on what we think we'll see this year, and how that impacts those developments.

Now, let's get started.

Will Derek Carr be QB1 for the Raiders in Week 1?

  • Yes (-140)
  • No (+100)

It's surprising to us that oddsmakers aren't giving Derek Carr more credit. His future with the Las Vegas Raiders might be in doubt if there was a better alternative to him, but there's not.

Second-string quarterback Marcus Mariota is battling injuries, and third-stringer Nathan Peterman isn't a viable option. Without any trade rumors pointing to a significant transaction, this is an easy decision.

OSB Prediction: Yes (-140)

Yes Will Derek Carr be QB1 in Week 1 for Raiders?

Will Any Team Go 17-0?

  • Yes (+1600)
  • No (Off)

Investments in perfect records don't even allow for a counter bet. Oddsmakers are too smart too offer the option. It's like giving away money, no matter how much they stack the lines in their favor.

Still, there might be a money-making opportunity for those who can stomach some risk. The NFL does not want for powerhouses. Specifically, we could see the Kansas City Chiefs or Tampa Bay Buccaneers making a run at 17-0—though we're not about to predict it.

OSB Prediction: No (off)

No Will any team go 17-0?

Will Any Team Go 0-17?

  • Yes (+1400)
  • No (off)

This is another instance where oddsmakers won't even price out the negative, because it's too overwhelmingly likely.

For those looking to take a stab in the dark at "yes," we'd recommend doing so with the hope that the Detroit LionsHouston Texans or New York Jets stink as much in real life as they do on paper.

OSB Prediction: No (off)

No Will any team go 0-17?

Will Ben Roethlisberger Retire After 2021 Season?

  • Yes (-300)
  • No (+200)

Most signs point to Ben Roethlisberger hanging it up after this year. Not only did he restructure his contract to include a pay cut for 2021, but he gave the Pittsburgh Steelers the ability to void all four of the seasons remaining on his deal after this one.

Don't be so sure this is it for the 39-year-old, though. A lot hinges on how well he and the Steelers play. They faded after a hot start last year but still finished 12-4, with a top-12 offense. A similar placement this season is possible and could convince both sides to run it back in 2022.

OSB Prediction: No (+200)

No Will Ben Roethisberger retire after 2021 season?

Will Tom Brady Retire After 2021 Season?

  • Yes (+1600)
  • No (-500)

We can't believe that oddsmakers are giving you -500 on "no." 

Tom Brady has repeatedly said he will essentially play until his legs fall off, and he signed an extension this past offseason, fresh off winning the 2020 Super Bowl, that doesn't expire until after 2022. 

Our advice is to pounce on this line before it drastically changes.

OSB Prediction: No (-500)

No Will Tom Brady retire after 2021 season?

Will Bill Belichick Coach Patriots Beyond 2021 Season?

  • Yes (-1000)
  • No (+550)

This one's a little tougher to decipher. 

Bill Belichick is 69 years old and has been coaching the New England Patriots since 2000. He could ostensibly walk away at any moment, particularly when the team doesn't profile as Super Bowl contenders.

Then again, Belichick is currently the one tasked with leading the franchise's rebuild. He is most responsible for all of their personnel decisions, including the selection of QB Mac Jones in the 2020 draft. We believe he'll want to see this process through before walking away.

OSB Prediction: Yes (-1000)

Yes Will Bill Belichick still be coaching Patriots after 2021 season?

Check out this list of the top online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use for all of your NFL betting:


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