Week 15 NFL Picks: Kansas City Chiefs Have Rejoined Super Bowl Hunt

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Week 15 NFL Picks: Kansas City Chiefs Have Rejoined Super Bowl Hunt

Each year, all betting sites dedicated to the NFL face a problem this late into the season: unpredictability. It gets increasingly harder to drop NFL picks when there are some teams trying to win, other teams actively tanking for better NFL draft selections, a handful of teams experimenting somewhere in between, and then a select group of teams so banged up they're nearly unreadable. 

Fear not, though. We have taken all the most important developments and caveats into account for our Week 15 NFL picks, including the Kansas City Chiefs' official return to Super Bowl contention.

Here's a look at the latest Week 15 NFL betting odds from BetOnline:

Kansas City Chiefs-195+170Los Angeles Chargers
Cleveland Browns-255+215Las Vegas Raiders
Indianapolis Colts-135+115New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles-215+185Washington Football Team
Buffalo Bills-425+410Carolina Panthers
Miami Dolphins-385+315New York Jets
Dallas Cowboys-470+380New York Giants
Tennessee Titans-122+102Pittsburgh Steelers
Jacksonville Jaguars-153+133Houston Texans
San Francisco 49ers-400+320Atlanta Falcons
Denver Broncos-125+105Cincinnati Bengals
Green Bay Packers-215+185Baltimore Ravens
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-500+395New Orleans Saints
Minnesota Vikings-190+165Chicago Bears

Please be aware these NFL betting odds for Week 15 are accurate as of Tuesday, December 14. If you're placing your wager anytime after, you'll want to confirm these lines haven't changed. Also, if you're in the market for a home to place football bets, rest assured our reviews of the best online sportsbooks have you covered.

2021 Week 15 NFL Predictions

After the Chiefs dropped below .500 a few weeks ago, to 3-4, many people went about betting on the Super Bowl without taking them into account. That has proven to be a mistake. Kansas City hasn't lost since and enters Week 15 at 9-4 and with one of the league's hottest defenses.

All of that said, is their six-game winning streak on the line against the Los Angeles Chargers? Let's dive into this matchup before covering the rest of our best NFL bets for Week 15.

Chiefs Stay on Fire Against Chargers

Stopping the Chargers offense under quarterback Justin Herbert is always a challenge, but if the past couple of months are any indication, the Chiefs are up for it.

Over their six-game winning streak, Kansas City is allowing just 10.9 points per game, and each of their past three contests has seen their opponent fail to crack double digits. That's incredible. When you also pair with the offense's 48-point detonation in Week 14, led as always by Patrick Mahomes, it's also terrifying—for the rest of the league.

The Chiefs are back, and they're not going anywhere.

OSB Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs (-195)

Kansas City Chiefs To beat the Los Angeles Chargers

Bills Right the Ship vs. Panthers

A matchup against the Panthers is coming at the right time for the Bills. Although their schedule hasn't exactly been easy, Buffalo has lost four of their past six games, including each of the last two, during which time their defense has started to wilt.

Fortunately for them, the sheen of Cam Newton's return has long since worn off in Carolina. This is a game the Bills need to win, and they will.

OSB Prediction: Buffalo Bills (-425)

Buffalo Bills To beat the Carolina Panthers

Bucs Demolish Banged Up Saints

For a while, it looked like the Saints might hang around and be a thorn in the side of the NFL playoff race. But then quarterback Jameis Winston suffered a season-ending injury, and it's been all downhill since.

As for the Bucs, they have MVP Tom Brady, have rattled off four-straight wins and have yet to lose a game at home all season. Now that they're inching closer to guaranteeing a first-round bye, this is not a tough decision.

OSB Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs (-500)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To beat the New Orleans Saints

Green Bay Takes Down Shorthanded Baltimore

Expect this line to be all over the place throughout the week. Everyone is waiting with held breath to see whether Lamar Jackson plays after suffering an injury midway through Week 14.

The initial projections aren't great. And with Aaron Rodgers piloting a Packers offense averaging more than 37 points over their past three games, we can't bring ourselves to pick against Green Bay—not even with them on the road. 

OSB Prediction: Green Bay Packers (-215)

Green Bay Packers To beat the Baltimore Ravens

Cowboys Annihilate NFC East-Worst Giants

Bright spots do not currently exist for the Giants. Their quarterback situation is a mess. They haven't topped 25 points since Week 4. They rank 20th in rushing touchdowns allowed. And they're 23rd in passing touchdowns allowed. They'll be lucky to finish the season with six wins.

Any hope they have of nabbing another two victories won't begin with the Cowboys.

Yes, the Giants are at home. And yes, division rivalry games are always tough to predict. But New York's offense is verging on lifeless, and Dallas enters with Dak Prescott steering a piping-hot offense while Defensive Rookie of the Year favorite Micah Parsons has galvanized the team on the other side of the ball with maniacal efforts.

OSB Prediction: Dallas Cowboys (-470)

Dallas Cowboys To beat the New York Giants

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