Picking The Exact 2024 US Presidential Election Matchup

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Picking The Exact 2024 US Presidential Election Matchup

Can you believe we’re already full-steam ahead to the 2024 presidential election? Primaries will begin heating up this year and everyone has their eyes on the Oval Office, including popular political betting sites. They’re offering odds on the exact 2024 presidential matchup right now. We’re offering our expert picks on that very topic in this article so keep on reading for expert advice.

The point of this bet is to pick the two candidates that’ll go head-to-head. Obviously, there are a lot of possible betting options to pick from here. However, as it stands, these matchups are most favored to happen by the bookmakers:

Trump Sr. v Biden+200+200+200
DeSantis v Biden+250+250+250
Trump Sr. v Harris+950+950+950
DeSantis v Harris+1000+1000+1000
Haley v Biden+1300+1300+1300
Trump Sr. v Newsom+1500+1500+1500
DeSantis. v Newsom+1500+1500+1500

Best Bet To Be 2024 US Presidential Matchup

Alright, the easiest way to make this 2024 US presidential matchup bet is by breaking up each party. Seeing who’s the most likely candidate to come out on top. That’s how we’re approaching it, at least. So we start with the incumbent party, the Democrats:

2024 Democratic Party Outlook

At this point, it’s Biden’s presidential bid to lose. He’s had a tumultuous stint as president — then again, who hasn’t? — but things appear to have stabilized as of late and Biden is gaining momentum.

First, the Democrats had a better-than-expected showing during November’s midterms. Many believed a “red wave” was imminent after a chaotic 2022 marred by historic inflation and crumbling asset prices. That turned out to be untrue as the Red party barely made any gains in the Senate and House of Representatives. That was a big win for Biden’s hopes to repeat as President.

And then there are Biden’s approval ratings. After his state of the union address a week ago, it’s now hovering around 46 percent. Not great numbers, but not bad either like when it dipped below 40 percent at one point in 2022. Biden used that SOU address to tout an improving economy with a record-low unemployment rate — perfect fodder to be used in presidential debates against Republicans, who will likely argue the opposite.

But more than anything else, if not Biden then who for the Blue party? Kamala Harris? Gavin Newsom? Neither has done much to win public favor as of late. The only thing that could stop Biden from getting the ticket again is his own health. He’s 80 years old now but appears to be in good health besides speaking gaffes. To us, it’s pretty obvious Biden is representing the Democrats in 2024. If so, that narrows down our list of betting options considerably.

2024 Republican Party Outlook

There’s a less clear-cut candidate with the GOP. However, two names lead the bunch — Donald Trump Sr. And Ron DeSantis. Other people like Nikki Haley and Mike Pence are also in the mix, but neither is expected to come out on top. It’s really between DeSantis and Trump for the ticket.

We would use polling data to dissect DeSantis vs. Trump, but honestly— it’s all over the damn place. Some have Trump ahead, others have DeSantis in the lead. There’s no consensus with the polls. Then again, based on how off the same polling data was on midterms, it’s perhaps best we don’t even account for it.

Would comparing policies be better? You’d think so — but let’s be honest, voters choose with their emotions, not logic. While we’d love for voters to do a pros and cons analysis of each candidate, the reality is that hardly happens. And even if you were to do so with DeSantis and Trump, there would be more similarities than differences as both toes the anti-woke line more than anything else.

To us, who wins between the two comes down to debate performances. Trump, as he proved back in 2016, is tough to beat on that stage. He bullied less charismatic candidates like “Low Energy” Jeb Bush and “Little” Marco Rubio. Does DeSantis have the character to withstand similar nicknames and jabs? Honestly, we don’t think so. While not boring, DeSantis also doesn’t have a larger-than-life presence like Trump does.

So yes, our money is squarely on Trump to represent the GOP in 2024. We are headed for a Biden vs. Trump revenge match. Take that bet now while it remains plus money!

Biden vs. Trump Sr. to be 2024 US Presidential matchup

How To Bet On US Politics

You can’t just bet on US politics anywhere. No, no, no — it’s only available for betting at offshore betting sites. That’s because most regulated US bookies are barred from offering odds on it due to laws and regulations. So if you want to place wagers on the bet above, hit one of the bookies underneath. Each site you see listed is because they rated high in our latest sportsbook reviews.

We should mention all types of political bets are offered at these sites — not just US affairs. You can make similar presidential or prime minister bets on various other countries too. At this very moment, there are political lines on nations such as Greece, New Zealand, and the U.K., among many others.

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