Can Ron DeSantis Win In 2024? Betting Prediction Right Here

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By , Updated on: Jun 6, 2023 08:00 PM
Can Ron DeSantis Win In 2024? Betting Prediction Right Here

Ron DeSantis officially announced his run for the 2024 US presidency on Twitter. Now the question is, does he have a shot at beating out Donald Trump for the Republican nominee? Bettors could make money gambling for or against DeSantis at top betting sites for politics. We have expert predictions on DeSantis 2024 betting outcomes so stick with us!

Why DeSantis Could Win 2024 Republican Nominee For President

Let’s face it, the Donald has steamrolled through every single GOP contender he’s faced — “Low Energy” Jeb Bush, “Little” Marco Rubio, “Lying” Ted Cruz, and so many others we could name via a derogatory nickname. But in DeSantis, he’s getting his first formidable foe, which is reflected in the betting odds. DeSantis' odds at winning the 2024 Republican Party presidential ticket are pretty solid, as seen below (along with other candidates):

Donald Trump-260-260-260
Ron DeSantis+200+200+200
Tim Scott+1800+1800+1800
Nikki Haley+2500+2500+2500
Mike Pence+4000+4000+4000
Glenn Youngkin+5000+5000+5000

We’re going to do a quick pros and cons on DeSantis as it pertains to toppling Trump. This is a two-man race no matter which other sham candidate joins the fray (e.g. Nikki Haley or Mike Pence). We’ll start with the positives regarding the Florida governor.

DeSantis could argue he’s the GOP’s best chance at winning a general election — what Trump failed to do in 2020 against Biden. There’s a huge segment of voters that are “never Trump” and it makes up a bigger part of Biden’s voting base than Democrats want to admit publicly. This makes Trump radioactive with moderate and independent voters, which are needed to win the general election.

But at the same time, huge swaths of Trump’s own base are of the belief he was robbed in 2020. Trump’s cries of fraud and illegal ballot stuffing riled up certain pockets of Republicans, which would at least lessen DeSantis’ argument here. So admittedly, it’s not the strongest pro for DeSantis.

Moving on, DeSantis can lean on his perceived winning policies to drum up support. He needs a big showing in early primaries in New Hampshire and Iowa to build momentum. How he possibly does that is by touting his anti-lockdowns and anti-some policies, which are hits with Republicans. And remember, Trump largely failed to stop lockdowns and even cheered the vaccine, neither of which looks good to Republicans with the benefit of hindsight. It’s those issues where DeSantis can steal support from Trumpers.

Why DeSantis Probably Won’t Win 2024 Republican Nominee For President

Alright, now for the cons that could doom DeSantis’ 2024 Presidential nominee chances. This is the biggest one: DeSantis’ lack of charisma. Look, it’s hard to put numbers behind this like, say, a poll. But there’s zero denying DeSantis can’t come close to Trump in his ability to take over a room. It’s not even close.

While in a perfect world, voters would choose candidates based on policies, we actually live in an imperfect world. Most voters choose based on “feeling” and “likability.” In that sense, Trump has a cult following in a way DeSantis doesn’t. Hell, no one in the GOP since Ronald Reagan has brought out this type of feverish support that Trump has over the past eight years. It’s an incredible spell that comes once in every generation.

When DeSantis and Trump get on a debate stage, those charismatic differences will be on full display. Trump will belittle DeSantis and give him a childish nickname — both are inevitable. We have a tough time picturing DeSantis beating Trump “in the mud”, which is exactly what this is. DeSantis, a military veteran, won’t fare well with these child-like games and end up looking inferior to Trump.

Here’s perhaps the biggest difference between DeSantis and Trump: who they appeal to. Early polls show DeSantis has the biggest contingent of support among college-educated Republicans. Trump, on the other hand, wins with the “working class” — and this is what catapulted him over Hilary Clinton in 2016. But therein lies the problem for DeSantis: the majority of Republican voters are not highly educated. He’s simply outnumbered.

We’ll go right ahead and say it: we don’t think DeSantis is winning the 2024 nominee. The cult of Trump is too strong for anyone in the Republican Party to beat, and it’s only getting stronger with the ongoing indictment. There’s one bet and only one to make here — Trump to win the Republican ticket for President.

Donald Trump to be 2024 Republican nominee for President

How To Bet On U.S. Politics

You just can’t bet on US politics anywhere. It’s actually a limited selection, contrary to “regular” sports betting. This is because regulated sportsbooks across the country are banned from offering odds on political outcomes. No such rule applies to offshore betting sites, however. If we were you, we’d look into one of the bookmakers listed below to get in on political betting. As highlighted in our latest sportsbook reviews, more times than not, offshore sites have regulated bookies beat in the diversity of their betting menus. That trickles into politics too.

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