Who Will Go No. 2 in the 2023 NBA Draft: Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller?

Who Will Go No. 2 in the 2023 NBA Draft: Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller?

The 2023 NBA draft is scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 22, at 8:30 p.m. EST, inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. And with the festivities right around the corner, it's time to analyze all of the latest betting odds on the 2023 NBA draft.

At this point, we would typically focus on which player gets selected with the No. 1 pick. That's not happening this year. None of the best online betting sites in the United States are offering odds on who gets selected first overall in the 2023 NBA draft. That's because all of us, everywhere, already know the answer: With the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NBA draft, the San Antonio Spurs will select Victor Wembanyama out of France. He has been deemed a generational talent, a player with physical tools and skills the Association has never seen before.

This year's draft starts to get interesting after Wembanyama inevitably comes off the board. As of now, the latest online NBA betting odds suggest there is a consensus No. 2 pick. You can see them below:

To Go No. 2 OverallBetOnlineBovadaBetUS
Brandon Miller-200-200-196
Scoot Henderson+120+120+114

Please remember to double-check these odds on the NBA draft until you actually submit your wager. Our NBA draft betting odds are accurate as of Wednesday, June 14. That gives linemakers plenty of time to adjust the markets based on gambling trends.

In fact, some tweaks have already been implemented. Scoot Henderson of the G-League Ignite was initially billed as the consensus No. 2 pick. The NBA draft betting lines have since moved to favor Brandon Miller out of Alabama. But we're not so sure this is the right call. Betting odds on the NBA draft are heavily influenced by market action, which is significantly impacted by reporting, which can be skewed by questionable sourcing. 

So, is Brandon Miller the best bet to go No. 2 overall? What happens at No. 3? And are there any Victor Wembanyama betting odds for you to invest in? We've got all the answers just below.

Don't Trust the 2023 NBA Draft Odds on the No. 2 Pick

Let's journey back to the 2022 NBA draft for a minute. For weeks, perhaps even months, Jabari Smith Jr. was the betting favorite to go first overall to the Orlando Magic. All the reporting suggested that was the correct decision. Then, shortly before the draft began, the markets started shifting heavily toward Paolo Banchero. Reporting at that point implied the Magic had been sending out smokescreens all along.

You might know what happened next. The Magic took Banchero at No. 1. We could see a similar scenario unfolding this year with Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson.

Most NBA draft experts agree that Henderson will be the better pro, in large part because of his rim pressure and superior self-creation. But the Charlotte Hornets, who own the No. 2 pick, already have a lead guard in LaMelo Ball. Rather than go with the best player available, the most recent intelligence says they'll prioritize fit. And Brandon Miller, a 6'9" wing, fills a long-term void for the organization on the perimeter.

This logic isn't necessarily flawed. Some NBA teams draft for fit over the talent. But the gap between Henderson and Miller isn't small enough for this to be an either-or proposition. Henderson is face-of-the-franchise material on the court. Miller doesn't guarantee he'll check that box.

In the end, we believe the Hornets will select Scoot Henderson at No. 2. He isn't incapable of playing with LaMelo, and functional overlap is minimally concerning when they're so far away from contention anyway. In the event they don't take Henderson, we think it'll be because they traded the No. 2 pick to a team that will take him.

OSB Prediction: Scoot Henderson will be the No. 2 pick (+120)

Scoot Henderson To be selected at No. 2 in the 2023 NBA draft

Is Brandon Miller the No-Brainer No. 3 Pick if Scoot Henderson Goes Second Overall?

Here are the current 2023 NBA draft betting odds for the No. 3 pick:
  • Scoot Henderson (-200)
  • Brandon Miller (+170)
  • Amen Thompson (+1000)
  • Cam Whitmore (+2500)
  • Jarace Walker (+5000)
  • Ausar Thompson (+5000)

Henderson is obviously off the table for us, since we have him going No. 2. Some will have Amen Thompson slotted at No. 3 if that's how the draft plays out. His upside is considered enormous. But if the Portland Trail Blazers hold onto No. 3, they need immediate help. Brandon Miller is the much better option for them.

OSB Prediction: Brandon Miller will be the No. 3 pick (+170)

Brandon Miller To be selected at No. 3 in the 2023 NBA draft

This 2023 NBA Draft Parlay is Bold, But Offers a Promising Payout

If you have the stomach for some serious risk, consider parlaying Scoot Henderson No. 2 betting odds (+120) with Brandon Miller No.3 betting odds (+170). Combining the two wagers pays out almost 5-to-1.

To be more exact, for every $100 you wager, you'd stand to win $494. That's quite the reward.

But again, only consider going this route if you can handle the increased risk.

Victor Wembanyama Rookie Year Betting Odds are Already Available

Linemakers were never going to prevent you from betting on Victor Wembanyama ahead of the 2023 NBA draft. Since we already know what team he'll be suiting up for, the best online NBA betting sites have started releasing odds on his rookie-year stat lines. You can wager on how many blocks, rebounds, assists, steals and, of course, points he'll average in San Antonio.

Our personal favorite? Victor Wembanyama scoring futures. Here are the latest odds on how many points Victor Wembanyama will average as a rookie:

  • Over 17.5 (-100)
  • Under 17.5 (+100)

Wembanyama just averaged over 21 points per game in a professional league overseas. His 17.5-point threshold seems low. Then again, the Metropolitan 92s also played him over 32 minutes per game. We think the Spurs will bring him along more slowly than that, limiting him to under 30 minutes per game.

Using that baseline, his scoring average gets more interesting. Wembanyama averaged roughly 16.8 points per 25 minutes of action this past year. He'll need to hit 27 minutes per game in the NBA to surpass 17.5 points if he sustains the same clip. But there's no guarantee he can prop up that type of rate. 

Transitioning to the NBA will be harder. Defenses will be all over him. The Spurs may also restrict his three-point volume until he's more of a knockdown shooter. It's a fairly large risk, but we're taking the "under."

OSB Prediction: Victor Wembanyama averages under 17.5 points as a rookie (+100)

Victor Wembanyama To average under 17.5 points per game

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