2022 NFL Futures: Best Bets for Last Undefeated Team Include Packers, Colts and Ravens

2022 NFL Futures: Best Bets for Last Undefeated Team Include Packers, Colts and Ravens

This is the most wonderful time of the year for smart football bettors. While so many are getting swindled into wagering on the preseason, the wisest among us are perusing the best online NFL betting sites for the most creative and potentially profitable 2022 NFL futures.

Our own catalog is already chock full of big-picture investments. And we're about to add another one to our portfolio: the best bets to remain the last undefeated team standing during the 2022 NFL season.

The candidates for this wager are beyond tantalizing—and feature a bunch of appetizing dark horse options. Many bettors will gravitate towards the Green Bay Packers or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Buffalo Bills. But worthwhile options like the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens, among others, all loom. We'll wrap up this exercise with our official prediction. For now, here's a look at the latest odds to be the last remaining undefeated NFL team in 2022, which come to use from Bovada:

Last Remaining Undefeated TeamBovada
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+600
Los Angeles Chargers+650
Buffalo Bills+750
Denver Broncos+900
Green Bay Packers+1000
Kansas City Chiefs+1400
Los Angeles Rams+1400
Dallas Cowboys+1400
Philadelphia Eagles+1600
San Francisco 49ers+1800
Indianapolis Colts+1900
Cincinnati Bengals+2100
Baltimore Ravens+2300
Minnesota Vikings+2600
New England Patriots+3400
New Orleans Saints+3400
Cleveland Browns+3800
Arizona Cardinals+4900
Miami Dolphins+4900
Las Vegas Raiders+6000
Tennessee Titans+6000
Washington Commanders+10000
Carolina Panthers+10000
Jacksonville Jaguars+10000
New York Giants+10000
Pittsburgh Steelers+10000
Atlanta Falcons+10000
Chicago Bears+10000
Detroit Lions+10000
Houston Texans+10000
New York Jets+10000
Seattle Seahawks+10000

Though we sound like a broken record, we must once again implore you to double-check these betting odds on the NFL until you officially submit your wager. These particular NFL futures will keep shifting significantly through Week 1 and there will be even fewer remaining options thereafter. Our NFL odds and predictions are accurate entering Thursday, August 17. If you're placing your wager any later than the start of September or so, you'll need to give these odds a refresh.

Are you also on the prowl for a place to bet on 2022 NFL futures like this one? If you are, we're here to help. Our reviews of the top online sportsbooks are designed to help you spot the best football betting sites for all of 2022.

Should the Buccaneers Really be the Top Dog in This 2022 NFL Futures Market?

This feels like a miss on behalf of oddsmakers. Or perhaps they're just reacting to the amount of action being placed on the Bucs.

Either way, Tampa Bay is traveling a slippery slope in this department. Not only is it possible that Tom Brady starts the season behind the curve, as he's currently away from the team for personal reasons, but the Bucs have the fourth-hardest schedule in the NFL.

As talented as this squad may be, that's not conducive to going undefeated for a large fraction of the year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To be the NFL's last remaining undefeated team in 2022

Packers Offering Great Value to be NFL's Last Undefeated Team Standing

We are genuinely surprised that the Packers are paying out 10-to-1 for this potential honor. Aaron Rodgers' teams are typically more front and center in these discussions.

Maybe this line is spot-on. The Packers offense does have to figure out how to account for Davante Adams' departure, after all.

Still, Green Bay is playing in an AFC North division that remains on the weaker end. Neither the Chicago Bears nor Detroit Lions are ready to make noise, and the Minnesota Vikings core feels somewhat stale. Green Bay could feasibly open the season winning six to eight straight games as far as we're concerned.

Green Bay Packers To be the NFL's last remaining undefeated team in 2022

Oddsmakers Continue to Sleep on the Baltimore Ravens

Quarterback Lamar Jackson should be near the top of everyone's MVP prediction ballots, so we're naturally miffed that the Ravens are paying out 23-to-1 here. That's absurd value for bettors like us.

Baltimore's offense could sputter a bit after losing a couple of key weapons over the offseason, but they still have a stout defense. They should also benefit from an inviting division.

The Cleveland Browns will be non-factors while Deshaun Watson serves his suspension, and nobody is particularly worried about the Pittsburgh Steelers this year. And given that the Ravens don't meet the Cincinnati Bengals until Week 8, we like their chances of running off a bunch of victories to start the season.

Baltimore Ravens To be the NFL's last remaining undefeated team in 2022

Better 2022 NFL Futures Bet: Los Angeles Rams or Kansas City Chiefs?

With the strength of their schedules about equal, and with both teams paying out 16-to-1, the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs present a truly interesting dilemma.

Or maybe not.

Unless you're worried about the Rams suffering from a Super Bowl hangover in the 2022 NFL futures market, they should be your pick. Their overall schedule is slightly harder, but it's not actually representative of the path ahead.

Teams from the NFC West that were good last year are poised to regress this season, most notably the Seattle Seahawks (traded Russell Wilson) and San Francisco 49ers (transitioning to Trey Lance at quarterback). This opens the door for the Rams to rack up a bunch of easier early-season wins. 

Plus, this team has essentially overachieved in every season under head coach Sean McVay. There's no reason to believe they'll stop now, when most of last year's core is returning.

Los Angeles Rams To be the NFL's last remaining undefeated team in 2022

PREDICTION: Who Will be the NFL's Last Undefeated Team Standing in 2022?

Come journey off the beaten path with us for this pick. We're going with the Indianapolis Colts and their 19-to-1 payout.

It isn't just about their trading for quarterback Matt Ryan. (Although, that's certainly part of it.) The Colts are in what could be a cupcake division. No one else in the AFC South among the Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans or even Tennessee Titans profiles as a major threat.

In fact, the Colts are poised to face one of the easiest schedules in the league, bar bone. Couple that with the improvement of the passing attack under Ryan, and you're looking at a team that should open the year on a relative tear.

OSB Prediction: Indianapolis Colts (+1900)

Indianapolis Colts To be the NFL's last remaining undefeated team in 2022

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