2022 NFL Week 3 Picks: Are the Undefeated New York Giants for Real or Fool's Gold?

2022 NFL Week 3 Picks: Are the Undefeated New York Giants for Real or Fool's Gold?

The first two weeks of the 2022 NFL regular season can be summed up in two words: Overwhelmingly shocking. So much has happened that no one predicted. The New York Giants are undefeated. So are the Miami Dolphins. And yet, the Cincinnati Bengals are winless. What are we to make of all this? Not even the best online betting sites for the NFL seem to know. But we're hoping our best NFL Week 3 picks can provide a modicum of clarity for everyone.

We begin, as always, by taking a look at the latest betting odds on the NFL entering Week 3, courtesy of Bovada:

Cleveland Browns-200+168Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens-146+124New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills-255+210Miami Dolphins
New Orleans Saints-156+132Carolina Panthers
Kansas City Chiefs-260+215Indianapolis Colts
Minnesota Vikings-250+205Detroit Lions
Philadelphia Eagles-295+240Washington Commanders
Las Vegas Raiders-124+106Tennessee Titans
Chicago Bears-138+118Houston Texans
Cincinnati Bengals-235+194New York Jets
Los Angeles Chargers-300+245Jacksonville Jaguars
Atlanta Falcons-120+102Seattle Seahawks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-116-102Green Bay Packers
Los Angeles Rams-188+158Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers-124+106Denver Broncos
New York Giants-126+108Dallas Cowboys

Please note these NFL Week 3 betting odds are accurate as of Thursday, September 22. With most of these games slated to kick off on Sunday, September 25, you will want to double-check all of these football betting odds until you actually submit your Week 3 NFL picks.

For anyone still trying to find a home to bet on the NFL, don't be intimidated by the season already starting. Finding the best NFL betting sites in 2022 is only a click away. Just check out our reviews of all the top online sportsbooks, and you'll be able to sign up with a reputable odds provider—while most likely capitalizing on a great promotional bonus!—in no time at all.

So...are the Giants for real? And what about the Dolphins? Are the Bengals in trouble? And what the heck is going on in the NFC West division? Let's dive into our NFL Week 3 picks!

The Giants Might be a Mirage, But They Should Still Beat the Cowboys

Don't be fooled into thinking the Giants are surprise Super Bowl contenders. Their 2-0 record is encouraging, but it comes against a relatively soft opening schedule. The Tennessee Titans look like a disaster, and no one expected the Carolina Panthers to go anywhere this year.

On the bright side, the Giants continue their run of favorable matchups in Week 3. Though many pegged the Dallas Cowboys to win another NFC East title, they are without quarterback Dak Prescott for at least the next few weeks. His absence opens the door for the Giants to jump out to a shocking 3-0 start—provided their defense continues to play at a high level both up front and in the secondary.

OSB Prediction: New York Giants (-116)

New York Giants To beat the Dallas Cowboys

Remove the Dolphins to Your NFL Week 3 Picks RIGHT NOW

It is tempting to roll with the Dolphins and their ultra-frenetic offense in this matchup against the Bills. However, we just can't do it.

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs have been on an absolute tear to open the season, once again headlining a nuclear offensive attack. Miami might be able to go point-for-point with their division rival, but they don't have anywhere near the same defensive value.

Buffalo is able to muck up opposing offenses from the line of scrimmage and in the secondary. Our gut tells us Miami's hot start will end right here.

OSB Prediction: Buffalo Bills (-255)

Buffalo Bills To beat the Miami Dolphins

Can the Bengals Finally Get into the Win Column Against the New York Jets?

It has not been a banner start for the Bengals. After making it all the way to the Super Bowl last season, they find themselves in an 0-2 hole.

Fortunately for Cincinnati, a matchup with the New York Jets awaits in Week 3. Though New York already pulled out one surprising victory on the season, their defense is allowing an average of 27 points per game so far. That makes the Jets just the type of opponent the Bengals will be able to pick apart with Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase.

OSB Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals (-270)

Cincinnati Bengals To beat the New York Jets

Are the San Francisco 49ers Better Off WITHOUT Trey Lance Under Center?

Trey Lance is officially out for the season, and San Francisco 49ers fans aren't quite sure how to feel about it.

On the one hand, Lance is a sophomore up against a steep learning curve. His development might have slowed the offense. On the other hand, returning to Jimmy Garoppolo under center doesn't constitute much of an upgrade. His decision-making is questionable, and he's not adept at completing throws down the field.

Long term, we think Lance's absence will hurt the Niners. Immediately, we think the Denver Broncos are just the better team. Their defense is comparably stingy, and the offense seemed to figure out a bunch of issues in their Week 2 win.

OSB Prediction: Denver Broncos (+106)

Denver Broncos To beat the San Francisco 49ers

Better NFL Week 3 Picks Bet: Arizona Cardinals or Los Angeles Rams?

We are seriously tempted to go with the Arizona Cardinals getting an upset victory against the Rams. Kyle Murray looked incredible in Week 2, and the Cardinals have so far scored more points than anyone in the NFL.

We'd feel much better about predicting an upset, though, if Arizona had any sort of defense on which to rely. They don't.

The Cardinals are already allowing 25 points per game and look shaky when it comes to pressuring the quarterback. That's not a great match for Los Angeles' offensive line, which continues to do an excellent job of protecting Matthew Stafford and maximizing the time he has to make decisions and reads down the field.

OSB Prediction: Los Angeles Rams (-188)

Los Angeles Rams To beat the Arizona Cardinals

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