Best Bets To Make On Joe Biden-Kamala Harris White Office Run

Best Bets To Make On Joe Biden-Kamala Harris White Office Run

Bettors seem to have their eyes on the 2024 US Presidential election, but the best money-making opportunity in politics has to do with the current administration — president Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris. There are two special politics bets centered on the duo that we think you NEED to bet on. Read this for expert betting advice on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' remaining time in the office!

Will Biden Complete His First Term As President?


Alright, let’s get one thing out of the way: if you want a successful betting strategy, you have to bet with your head, not your heart — especially in politics. Notice the word will is in the bet, and no mention of should? Well, that essentially means your personal opinions about Biden’s first-president term performance don’t matter, ok? And neither do ours. That’s why our betting advice that follows will be as partisan as possible.

We’re almost halfway through Biden’s presidential term. That’s why we’re a tad surprised his betting line for yes to finish the term is only -190. We mean, shouldn’t it be longer?

Of course, as always, Biden’s age raises the question. The 46th President is 79 years old right now — the oldest sitting president in history — and will be 81 when his first term ends. Obviously, this age is unprecedented for the Oval Office so it’s worth having doubts about his stamina (and Biden’s talking flubber only fuel that). But we’re less concerned.

Honestly, the Democratic Party won’t let him leave office unless his health is near-death. Simply put, the party can’t afford to have him drop out now. Not when 2022 midterms are around the corner. Not when the country is likely headed for the first recession since 2008. It would be catastrophic for Democrats everywhere. Never say never, but fat chance Biden leaves office for reasons beyond a dire illness.

Biden has not only said he’s sticking around, but he’s not just talking until 2022. He’s made it crystal clear that he’s running for re-election in 2024 — at least publicly. We’re less confident in that, but we’ll gladly bet on him lasting his whole first term at the very least. This is the type of bet we’re rushing to place, too, because the longer things go, the longer his betting line will naturally go purely based on the number of days left in office. Biden until 2022 is easy money, barring a health scare.

Yes Joe Biden will finish term as US President

What Year Will Kamala Harris Be U.S. President?

Not Before 2026-400-400

Alright, this next bet is more complicated than a yes-or-no like the previous one. With this wager, you have five different betting options on whether Harris ever becomes sitting president — counting a possible term from 2022-2026. There are two ways Harris could become the first-ever female president. One is replacing Biden if he leaves before his term is up (which we’re already on record saying is probably not happening). But the second and most plausible reason is Harris is elected President on the 2024 ticket.

As we said eluded to earlier, Biden running again would be unprecedented. We mean, he’d finish a second term at a whopping 85 years old. And if Biden indeed sits out 2024, Harris might be the Democrats' best option against the Republicans. Pete Buttigieg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are both “too fast, too young” prospects. Bernie Sanders is too polarizing. The Rock isn’t a politician — and yes, it’s gotten that dire for the Democrats where an actor is a legit presidential option.

Plus, history says when an incumbent Vice President openly runs for President, they get the nod — and that goes for both parties. George H. Bush and Al Gore come to mind right off the bat. So we’re confident Harris can be in the presidential conversation. However, we’re much less confident she could actually win a vote.

Objectively speaking, Harris hasn’t made a huge mark as VP so far. She’s made little progress in two of her biggest policy issues — southern immigration and voting rights. And as we said before, the country has seen better days without red-hot inflation, a crashing equities market, and sky-high gas prices, which will be blamed on the current administration, for better or worse.

So as you can probably guess, we’re taking Harris to not become President before 2026. She just doesn’t have the reputation or charisma to get the Democrats out of its current runt. Let’s not forget Harris’ doomed 2020 presidential campaign, which went out before the primaries. Whoever earns the Republican nominee in 2022 — whether it’s Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis — can run a campaign on restoring hope, which is lacking for many Americans right now because of the aforementioned issues. Fade Harris heavy here.

Not Before 2026 Kamala Harris to be US President

How To Bet On U.S. Politics

You’ve probably heard this before: “politics is everywhere.” It’s true, that politics has infiltrated social media, education, medicine, and yes, sports betting. But at least in sports betting, there are actual winners and losers — rather than nonstop arguing that gets nowhere. If you don’t want to just talk politics but actually make money on politics with bets, then take a gander at the underneath table. We’ve listed the most popular sportsbooks that carry political bets.

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