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Finland qualified for the first major soccer tournament in its history, with a 3-0 win over Liechtenstein back in 2020.

The 2020 Eurocup is going to be held in 12 nations across Europe and takes place this year in 2021, with the first game taking place on June 11. The Finnish national team is managed by Markku Kanerva, who is a former national team player. They are certainly outside favorites at +501 in the odds for Finland to win the Euros, they may be in with a chance of qualifying out of their group, which is group B. The team features players like Teemu Pukki, who enjoyed a season in the Premier League recently with Norwich City, a team he’s scored 66 goals in 120 games for during the two years he spent there. Let’s see how Finland fair at this years’ tournament.

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Interested in betting on Finland odds for the Euro 2021? Well, their next game is against Denmark on June the 12th, which is the first of their group games. We provide a multi-info widget that provides our readers with all the information regarding the Finland national football teams’ upcoming games. The information will include the latest betting odds, the opponent they face, and where to find the odds for the next match. Finland is in a group with Belgium, Denmark, and Russia on June 16th, so once the fixture against Denmark is over they’ll face Russia before closing the group games out with a match against a very strong Belgium side on June 21st.

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What are The Current Finland Standings

Finland is currently ranked 54th in the world. They are in group B for the Eurocup, which isn’t one of the worst, but they will struggle against the likes of Belgium and Denmark.


Finland Online Betting Tips

We mentioned before that Finland has never progressed to a major tournament before and this will be the first time that the national side has competed at this level. The 2020 Eurocup will be a major test for the team, but with some emerging talent in the team, they are certainly in with a chance of progressing out of their group. While the bookmakers don’t favor them to do so, it certainly offers the chance for bettors to take advantage of Finland's euro 2021 odds for qualification from their group.

Forget Finland to win euros odds, it’s such a longshot it’s really not worth wagering. In some improbable cases, they make it to the semifinals or finals, they simply don’t have what it takes to stand up to the roster of a France, England, or Belgium side.

Finland to qualify offers odds of +250, which is quite reasonable and will bring a decent return if you fancy Finland to progress in their group. They will get stomped by Belgium but may be able to get something against Denmark and possibly beat the Russians.

However, if you’re not so much of a fan of Finland, or you just fancy betting against them, the odds for Finland not to qualify to stand at -350. The odds aren’t great for bettors, but if you feel this will certainly happen it may be a good way to add to your funds. Finland has a very incomplete squad, with only a couple of recognizable names in the first-team squad. However, with major competitions like the Euros, these smaller teams always prove to be very resilient, so we wouldn’t advise taking this wager.

The final market that may be of interest to some bettors is for Finland to lose all their group matches before being knocked out. They will be the underdog in every game they play, so it’s certainly not a longshot bet at +225. Do you fancy Finland to fail at their very first taste of major football competition on the big stage?

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