A powerhouse of international soccer, Germany has won four World Cups and three European champions during their storied history. While during the Euros qualifiers, they came in third, Germany are the real favorites in our opinion. Their 2014 World Cup triumph was special for numerous reasons, including their 7-1 drubbing of hosts Brazil in the semifinals. [+]

It was the first time any side has scored seven goals in a World Cup knockout game. They also broke records for the fastest five consecutive goals, all of which coming in the first half – another world soccer record. To make matters worse for Brazil, Germany’s seven goals took them to 223 World Cup goals, surpassing Brazil’s 221.

Germany won a fairly cagey and tight World Cup final against Argentina 1-0. It marked the first time any European side has ever won a World Cup in the Americas. Germany hasn’t been entirely dominant since their World Cup triumph, results indicating a slight drop in form during the early stages of Euro 2016 and the 2020 Euros qualifications. 

Germany, though, has a squad littered with talent and explosiveness and can beat every team they come across, most of the time with bewildering ease. 

Each and every team will be aware of Germany’s star-studded squad going into Euro Cup 2020. The 2020 Euros will be taking place June 11 – July 11, 2021. It was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It will take place across 11 European cities. 


Germany Next Game

To understand fully your next wager, you must reference what team Germany is up against next. Have a look at the game odds and whether the Germans are playing at home.


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No matter what time of the year, Germany is bound to be involved in games that really matter, whether for European Championship or World Cup qualifiers.  [+]

It could also be an event year, like 2016, where the best teams in Europe play for continental glory. Have a look at the game schedule so you can plan your bets far in advance, even before game odds become available. 


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Expect Germany, regardless of the competition, to be at the top of the standings. Pay close attention to what team they are playing and where they sit in the standings.  [+]

It will matter signficantly, both for game odds and expected performance levels. Do your homework and reap the rewards. 



Germany Online Betting Tips

Firstly, take into account whether the game is friendly or competitive in nature. This will make a big difference when planning your wagers. The Germans are bound to experiment a lot with fringe players during friendly games, so their chances of winning are decreased substantially. It will give you an opportunity to make some money on the underdog, but make no mistake, even Germany’s “fringe players” are world class so be weary of every betting against them.

The Germans lost 3-2 to England in a friendly on home soil on March 26, 2016, demonstrating their propensity to lose friendly games once in a while. This is where you need to capitalize. 

The Germans endured a bit of a mediocre Euro Cup qualification campaign. They lost two of 10 games, which is a lot for German standards. Still finishing first in the group, the Germans held off Poland by a single point to claim group-winners status. 

Losing to Poland and the Republic of Ireland showed that the Germans are indeed human. However, expect them to play their best soccer on the biggest European stage. We predict the Germans will at least make it to the semifinal of Euro 2016, so back them for a futures bet. 

Thomas Muller is always good for a goal as he continously demonstrates. The big centre forward scored nine goals in 10 qualification games and is always good for a prop bet, especially on the big occasion. 

After Muller, though, the Germans lack another world-class striker, which could be their demise in Euro 2016. We’re grasping at straws, though, as this team is solid throughout. Germany scored 24 goals while only conceding 9 during qualification games.

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They didn’t lose a home game in qualifiers, which is no surprise to anyone. If the Germans are playing at home, back them. You’ll have to put a lot of money down, though, as the odds will be short and provide a minimal return.  

There is some wiggle room when it comes to their away form, though. Germany lost two out of qualifying games on route to Euro 2016, a startling stat worth its weight in gold. We’re not sure this poor away form can possibly continue but it’s worth paying close attention to whom they’re matched up against. It could be the bet you’ve been waiting for. 

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