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Italy has been very disappointing in major tournaments in recent years and hasn’t performed on the big stage since winning the World Cup back in 2006. The 2020 Eurocup is going to be held across 12 nations in Europe but is taking place in 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to any major tournaments that year. The odds for Italy to win the Euros start out at +1100, with them seen as outside favorites across the vast majority of popular online bookmakers. We expect them to put on a good showing, but they will struggle to contest the likes of France, England and Belgium, who are clear favorites for the competition. The Italian squad is very strong right now, featuring Champions League winner Jorginho, as well as world-class talents like Veratti, and Immobile.


Italy Next Game

Are you thinking of betting on Italy odds at Euro 2021? With some tough games for the Italians in the group stages, there may be some hurdles. However, overall they should progress and quite possibly top the group. Italy will kick things off on June the 11th against Turkey, which will be the first game of the tournament. Following that, they will then face Wales, which may be one of the hardest games of the groups for them. Wales has a relatively experienced side and with Gareth Bale in the side, anything can happen—certainly one to watch! The final game of the group stages will be against Switzerland on June 16th, as the Azzurra head to Rome for the final game of the group stages against Wales on June 20th.

What are The Current Italy Standings

Italy is currently ranked 7th in the world. They are in group A for the Eurocup, which is one of the easiest groups, but teams like Switzerland and Wales may cause them problems.

Italy Online Betting Tips

Italy to win the Euro odds are quite tough at +1100 but offer a great return if the Azzurra do manage to navigate their way to the final stages of the competition. The roster features enough talent to beat any other team on their day. While they don’t offer the depth in the squad as France and England do, they certainly have players capable of causing any team problems. The Eurocup is an opportunity for this to thrive, after so long playing in major international competitions and simply not turning up. While many oddsmakers don’t favor them if you believe in this Italian team the Italy euro 2021 odds are worth a look. Alternatively, we have a number of other betting lines that may be more interesting to you—read on.

As most bookmakers are predicting, Italy is favorites to top group A. They pose a threat to all the other teams in the group and have proven players that can do damage to any team. At odds of -175 to top the group, there isn’t a great deal of value in this wager, unless you’re sure that they’ll turn up this summer.

Another interesting market is Italy to win all group matches outright. This is a wager available at all top-tier sportsbooks with the vast majority offering odds of around +275. This offers better value than the odds for Italy to top the group, which would likely be the result of 3 straight wins for the Azzurra. Certainly a wager worth taking a look at if you favor the Italians to come out of the group on top.

For those that fancy the Italians to slip up on the road to the knockout stages, it’s worth taking a look at group finishing places. The odds for Italy to finish second in the group come in at +275, which offers a lot of value to bettors. However, they are certain favorites to win the group and you’d have to justify the bet by thinking of games they’d lose on their way to the knockout stages, which is hard to do. Expect teams to put up a fight against the Italians, but they are unlikely to beat them.

Finally, given that the majority of popular betting markets have been covered, we’d advise taking a look at forecast bets. A straightforward of Italy first and Switzerland second offers odds across major bookmakers of +300, which is excellent value. Do you fancy Italy going all the way to this year’s competition?

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