Steve Clarke has been Scotland’s manager since 2019. Although the team failed to qualify for the Euros 2020, after several shootout victories against Israel, they qualified for their first major tournament since 1988. We are therefore here with our guide for betting on Scotland online. 


Scotland Next Game

Looking to bet on Scotland’s next game at Euros 2020? Then you are going to need to know who they play, and which stadium they are playing at.

The multi-info widget below reveals all of that information and more, including the latest betting odds for Scotland’s next Euro 2020 game.

My Team's Next Match

Scotland Game Schedule

Should Scotland, unexpectedly, progress from their group, you will find their upcoming game schedule in the table below.

The Scots, who are in a group with England, Croatia and the Czech Republic, need a top-two finish in order to advance. They could also advance as one of the four best third-placed teams in the six sections.

Results / Fixtures

What are the Current Scotland Standings?

Scotland is a mixed bag when it comes to the outlook for their success. You should keep a close eye on Scotland UEFA bets, as close calls are a good opportunity for making a nice payout during the Euros.


Scotland Online Betting Tips

Having a good idea of how to read Scotland Euros odds 2020 is an important first step, but it is not the place to stop. You should also be developing your Scotland betting strategy. This will be similar to any general sports betting strategy, but with a Scottish twist.

Watch Line Movement

As many of the bets for the different soccer national teams will be for big international tournaments, you will see a lot of futures bets. Futures bets are very similar to moneylines in that you are betting on the winner, outright. But they are different in that they normally are farther ahead in the future, and they deal exclusively with bigger tournaments.

Odds for Scotland to win the Euros, for example, are futures bets. Because so much time passes between the betting market opening and the time when it closes, the lines have the opportunity to fluctuate greatly.

Smart bettors will keep an eye on these movements to be able to know when is the time to pounce on the opportunity. Check back and take a look at the odds often in order to get an idea of how they move.

Go Line Shopping

Parallel with watching line movement is comparing lines across top soccer betting sites. This is a key part of maximizing your betting payouts. This is because you can get the best ration between risk and payout for the same bet just by comparing them.

This is why it is so important to sign up with at least two sportsbooks. This way, you can check directly at your sports betting accounts and make the bet right there. If you have to sign up and deposit first, you may lose that opportunity you´ve been waiting for.

Where Can I Bet on Scotland Online?

Finding a great sportsbook with the latest odds for Scotland to win the Euros is key to making the best Euro bets. We take a good deal of time to make sure we only recommend the best UEFA online sportsbooks. Here are our main criteria when we compare these online sports wagering sites.

Great Bonuses

When looking for the biggest opportunities to make Scotland bets online, we make sure the welcome bonuses will get you there. These work in a very simple way: in addition to your initial deposit, they provide a match bonus.

Each sports betting site will be different in the details of how this works, but the basics are the same. Look for sportsbooks that add at least 50% match on top of your initial deposit. This will be a good push on top of your initial sports betting account funding.

The Latest Scotland Odds Euro 2020

When we are looking at the odds for Scotland to win the Euros 2020, we want them to be three things. The first is up to date. This is because smart soccer bettors stay up to date on the latest news. This is because the happenings will be reflected in how the lines move. Expert bettors will be looking for these changes and the betting opportunities they open up.

Another important aspect of Scotland odds for the Euros is the variety of soccer bets available for Scotland fans. This means not only futures bets for winning the Euros 2020, but also for moneylines and spreads throughout the tournament. Plus, we look for prop bets, which are great opportunities to bet on more creative things.

The third aspect of Scotland Euros odds we look for when evaluating online soccer betting sites is that they are competitive. The odds should be a good value. Of course, you should be comparing them across sportsbooks. We only recommend sportsbooks that have great values on their Scotland betting lines.