If you haven’t heard the recent success story of the Spanish national soccer team, you’ve either been living under a rock or don’t have a clue what is going on in the world of soccer. It’s that simple. The Spanish team conquered all comers from 2008 until 2012, winning the Euro Cup twice and the World Cup once in that time span. The 2008 Euro Cup triumph was their first major trophy since 1964 when they beat the Soviet Union 2-1 in the final. Winning three major tournaments in a row shows how incredible a team the Spanish had.

Spain is the first nation to win back-to-back Euro Cups, but a poor showing at the Euros and Brazil World Cup left a lot to be desired. Few sportsbooks are giving them favorites odds for the 2020 Eurocup, with most bookmakers offering their odds as the sixth favorite.

Spain is currently sixth in FIFA’s world rankings and is pegged at +800 by Bovada to win the European crown, which is good for sixth favorites for Euro 2020. That shows how dominant aside the Spanish have been not so long ago. They had a miserable time at World Cup 2018 and failed to advance past the group stage. But the Spanish cannot be held down for long and have rebounded well since their disappointment in recent years. 

Spain Next Game

No matter what team they are pitted against, Spain is almost always favored by sportsbooks. If they are playing at home, you’ll have to put a lot of cash down for the returns to be worth it. 

You might consider taking Spain as part of a parlay or combination bet unless you have a chunk of cash to throw down on moneyline. 

Euro Championship - Qualification - Qualifying Round - 10
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Friendlies - Friendlies 1
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Spain Game Schedule

Have a look at Spain’s game schedule to find out if their next game is a qualifier, friendly or part of a major competition. It will make a big difference in your betting strategy.

Spain is more susceptible during friendly games as they will experiment a lot more with untried, inexperienced youth. These games are the best times to bet against Spain.

⚽ World Cup2022
SeasonStatusAwayAway ScoreHome ScoreHome
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 21 - 11:00FTNetherlands2Senegal
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 21 - 08:00FTIran26England
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 20 - 11:00FTEcuador2Qatar
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 05:00FTSaudi Arabia21Argentina
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 08:00FTTunisiaDenmark
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 11:00FTPolandMexico
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 05:00FTCroatiaMorocco
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 08:00FTJapan21Germany
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 14:00FTCanada1Belgium
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 05:00FTCameroon1Switzerland
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 08:00FTSouth KoreaUruguay
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 11:00FTGhana23Portugal
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 14:00FTSerbia2Brazil
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 08:00FTSenegal31Qatar
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 11:00FTEcuador11Netherlands
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 14:00FTUSAEngland
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 08:00FTSaudi Arabia2Poland
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 11:00FTDenmark12France
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 14:00FTMexico2Argentina
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 08:00FTMorocco2Belgium
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 11:00FTCanada14Croatia
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 14:00FTGermany11Spain
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 05:00FTSerbia33Cameroon
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 08:00FTGhana32South Korea
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 11:00FTSwitzerland1Brazil
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 14:00FTUruguay2Portugal
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 10:00FTQatar2Netherlands
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 10:00FTSenegal21Ecuador
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 14:00FTUSA1Iran
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 10:00FTFrance1Tunisia
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 14:00FTArgentina2Poland
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 14:00FTMexico21Saudi Arabia
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 10:00FTBelgiumCroatia
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 10:00FTMorocco21Canada
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 14:00FTSpain12Japan
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 10:00FTPortugal12South Korea
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 10:00FTUruguay2Ghana
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 14:00FTBrazil1Cameroon
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 14:00FTSwitzerland32Serbia
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 21 - 14:00FTWales11USA
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 05:00FTIran2Wales
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 14:00FTEngland3Wales
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 14:00FTAustralia14France
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 11:00FTCosta Rica7Spain
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 05:00FTAustralia1Tunisia
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 05:00FTCosta Rica1Japan
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 10:00FTDenmark1Australia
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 14:00FTGermany42Costa Rica
2022Round of 16Dec 03 - 10:00FTUSA13Netherlands
2022Round of 16Dec 04 - 14:00FTSenegal3England
2022Round of 16Dec 03 - 14:00FTAustralia12Argentina
2022Round of 16Dec 04 - 10:00FTPoland13France
2022Round of 16Dec 05 - 10:00PENCroatia1 (3)1 (1)Japan
2022Round of 16Dec 06 - 10:00PENSpain0 (0)0 (3)Morocco
2022Round of 16Dec 05 - 14:00FTSouth Korea14Brazil
2022Round of 16Dec 06 - 14:00FTSwitzerland16Portugal
2022Quarter-finalsDec 09 - 14:00PENArgentina2 (4)2 (3)Netherlands
2022Quarter-finalsDec 10 - 14:00FTFrance21England
2022Quarter-finalsDec 09 - 10:00PENBrazil1 (2)1 (4)Croatia
2022Quarter-finalsDec 10 - 10:00FTPortugal1Morocco
2022Semi-finalsDec 13 - 14:00FTCroatia3Argentina
2022Semi-finalsDec 14 - 14:00FTMorocco2France
20223rd Place FinalDec 17 - 10:00FTMorocco12Croatia
2022FinalDec 18 - 10:00PENFrance3 (2)3 (4)Argentina
Last update on Feb 28, 2024 01:15 PM

What Are The Current Spain Standings

Expect to see Spain at the top of the standings no matter the competition. Barring catastrophic events, like World Cup 2014, Spain should always make the knockout stage.


⚽ World Cup2022
Group A
Group B
Group C
4Saudi Arabia3310235-2LLW
Group D
Group E
4Costa Rica33102311-8LWL
Group F
Group G
Group H
2South Korea43111440WLD
Last update on Feb 28, 2024 01:15 PM

Spain Online Betting Tips

As expected, Spain cruised through their Euro 2020 Qualification group. Much more dominant at home, Spain plays a tighter, conservative game on the road. Here’s where they can be beaten. That’s where the kink in their armor lies. 

Spain is pegged as third favorites, at +800, to win the European crown. We don’t think they’ll win Euro 2020 but the team known as La Roja is always worth a futures bet. 

For prop betting, look for Spain to score about three goals a game at home, especially against inferior opponents. During Euro 2020 qualifications the Spanish scored freely. Expect to see much more of this in a relatively easy group E.  

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The Spanish team has a knack for scoring late, the team’s Euro 2020 qualifier goals were coming in thick and fast. They’re as likely to score in the first half as they are in the second, but keep an eye out for players like David Silva and Paco Alcocer, who are most likely to score for La Roja. We’d advise considering a prop bet or two for these fellas. We expect Spain to make the semifinals this year before crashing out. 

Where Can I Bet On Spain Online

It’s time to put some cash down now that you’ve learned all about the Spanish national soccer team. The best online sportsbooks are listed below so pick the one that you like the most and good luck with your bets. Not like you’ll need it.