2021 NFL Week 2 Picks: Packers, Patriots, Buccaneers, Saints and More

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2021 NFL Week 2 Picks: Packers, Patriots, Buccaneers, Saints and More

Most NFL bettors continue to be laser-focused on the results of Week 1. And make no mistake, we are among them. But we're also ready to start talking about Week 2. The NFL season, after all, moves quickly. By extension, as well as necessity, so do we.

That's why we're bringing you 2021 NFL Week 2 picks for the Packers, Patriots, Buccaneers, Saints, and more teams right now.

As usual, let us begin with the NFL betting odds for every team scheduled to play in Week 2, courtesy of BetOnline:

Denver Broncos-130+110Minnesota Vikings

Please note these NFL odds are accurate leading into Week 1, so you will definitely want to double-check them before making any NFL picks. All NFL Week 2 odds will move at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks following the results from Week 1.

2021 Week 2 NFL Predictions

Since we're making these NFL Week 2 picks with a healthy amount of time to go before kickoff, you will also want to monitor any breaking news. Injuries and shifts in team lineups can all have an impact on NFL betting lines.

And because we want to get these NFL Week 2 predictions out as early as possible, in order to maximize your betting return, we'll be sticking with moneyline picks only. So, let's get started.

Washington Football Team (-152) vs. New York Giants (+121)

Many bettors will avoid the Giants because of the uncertainty surrounding the status of running back Saquon Barkley. That's fair.

Truth be told, though, we're more concerned with the ambiguous pecking order Washington has installed under center. We'll roll the dice on an upset.

OSB Prediction: Giants (+121)

New York Giants To beat Washington Football Team

New Orleans Saints (-149) vs. Carolina Panthers (+121)

While we don't count ourselves as believers in the Saints playing Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill at quarterback, we have even less faith in the Panthers.

Perhaps their offense will be fine if running back Christian McCaffrey is healthy. But they don't have the tools on defense to slow an offense headlined by Alvin Kamara.

OSB Prediction: Saints (-149)

New Orleans Saints To beat Carolina Panthers

New England Patriots (-244) vs. New York Jets (+187)

Things have changed rapidly in New EnglandThe Patriots waived Cam Newton and have since fully committed themselves to rookie Mac Jones as QB1. That is unnerving in most cases.

But Jones showed a lot of potential in the preseason. Equally important, the Jets are starting fellow rookie Zach Wilson. Even if he matches Jones' performance, New York doesn't have the defense to hang with that from New England.

OSB Prediction: Patriots (-244)

New England Patriots To beat New York Jets

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-250) vs. Atlanta Falcons (+297)

There will come a time when we probably have to pick against the reigning champion Buccaneers.

Failing a major injury suffered in Week, 1 now is not that time.

Not only did Tampa Bay beef up its roster following the Super Bowl victory, but they're facing a Falcons team that willingly drained the offensive talent around quarterback Matt Ryan.

OSB Prediction: Buccaneers (-250)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To beat Atlanta Falcons

Kansas City Chiefs (-118) vs. Baltimore Ravens (-104)

Oddsmakers are being awfully generous to the Ravens, in our humble opinion.

Sure, any team piloted by quarterback Lamar Jackson is a threat to play make their way to victory. But Baltimore is dealing with injuries in the backfield galore, and they don't have the receiving talent to stand up against the Chiefs' wildly deep pass-catchers running alongside Patrick Mahomes.

Never mind the Ravens winning. This could be a blowout victory for Kansas City.

OSB Prediction: Chiefs (-118)

Kansas City Chiefs To beat Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers (-250) vs. Las Vegas Raiders (+196)

Loads of people are down on the Steelers this season. We kind of get it. 

Ben Roethlisberger is older, and the offense has proven fragile, albeit still talented, over the past couple of years. Generally speaking, however, the Steelers take care of business at home, where their defense always tends to play much better.

Combine this with the fact they're facing a relatively middling Raiders squad, and this pick is super easy to make.

OSB Prediction: Steelers (-250)

Pittsburgh Steelers To beat Las Vegas Raiders

Green Bay Packers (-476) vs. Detroit Lions (+333)

This might be the easiest bet to lay down in Week 2.

With Aaron Rodgers still in the fold, the Packers once again profile as Super Bowl contenders. The Lions, meanwhile, are in the early stages of a rebuild and many have them slated to finish with the NFL's worst regular-season record or something close to it.

There's nothing to think about here.

OSB Prediction: Packers (-476)

Green Bay Packers To beat Detroit Lions

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