2022 NFL Futures: Chiefs, Broncos, Bengals and Ravens are Best Bets to Win AFC Championship

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2022 NFL Futures: Chiefs, Broncos, Bengals and Ravens are Best Bets to Win AFC Championship

As another football season kicks off, all the best online NFL betting sites are putting their best efforts forward when it comes to offering lines to wager on. In particular, the 2022 NFL futures market is ablaze with options. So, we figured it's a good time to capitalize on them and drop our best bets to win the 2022 AFC Championship, an exercise that—spoiler alert!—will lead us to the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos and more.

We'll get to our 2022 AFC Championship prediction in a second. Right now, let's have a look at the latest odds on NFL conference championship betting, with a focus on the AFC's 16 teams:

Always remember to double-check these 2022 NFL futures until you actually submit your picks. Our odds on the AFC Championship are accurate entering Monday, September 5, but since a winner isn't crowned until the end of the season, there's plenty of time for linemakers to shift their results.

Finally, if you haven't yet found a place to bet on 2022 AFC futures, be sure to go through our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. Frankly, if you sign up with any of them, you'll be doing business with one of the best NFL betting sites in the world.

The Kansas City Chiefs Remain Undervalued on the 2022 NFL Futures Market

As we've said time and time again, the general public seems mega concerned about the Chiefs losing Tyreek Hill over the offseason. And as we've also said time and time again, we believe this issue is overblown.

Hill absolutely added a dangerous element to the Chiefs offense. There will be no replacing his speed and ability to make 30-plus yard catches. At the same time, the Chiefs' offense is far from barren. Patrick Mahomes remains the most important player on the field at quarterback, and he has shown the capacity to pass guys open.

Oh, the Chiefs also just so happen to have the best tight end alive, in Travis Kelce. Combined with a defense that should be noticeably better, Kansas City should probably be the favorite to win the AFC Championship rather than the Buffalo Bills.

Kansas City Chiefs To win the 2022 AFC Championship

Are Oddsmakers One Year Too Early on the Los Angeles Chargers?

Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert has morphed into one of the most popular 2022 NFL futures bets. So far, according to multiple reports, only a handful of players have generated more investments in the MVP odds department.

However, it's important to not conflate MVP candidacy with elite football from top to bottom. Los Angeles still has a ton of questions about their defense, and they will be even more reliant on Herbert's arm than they were last season.

And you know what? That's okay. The Chargers have a good amount of upside defensively, thanks in large part to some of their young players. No one's saying they have to be favorites, but this is a team that should be even more competitive than they were last season.

Los Angeles Chargers To win the 2022 AFC Championship

Do the Denver Broncos Have Enough Weapons Around Russell Wilson to be a Viable Option on 2022 NFL Futures Market?

We find ourselves conflicted on the Broncos.

Getting Russell Wilson at quarterback was a massive coup. Denver's defense is Super Bowl ready now, especially on the frontline, and Wilson arms the offense with a top-seven quarterback around which to build their attack.

Still, there's not a ton of firepower behind Wilson beyond wideout Courtland Sutton. He could find himself scrambling out of the pocket and tasked with making a bunch of 11th-hour decisions, not unlike his final years in Seattle.

Denver Broncos To win the 2022 AFC Championship

Don't Expect the Baltimore Ravens AFC Championship Odds to Get Any More Attractive Than This

Unless the Ravens implode during the first couple weeks of the regular season, you're not going to get better value than this. Baltimore is listed at roughly 10-to-1 odds, so their appeal on the 2022 NFL futures market should be sky high.

Quarterback Lamar Jackson once again profiles as an MVP candidate. And while the Ravens are probably too dependent on his capacity to create opportunities with his footwork, he has the combination of speed, arm strength and decision-making to ferry a lackluster supporting cast to an above-average offense.

Tack on a defense that should thrive at shutting down the run game and forcing turnovers in the red zone, and the Ravens, in our estimation, have one of the most underrated Super Bowl contenders in the league on their hands.

Baltimore Ravens To win the 2022 AFC Championship

2022 NFL Futures Prediction: Who Will Win the 2022 AFC Championship?

This is a surprisingly easy decision for us.

Others will find themselves harping on the Buffalo Bills (+350), who have been billed as the Super Bowl favorites. Aside from them, though, the AFC doesn't have another powerhouse in its midst—not unless the Cincinnati Bengals (+1200), Tennessee Titans (+1400) or New England Patriots (+2100) make mega leaps.

Give real consideration to the Chargers, Broncos and Ravens if you have an appetite for risk. Their payout could be huge. But from our perspective, the opportunity to get a 5-to-1 payout off the Chiefs is can't-miss. They are the rightful favorites to win the AFC Championship, even if they're not listed as such.

OSB Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs (+500)

Kansas City Chiefs To win the 2022 AFC Championship

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