2022 NFL Futures: Betting Picks for Every AFC Division Winner and AFC Champion

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2022 NFL Futures: Betting Picks for Every AFC Division Winner and AFC Champion

Early-bird bettors know that now is a great time to pounce on 2022 NFL futures. The 2022 NFL draft has yet to take place, so oddsmakers are being extremely generous with most of their lines, which gives you an opportunity to spot some truly tantalizing bargains.

And after dropping our 2022 NFL futures picks on the winner of every NFC division, it only makes sense we predict every AFC division winner for our next batch of 2022 NFL futures. We're also ready to drop our 2022 NFL AFC championship pick, as well!

To start things off, here's an overview of the betting odds to win the AFC East:

To Win DivisionBetOnline
Buffalo Bills-180
New England Patriots+400
Miami Dolphins+400
New York Jets+2000

Make sure you're rechecking these betting odds for the NFL before settling on any NFL futures. Our 2022 NFL AFC division odds are accurate entering Thursday, April 14. With so many months to go before the start of the 2022 NFL regular season, there is bound to be some movement on these football betting lines.

On the bright side, playing NFL futures so early gives you ample opportunity to check out our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. By the time you're done looking at them, you'll be thoroughly aware of the best NFL betting sites for 2022.

Who Will Win the AFC East in 2022? 

Loads of people are expecting the Buffalo Bills (-180) to not only win the AFC East, but the entire AFC. We can't get there.

Buffalo's offense is a well-oiled machine with Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen, and the defense will always be terrifying at the front seven. But the Miami Dolphins (+400) profile as a bargain here. Their offense should be unbelievably high octane after acquiring Tyreek Hill, so much so that we have them billed as the biggest prospective surprise of the season.

OSB Prediction: Miami Dolphins (+400)

Miami Dolphins To win the AFC East in 2022

Who Will Win the AFC West in 2022?

Here are the latest NFL betting odds on who will win the AFC West in 2022:

To Win DivisionBetOnline
Kansas City Chiefs+155
Los Angeles Chargers+240
Denver Broncos+260
Las Vegas Raiders+700

Legitimate challengers to the Kansas City Chiefs (+155) in the AFC West remain few and far between in our book. They may have lost Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins, but their defense made a ton of progress last year, and any offense piloted by Patrick Mahomes is going to be just fine.

Granted, the Denver Broncos (+260) genuinely intriguing after landing Russell Wilson. But we have overarching concerns about how the offensive weapons around him will look. 

OSB Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs (+155)

Kansas City Chiefs To win the AFC West in 2022

Who Will Win the AFC South in 2022?

Here are the latest NFL betting odds on who will win the AFC South in 2022:

To Win DivisionBetOnline
Indianapolis Colts+110
Tennessee Titans+125
Jacksonville Jaguars+700
Houston Texans+2600

The AFC South is probably the toughest division to predict. Neither the Jacksonville Jaguars (+700) nor Houston Texans (+2600) have a realistic chance to do much of anything, but the Tennessee Titans (+125) and Indianapolis Colts (+110) are on roughly equal ground.

Landing Matt Ryan has rendered Indianapolis the favorite, and we're inclined to agree. The Titans underachieved last year after acquiring Julio Jones, and at some point, the wear and dear they've put on Derrick Henry will come back to bite them.

OSB Prediction: Indianapolis Colts (+110)

Indianapolis Colts To win the AFC South in 2022

Who Will Win the AFC North in 2022?

Here are the latest NFL betting odds on who will win the AFC North in 2022:

To Win DivisionBetOnline
Cleveland Browns+185
Baltimore Ravens+200
Cincinnati Bengals+220
Pittsburgh Steelers+850

Everyone is up in arms because the Cleveland Browns (+185) picked up Deshuan Watson, but we'd be fooling ourselves if we considered them actual contenders. The receiving core is on the shallower end, and there are serious questions about their defense in the secondary.

Let's also not forget Watson missed all of last year amid a slew of sexual assault allegations. The expectation cannot be that he'll return to top-five-quarterback status right away. For our money, we prefer Lamar Jackson and the still-stingy defense of the Baltimore Ravens (+200).

OSB Prediction: Baltimore Ravens (+200)

Baltimore Ravens To win the AFC North in 2022

Prediction 2022 AFC Conference Champion

Here are the latest NFL betting odds on who will win the 2022 AFC Conference championship:

Pick to Win NFCBetOnline
Buffalo Bills+350
Kansas City Chiefs+500
Los Angeles Chargers+850
Denver Broncos+850
Cleveland Browns+1000
Cincinnati Bengals+1100
Baltimore Ravens+1300
Indianapolis Colts+1900
Tennessee Titans+2200
Miami Dolphins+2800
New England Patriots+3800
Las Vegas Raiders+4400
Jacksonville Jaguars+5500
Pittsburgh Steelers+10000

Good luck talking us out of the Kansas City Chiefs (+500) here.

Either the Buffalo Bills (+300) or Denver Broncos (+850) are solid options. Keep your eyes on the Baltimore Ravens (+1300), as well.

Still, the AFC is generally light on known commodities this year. Kansas City is the biggest certainty of them all, even after losing an All-Pro receiver over the offseason. So we default to trusting the team that has the best quarterback in the NFL.

OSB Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs (+500)

Kansas City Chiefs To win the AFC Championship in 2022

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