2022 NFL Futures: Final Predictions to Win the NFC and AFC Championship

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2022 NFL Futures: Final Predictions to Win the NFC and AFC Championship

Just two weeks remain in the 2022 NFL season. And that means it's one of our last chances to squeeze in some 2022 NFL futures betting before the playoffs begin. Let's take advantage of it, shall we?

The focus this time around will be on the online betting odds to win the NFC and AFC championships. Linemakers have pegged their favorites and their dark horses. It's our job to single out the best bet to win each conference and make it to the Super Bowl.

Before we dig into the nitty gritty of this exercise, here are the latest NFL online betting odds to win the NFC, courtesy of Bovada:

NFC WinnerBovada
Philadelphia Eagles+150
San Francisco 49ers+300
Dallas Cowboys+450
Minnesota Vikings+1300
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+1600
Detroit Lions+3000
Washington Commanders+3500
Seattle Seahawks+6000
New York Giants+6600
Carolina Panthers+15000
Green Bay Packers+15000
New Orleans Saints+15000
Atlanta Falcons+20000
LA Rams+100000

Please remember to double-check these online NFL betting odds until you actually submit your 2022 NFL futures. Our odds to win the NFC and our odds to win the AFC are accurate entering Monday, December 26. While the regular season is almost over, there's still over one month to go before we crown conference champions. That gives these NFL futures plenty of time to move—and believe us, they will move.

Of course, as long as you're signed up with the right sportsbook, you don't have to worry about falling behind on any changes to these 2022 NFL futures. That's why we've put together reviews of all the top online sportsbooks. These will help you spot the best 2022 NFL online betting sites in the business.

And now, let's get to our picks to win the NFC, which will be followed by our picks to win the AFC.

Can Anyone Catch the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2022 NFL Futures Race?

The Philadelphia Eagles (+150) aren't just favorites to win the NFC. They're the popular pick to win the Super Bowl.

Calling them the Super Bowl favorite might be a stretch. Their passing offense feels inflated by a few standout games. The NFC championship is a different story.

So few elite teams have emerged from the pack this year. We're not even sure who the second and third best teams in the conference will be in January. The fact that the Eagles are paying out better than even money is a gift.

Philadelphia Eagles To win the 2022 NFC Championship

Better NFC Championship Bet: San Francisco 49ers or Dallas Cowboys?

Most will gravitate towards the Dallas Cowboys (+450). We're going with the San Francisco 49ers (+300).

Yes, the Niners lost Jimmy Garoppolo potentially for the season. But rookie quarterback Brock Purdy has filled in admirably. On top of that, San Francisco has the league's best defense—both when it comes to limiting opponent points and turning defensive possessions into scores of their own.

San Francisco 49ers To win the 2022 NFC Championship

Best Dark Horse Bet to win NFC

It turns out we're still suckers for the New York Giants (+6600). 

Indeed, the offense remains unpredictable. And quarterback Daniel Jones cannot be trusted to throw the ball downfield. But the defense is scrappy, which should keep them in position to win a bunch of games. They just need to make the playoffs first—something FiveThirtyEight gives them an 87 percent chance of doing.

New York Giants To win the 2022 NFC Championship

Official 2022 NFC Championship Prediction

This isn't hard for us, mostly because there aren't a ton of viable options. The Eagles are in a tier of their own. They rank first in points scored per game and eighth in points allowed.

Many will worry about quarterback Jalen Hurts and his limited experience in big games. That's fair. But if you are not picking the Eagles, you're better off going with a dark horse, because there's too much noise in Dallas (inconsistent offensive structure) and San Francisco (limited passing ability).

Philadelphia Eagles To win the 2022 NFC Championship

Should the Buffalo Bills Still Lead the 2022 NFL Futures Field in the AFC?

The Buffalo Bills (+150) entered the season as Super Bowl favorites, so it's not a surprise they're AFC favorites this late into the year.

It looked like their chances might fade when quarterback Josh Allen suffered an arm injury earlier in the schedule. But he has played through it, and the Bills are 11-3, with a top-five offense and defense as we head into the season's final three weeks.

Buffalo Bills To win the 2022 AFC Championship

Better AFC Championship Bet: Kansas City Chiefs or Cincinnati Bengals?

The Kansas City Chiefs (+275) are the safer AFC Championship bet by far when comparing them to the Cincinnati Bengals (+500).

Kudos to the Bengals for emerging as a genuine 2022 NFL futures investment. Things were touch and go for a minute. Now, they're 11th in defense and sixth in offense, the latter of which is largely thanks to another leap from quarterback Joe Burrow.

And yet, there has been more variance caked into the defense than the numbers suggest. The Bengals might still be contenders, but giving them the edge over the Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs feels like a mistake.

Kansas City Chiefs To win the 2022 AFC Championship

Best Dark Horse Bet to win AFC

Hop on the Miami Dolphins (+1600) while you still can. They play a majority of their remaining games at home, where they have lost just once, and against weaker competition. They won't stay at 16-to-1 odds forever.

To be blunt, it's surprising Miami's AFC Championship odds have dropped even this low. Sure, they're working off a three-game losing streak, but none of those losses were inexplicable. If their downfield offense remains intact against playoff defenses, Tua Tagovailoa and crew will shock more than a few people.

Miami Dolphins To win the 2022 AFC Championship

Official 2022 AFC Championship Prediction

Good luck convincing us to bet against the Chiefs. Both the Bills and Dolphins make it tempting, but Patrick Mahomes is back to playing at an MVP level, and the offense seems unstoppable. Somehow, someway, the Chiefs are first in net yards per passing attempt despite losing Tyreek Hill to Miami over the offseason.

Kansas City's defense does give us pause. At the same time, they've held up better against the pass in high-leverage situations than you'd expect. This might be a defense that hits their stride when it matters most. They're a 2022 NFL futures darling in our book.

Kansas City Chiefs To win the 2022 AFC Championship

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