2022 NFL Futures: Best AFC Win Total Bets Include Chiefs, Broncos, Titans, Colts and More

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2022 NFL Futures: Best AFC Win Total Bets Include Chiefs, Broncos, Titans, Colts and More

Check out our best NFL bets based on the latest 2022 AFC win total odds.

It has finally happened: 2022 NFL futures are here. All of the best betting sites for the NFL in 2022 have posted win totals for every team ahead of the upcoming regular season. Though there's still quite a bit of time separating us from Week 1, we can't resist trying to capitalize on these early-bird NFL betting lines. And our first look into these 2022 NFL futures will feature the best AFC win total bets, a list that features the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts and more.

Before we do anything else, however, let's review the latest betting odds on the NFL.  Below you'll find the NFL win total odds for every AFC team:

Team (Win Total)BovadaBovada
Baltimore RavensOver 9.5 (-130)Under 9.5 ('+110)
Buffalo BillsOver 11.5 (-115)Under 11.5 (-105)
Cincinnati BengalsOver 9.5 (-110)Under 9.5 (-110)
Cleveland BrownsTBATBA
Denver BroncosOver 10.5 (+135)Under 10.5 (-160)
Houston TexansOver 3.5 (-175)Under 3.5 (+150)
Indianapolis ColtsOver 9.5 (-160)Under 9.5 (+135)
Jacksonville JaguarsOver 6.5 (+105)Under 6.5 (-125)
Kansas City ChiefsOver 10.5 (-110)Under 10.5 (-110)
Las Vegas RaidersOver 8 (-130)Under 8 (+110)
Los Angeles ChargersOver 10 (-110)Under 10 (-110)
Miami DolphinsOver 8.5 (-130)Under 8.5 (+110)
New England PatriotsOver 8.5 (-115)Under 8.5 (-105)
New York JetsOver 5.5 (-160)Under 5.5 (+135)
Pittsburgh SteelersOver 7.5 (-120)Under 7.5 (+100)
Tennessee TitansOver 9.5 (+120)Under 9.5 (-140)

Remember to keep checking these odds on the NFL. Our NFL win total predictions and odds are accurate as of Friday, May 13. With the regular season still months away, these NFL odds will continue to shift before opening kickoff, so you'll want to stay on top of them.

On the bright side, this gives you plenty of time to peruse our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. We've got the lowdown on all the top odds providers so that you'll have no issue spotting the best 2022 NFL betting sites in advance of the regular season.

2022 NFL Futures: Kansas City Chiefs Win Total

Plenty of experts think the Chiefs will take a regress after losing star wideout Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins. We're not worried.

Superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes is more responsible for Kansas City's offensive success than anyone, and tight end Travis Kelce still gives the team one stud pass-catcher to milk in volume. Plus, given how much the defense improved last season, there's a case to be made that the Chiefs are actually a more balanced team headed into this year.

Roll with the over, and feel pretty good about it.

OSB Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs over 10.5 (-110)

Kansas City Chiefs To go over 10.5 wins

2022 NFL Futures: Denver Broncos Win Total

Working the over-10.5 for the Broncos carries a certain amount of risk. Sure, they traded for quarterback Russell Wilson, but changing signal callers can take an adjustment period. And relative to how unproven the offensive talent is around Wilson, banking on Denver to win fewer than 11 games is the safe play.

Counterpoint: Screw the safe play.

The Broncos profile as one of the stingiest defensive teams in the NFL, and their offensive line should be better off compared to last season. With a strong backfield and Wilson's own rushing game to their name, we're not as concerned about them scoring points as most others will be. Taking this risk now should pay off down the line, provided they don't suffer any major injuries.

OSB Prediction: Denver Broncos over 10.5 (+135)

Denver Broncos To go over 10.5 wins

2022 NFL Futures: Tennessee Titans Win Total

Talk about your overpriced win totals.

The Titans are coming off a season in which they were arguably one of the biggest offensive achievers in the NFL. That doesn't appear on track to change. The wide receiving core hasn't gotten any deeper, Derrick Henry is another year older and has a lot of miles on his treads, and Tennessee may have just drafted Ryan Tannehill's replacement at quarterback.

Take a step back, and you can envision a scenario in which the Titans are forced to start rebuilding in the middle of the season, which will most definitely put 10 victories out of reach.

OSB Prediction: Tennessee Titans under 9.5 (-140)

Tennessee Titans To go under 9.5 wins

2022 NFL Futures: New York Jets Win Total

Expecting the Jets to win six or seven games feels fairly generous. Maybe quarterback Zach Wilson makes a leap as a sophomore. Awesome. But then what?

New York still hasn't assembled enough proven talent to be considered a threat on a game-to-game basis. Complicated still, their AFC East matchups aren't going to get any easier. Select sportsbooks have pegged the Buffalo Bills as the Super Bowl favorites while the Dolphins have taken steps to juice up their offense and the New England Patriots are forever threats to overachieve under head coach Bill Belichick.

Perhaps the Jets have a big-time move left in them on the trade market for the regular season. We're betting against it. As it stands, they seem like they're a year away from making any real noise in their division or the AFC at large.

OSB Prediction: New York Jets under 5.5 (+135)

New York Jets To go over 5.5 wins

2022 NFL Futures: Pittsburgh Steelers Win Total

Um, did we miss something on the Pittsburgh Steelers? Like, did they acquire a competent replacement for Big Ben at quarterback? Or are they still at the mercy of Mitchell Trubisky, Mason Randolph and Kenny Pickett?

It is, in fact, the ladder.

The Steelers are basically entering an entirely different phase of their development. Even if you consider this Year 2 of their rebuild, and even if you're in love with running back Najee Harris, they're still not a surefire bet to contend for a .500 or better record.

Pittsburgh's situation is made even less enticing relative to the rest of the AFC North. Nobody knows what to make of the Cleveland Browns, but they did just acquire Deshaun Watson. And neither the Baltimore Ravens nor Cincinnati Bengals are projected to go anywhere. Both of them could plausibly win 10-plus games.

Loosely translated: Take the under here and run before it starts paying out less than 1-to-1 money.

OSB Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers under 7.5  (+100)

Pittsburgh Steelers To go under 7.5 wins

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