2022 NFL Futures: Predicting Which Teams Make the Playoffs in the NFC

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2022 NFL Futures: Predicting Which Teams Make the Playoffs in the NFC

Tired of delving into 2022 NFL futures? Good. We aren't, either.

This is the most wonderful time of the football calendar in our opinion. The season hasn't started yet, so there's optimism and speculation running amuck. There's also plenty of time to cobble together predictions and projections. We have plenty of opportunities to do so, too. All the best NFL online betting sites are really putting their best foot forward when it comes to releasing big-picture odds.

The latest batch of 2022 NFL futures catching our eye? Odds to make the NFL playoffs. We'll use this space to predict which seven NFL teams make the playoffs from the NFC, but here are odds on the NFL playoffs for the entire league from the folks over at Bovada:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-750
Buffalo Bills-600
Green Bay Packers-500
Los Angeles Rams-270
Dallas Cowboys-260
Kansas City Chiefs-225
San Francisco 49ers-225
Philadelphia Eagles-178
Indiapolis Colts-172
Los Angeles Chargers-162
Baltimore Ravens-156
Denver Broncos-146
Cincinnati Bengals-144
Minnesota Vikings-110
Tennessee Titans-100
Cleveland Browns+100
Arizona Cardinals+118
New Orleans Saints+118
Miami Dolphins+142
Washington Commanders+152
New England Patriots+160
Las Vegas Raiders+170
New York Giants+225
Pittsburgh Steelers+330
Carolina Panthers+410
Chicago Bears+410
Detroit Lions+410
Jacksonville Jaguars+450
Seattle Seahawks+540
New York Jets+710
Atlanta Falcons+790
Houston Texans+1500

Please, please, pretty please remember to continue rechecking these NFL playoff betting odds until you actually place your wager. Sportsbooks will keep adjusting them as the regular season unfolds, and we're pouncing on early-bird NFL betting lines that are accurate entering Tuesday, August 23.

In the event you're still looking for a place to bet on NFL futures, we've got your back. You can use our reviews of the top online sportsbooks to find the best online betting sites for NFL football in the business.

Once more, we're here to pick all the NFC playoff teams. Like usual, there will be seven predictions. Each of the four division winners make it, and then three more teams that are determined by the best winning percentages. We will begin with the four division-winner picks and get into the other three thereafter.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Remain the Best 2022 NFL Futures Bet Around

This one is a no-brainer. Tom Brady is back with the Bucs, and their NFC South division is chock full of rebuilding squads.

Never mind making the playoffs. Tampa Bay is yet again a Super Bowl contender.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To make the 2022 NFL Playoffs

Give the Reigning Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams an NFL Playoff Ticket

Expect the Rams to take advantage of a fast declining NFC West.

The Seattle Seahawks are dunzo after trading Russell Wilson, and the San Francisco 49ers are about to fire up another quarterback experiment. The Arizona Cardinals are absolutely a threat, but there's room for two teams in this division to make it out.

Los Angeles Rams To make the 2022 NFL Playoffs

Green Bay Packers are Yet Another Easy 2022 NFL Futures Investment

Don't worry too much about the Packers losing star wide receiver Davante Adams and then failing to adequately replace him. They still have Aaron Rodgers.

And sometimes, yes, having a superstar, MVP-winning QB is all that matters.

Green Bay Packers To make the 2022 NFL Playoffs

Dallas Cowboys Should Sneak into the NFL Playoffs

Figuring out the NFC East is a bit of a chore.

The New York Giants and Washington Commanders are largely unknowable. In this case, we'll take that to mean they're out of it. Many have the Philadelphia Eagles pegged to win the NFC East, but we can't get there. The offense isn't good enough around QB Jalen Hurts yet. They have a shot at the playoffs, but not the division title

This leaves the Dallas Cowboys. Though the roster around QB Dak Prescott feels weaker than last year, we think their defense will surprise some people.

Dallas Cowboys To make the 2022 NFL Playoffs

2022 NFL Futures Should Be More Kind to the Arizona Cardinals

Better than even money on the Cardinals making the 2022 NFL playoffs? YES PLEASE.

Quarterback Kyler Murray was an MVP candidate for half of last year, and we believe he'll have an even stronger campaign now that the offensive line is a little bit sturdier. It's hard for us to envision them stealing the NFC West from the Rams, but they should earn enough wins to make it through to the playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals To make the 2022 NFL Playoffs

Why You Should Take a Chance on the Minnesota Vikings

Spotting quality teams in the NFC gets difficult once you rattle off the likely division winners. This bodes well for the Vikings.

Kirk Cousins could be due for some regression under center, but the ground game will be stronger and the defense is built to burn some real clock. Bet on Minnesota to finish second in NFC North, behind the Packers, and make the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings To make the 2022 NFL Playoffs

And the Final NFL Playoff Spot Goes To...

The Philadelphia Eagles!

This is mostly process of elimination. We don't particularly love the Eagles' odds; they should pay out better than even money in our humble opinion.

At the same time, who else are we going to pick? It would be the Commanders or 49ers, and we're not confident enough in either club's quarterback situation to give them real attention in these 2022 NFL futures.

Go with the Eagles as the NFC's seventh and final playoff team. They're riskier than the odds imply, but they're also the smartest investment left on the board...by far.

Philadelphia Eagles To make the 2022 NFL Playoffs

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