2022 NFL Season Futures: Seahawks, Bears, Texans, Falcons or Jets Will Have Worst Win-Loss Record

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2022 NFL Season Futures: Seahawks, Bears, Texans, Falcons or Jets Will Have Worst Win-Loss Record

Are you ready for some football? Because the best NFL online betting sites are sure ready. With the regular season now inching closer and closer, the top linemakers are uncorking all sorts of betting odds on the NFL. And while many tend to focus on Super Bowl predictions and NFL division winners, the 2022 NFL season futures market is so much deeper than these prototypical wagers.

For instance, did you know that you can bet on which NFL team will finish the 2022 regular season with the worst record? Because you can. And we suggest that you do. Forcing yourself to identify the worst squads ahead of the regular reason is not just potentially profitable, but it can help you weed out any non-Super Bowl contenders.

Let's get started by looking at the latest odds to have the NFL's worst record in 2022, which are brought to us by Bovada:

Worst Record PickBovada
Houston Texans+350
Atlanta Falcons+400
Seattle Seahawks+700
New York Jets+800
Jacksonville Jaguars+900
Carolina Panthers+1000
Chicago Bears+1000
Detroit Lions+1200
New York Giants+2000
Pittsburgh Steelers+2500
Cleveland Browns+2500
Las Vegas Raiders+3000
Washington Commanders+3500
Miami Dolphins+3500
Minnesota Dolphins+5000
New Orleans Saints+5000
New England Patriots+6000
Tennessee Titans+10000
Arizona Cardinals+150000
Cincinnati Bengals+150000
Philadelphia Eagles+150000
San Francisco 49ers+150000
Indianapolis Colts+150000
Los Angeles Chargers+20000
Denver Broncos+20000
Baltimore Ravens+20000
Los Angeles Rams+20000
Kansas City Chiefs+20000
Dallas Cowboys+20000
Green Bay Packers+300000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+300000
Buffalo Bills+300000

Definitely make sure you're rechecking these 2022 NFL futures right up until you submit a wager. Breaking news, surprise trades and unforeseen injuries can have a material impact on all NFL betting odds through the start of the regular season, and our odds on 2022 NFL season futures are accurate entering Wednesday, August 2.

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Are the Houston Texans a Good 2022 NFL Season Futures Bet?

Without any superstar talent on offense or defense at the moment, the Houston Texans (+350) should be on everyone's radar to finish with the worst NFL regular season record.

Could they strike lightning in a bottle? Sure. They are, after all, loaded with assets from the Deshaun Watson trade. But the AFC South Division will be a hair tougher this year, with both the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans looming and Trevor Lawrence entering Year 2 as the signal caller for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

To be honest, if the Texans finish with more than five victories against 12 losses, we'll be absolutely shocked.

Houston Texans To have the NFL's worst record in 2022

Just How Bad will the Atlanta Falcons be in 2022?

Few would have picked the Atlanta Falcons (+400) to be ranked as the second most likely team to finish with the worst 2022 NFL regular season record.

But then the 2022 offseason happened.

The Falcons tried to crash the Deshaun Watson trade sweepstakes at the last minute, only to see him get sent to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Atlanta, in turn, ended up sending their actual starting quarterback, Matt Ryan, to the Colts.

One cursory glance at this roster will tell you the Falcons are rebuilding—and that they'll be lucky to have better than a bottom-three offense.

Atlanta Falcons To have the NFL's worst record in 2022

The Russell Wilson Trade Could Box Seattle Seahawks into a Corner

Many expected the Seattle Seahawks (+700) to all-out tank after trading Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos. However, the team just paid star wideout D.K. Metcalf and made some offseason investments on both sides of the ball that suggest they'll try to be competitive while they rebuild.

None of this, though, changes the fact Seattle is still, you know, rebuilding. The Seahawks need to find their quarterback of the future before aspiring to win more than five games, and unless the NFC West gets shockingly easier, they might even struggle to reach four victories.

Seattle Seahawks To have the NFL's worst record in 2022

Are the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars Done Being Bad?

At some point, the New York Jets (+800) have to be good, right? Ditto for the Jaguars (+900), correct?


We think.

But not next season.

Immediately, the Jaguars have more hope than the Jets. Lawrence profiles as a megastar quarterback down the line, and the Jags have given him a couple of additional weapons with which to work. The Jets, on the other hand, continue to search for their permanent answer at quarterback. There remain plenty of believers in sophomore Zach Wilson, but he didn't show nearly enough as a rookie to bill this team for more than four or five wins.

New York Jets To have the NFL's worst record in 2022

The Chicago Bears are a Valuable Worst-Record Dark Horse

Turning the offense over to sophomore quarterback Justin Fields is the right call for the Chicago Bulls (+1000). It may also be a painful experience.

Heck, the same could be said even if Aaron Rodgers was under center for this team. (Hyperbole? Maybe. But you get the point.) The Bears are that shallow on the offensive end and remain in desperate need of someone, anyone, other than Fields who has big-time play potential.

It is hard enough for rookie QBs to learn the ropes when they're given an adequately stocked offense. The Bears have given Fields something much worse.

Chicago Bears To have the NFL's worst record in 2022

2022 NFL Season Futures Prediction: Which Team will Have the Worst Record?

And the winner—or should we say, ultimate loser—is: The Atlanta Falcons.

Perhaps we'd feel differently if they had clearly planned to undergo a roster face-lift. They didn't. The Falcons definitely wanted to make changes, but the moves they missed on (mainly, a Deshaun Watson trade) prove that they weren't ready to start over in full.

Now, however, that's exactly what Atlanta must do. And we don't envy any team having to do that both unplanned and in an NFC South division that features the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and high-ceiling (albeit low-floor) New Orleans Saints.

OSB Prediction: Atlanta Falcons (+400)

Atlanta Falcons To have the NFL's worst record in 2022

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