2022 NFL NFC Division Futures: Bucs, Cowboys, Packers, Cardinals All Set to Raise Banners

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2022 NFL NFC Division Futures: Bucs, Cowboys, Packers, Cardinals All Set to Raise Banners

Regular-season football is now only weeks rather than months away, and you know what this means: All the top NFL online betting sites have released their lines on 2022 futures. From over/under win totals to conference championship predictions to odds on the 2023 Super Bowl, you can wager against it all. At this time, we find ourselves particularly drawn to the 2022 NFL NFC division futures market.

Capitalizing on these odds to win the NFC East, NFC North, NFC South and NFC West early are important. Though Super Bowl betting odds only shift marginally at the start of each season, NFL division futures dip substantially after Week 1. By betting on 2022 NFL division futures now, then, you're ensuring the highest possible payout.

Let's start by having a look at the latest odds to win the NFC East in 2022, courtesy of the folks over at BetOnline:

Pick to WinBetOnline
Dallas Cowboys+125
Philadelphia Eagles+185
Washington Commanders+500
New York Giants+700

Always remember to confirm these NFL odds right up until you submit your wager. Sportsbooks will continue tinkering with their lines almost on a daily basis through the start of the regular season. Also, if you haven' already, you should definitely check out our predictions for the NFL's 2022 AFC Division futures.

Finally, in the event you're still searching for a place to submit all of your 2022 NFL picks, our reviews of the top online sportsbooks have you covered. These evaluations include a wealth of information that allow you to spot the best betting sites for the NFL in 2022.

Dallas Cowboys Set to Runaway with NFC East

Um, how are the Dallas Cowboys (+125) paying out more than even money here? Both the Washington Commanders (+500) and New York Giants (+700) are shaping up to be pretty bad, and the Philadelphia Eagles (+185) haven yet surrounded Jalen Hurts with enough firepower to declare their offense a finished product.

While we get the public is often reticent to trust the Cowboys, and while we also understand quarterback Dak Preskott didn't have the best year last season, this prediction is a no-brainer. We're genuinely floored, in fact, the Cowboys aren't actually a -125 or something.

OSB Prediction: Dallas Cowboys (+125)

Dallas Cowboys To win the NFC East

Can the Minnesota Vikings Steal the NFC North from the Green Bay Packers?

Here are the latest betting odds to win the 2022 NFC North Division:

Pick to WinBetOnline
Green Bay Packers-170
Minnesota Vikings+300
Detroit Lions+850
Chicago Bears+950

It is a little jarring that the Green Bay Packers (-170) are this heavily favored. They let their best receiver in Davante Adams leave this past offseason without actually replacing him. That puts a ton of pressure on MVP Aaron Rodgers under center.

This isn't to say he can't handle it. He can, and he will. We're just not sure the Packers are the reflexive answer, particularly when the Minnesota Vikings (+300) shored up some offensive and defensive holes.

Ultimately, though, we can't bring ourselves to doubt Aaron Rodgers, who has now been working miracles on the field for the better part of two decades.

OSB Prediction: Green Bay Packers (-170)

Green Bay Packers To win the NFC North

The NFC South is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' to Lose

Here are the latest betting odds to win the 2022 NFC South Division:

Pick to WinBetOnline
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-290
New Orleans Saints+400
Carolina Panthers+950
Atlanta Falcons+2500

This is actually the easiest pick among all 2022 AFC Division Futures. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-290) face virtually no competition now that Tom Brady has un-retired.

The Atlanta Falcons (+2500) are flat-out rebuilding. The New Orleans Saints (+400) need more of a certifiable star under center. And the Carolina Panthers (+950) don't inspire much confidence at all after acquiring Baker Mayfield from the Cleveland Browns.

So, yeah, Tampa Bay it is!

OSB Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-290)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To win the NFC South

The Arizona Cardinals May Dethrone the Reigning Super Bowl Champs in the NFC West

Here are the latest betting odds to win the 2022 NFC West Division:

Pick to WinBetOnline
Los Angeles Rams+125
San Francisco 49ers+200
Arizona Cardinals+300
Seattle Seahawks+1500

A vast majority of bettors will direct their money toward the Los Angeles Rams (+125). We understand why. Not only are they the defending Super Bowl champs, but they are returning their entire core and somehow still paying out better than even money.

And yet, the Arizona Cardinals (+300) have our attention entering the 2022 season. Quarterback Kyler Murray seems primed to contend for the MVP award, and the offensive talent around him is both better and healthier.

It also helps that we view the San Francisco 49ers (+200) as fool's gold in this discussion. They are billed as the second-best team in the NFC West despite giving quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo permission to find a trade.

Oddsmakers haven't yet weighted this news. Rest assured, though, they will. Pounce on the Cardinals before they become the consensus second-best team in the NFC West.

OSB Prediction: Arizona Cardinals (+300)

Arizona Cardinals To win the NFC West

Take a look at this list of the top online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use for all of your 2022 NFL betting:

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