2022 NFL Predictions: NFC Shaping Up to be Heavy Favorite Over AFC

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2022 NFL Predictions: NFC Shaping Up to be Heavy Favorite Over AFC

When the NFL postseason takes its usual week off in between conference championship betting and betting on the Super Bowl, select fans can be left twiddling their thumbs. What are they supposed to do during that nearly two-week stretch other than re-think and second guess all of their Super Bowl picks? It can be maddening.

Try betting on the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl instead this year. It will take place on Sunday, February 6, at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is teeming with big names.

While the game itself can be tough to predict when the rosters are constantly shifting, and though odds on the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl aren't yet live, we can still devote our time to identifying some of the best gambling opportunities that'll be there. To begin, here's a look at where we'll put the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl betting odds once they're widely available:


As you wait for the NFL Pro Bowl odds to go live, please remember all of our NFL Pro Bowl predictions are based on outright picks. We are predicting whether the NFC or AFC will win while also taking a look at some of the most popular NFL Pro Bowl prop bets. Once the odds are published, you might want to roll with a different opportunity. That's fine. But we're strictly picking the most likely winner in our book for each NFL Pro Bowl betting category.

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NFC Looks Poised to Beat AFC in 2022 Pro Bowl

You don't need concrete NFL Pro Bowl betting lines to see that the NFC has a clear edge over the AFC.

So many players on both sides of the ball have already backed out of the game for the AFC due to injuries. They've even been rejected by prospective injury replacements. Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills, for example, has already opted out of the game, and it isn't yet clear who the AFC will put at quarterback to pair with Justin Herbert from the Los Angeles Chargers.

This isn't even the only QB slot they might need to fill, either. Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs is currently one of the three passing maestros on the AFC depth chart. There's no way he makes the trip to Las Vegas for the Pro Bowl if the Chiefs are playing in the Super Bowl the following week.

The NFC, meanwhile, faces no such personnel constraints. Star wideout Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers is officially a scratch, but they've tabbed Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to replace him—and he's accepted.

What's more, none of the NFC's first-choice QBs are slated to have scheduling or injury conflicts. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Bray, and Kyler Murray should all be partaking in the February 6 festivities.

OSB Prediction: NFC will win 2022 Pro Bowl (TBA)

NFC To win the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl

Which Pro Bowl Team will Throw the Most TD Passes?

Below is where you'll eventually find the NFL Pro Bowl odds on which team will throw the most touchdown passes:

Team with Most TD PassesBovadaMyBookieWagerWeb

This is another easy decision for us. The AFC has already lost Josh Allen, as well as the injured Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens. That significantly hollows out their touchdown-throwing firepower.

Justin Herbert should be able to air it out if he gets plenty of reps, but he won't play the entire game. And since we expect Patrick Mahomes to be playing the Super Bowl, that's yet another big arm of the board. The 2022 Pro Bowl is a game that should see some combination of Brady, Rodgers, and Murray rack up the touchdown passes.

OSB Prediction: NFC will throw the most TD passes (TBA)

NFC To throw the most touchdown passes at the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl

Which Player Will Score the Most Touchdowns in the 2022 Pro Bowl

Here's where you will eventually see the latest NFL Pro Bowl odds on which player will score the most touchdowns throughout the course of the game:

Team with Most TD PassesBovadaMyBookieWagerWeb
Justin HerbertTBATBATBA
Patrick MahomesTBATBATBA
Lamar JacksonTBATBATBA
Aaron RodgersTBATBATBA
Jonathan TaylorTBATBATBA
Justin JeffersonTBATBATBA
Hunter RenfrowTBATBATBA
George KittleTBATBATBA

This is always one of the most interesting NFL Pro Bowl prop bets to place. No matter who you select, you're looking at a better-than-even money return.

Our first recommendation is to avoid all quarterback options. They won't look to run in too many touchdowns out of fear they'll get injured in the process. We also don't like betting on running backs who were overworked during the regular season, such as Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts.

Instead, take a look at a receiver—perhaps one that's new to the pro bowl. In this case, Ja'Marr Chase of the Cincinnati Bengals is our choice. He should be on the field for a majority of the NFC's snaps.

OSB Prediction Ja'Marr Chase (TBA)

Placeholder To score most TDS in 2022 NFL Pro Bowl

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